Zao- Don’t Drink the Water

Recently I ran across a website for a new bottled water company called ZAO.It was advertised as a humanitarian organization working to transform third world communities. They claimed to provide safe drinking water, hygiene education, and hope for people in developing nations.

The company’s website was professional and had an earthy, humanitarian feel to it. The pitch was convincing. I reach for their brand of bottled water; a person in Africa reaps the benefits. In fact, so convincing was the pitch, I might have been inclined to purchase this water had I not recognized the Director of ZAO bottled water as Mathew (Matt) Peterson, a former CIA agent employed by MorningStar Ministries.

Having had my own experience with MorningStar, and knowing they have been less than honest in their financial dealings, I decided to take a closer look. The website for ZAO Water had nothing whatsoever to indicate that it was connected to a ministry, only that it was a non-profit humanitarian organization. All non-profit organizations and charities must be registered with the Internal Revenue Service. When I checked the official government website for the IRS – surprise- no ZAO water! I invite you to do the same, here. I then checked the official domain record to see who their internet domain name was officially registered to. When I queried the record for, I made the following discovery.


Domain Name………. Creation Date…….. 2003-09-04 Registration Date…. 2003-09-04 Expiry Date………. 2011-09-04 Organization Name…. Morning Star Publications Organization Address. PO Box 19409 Organization Address. Charlotte Organization Address. 28219-9409 Organization Address. NC Organization Address. UNITED STATES Admin Name……….. Matthew Peterson Admin Address…….. PO Box19409 Admin Address…….. Charlotte Admin Address…….. 28219-9409 Admin Address…….. NC Admin Address…….. UNITED STATES Admin Email………. Admin Phone………. (704)52281110

The domain is registered to MorningStar Publications, which is the publishing side of Rick Joyner’s MorningStar Ministries. This is NOT a non-profit organization and is not listed as such with the IRS. The Director of ZAO, Matt Peterson, is listed as the Administrative contact for the domain His email, curiously enough, is listed as Morningstar ministries main office.Peterson is the pastor of MorningStar Fellowship in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

For those who may not be familiar with MorningStar Ministries, it is run by self-proclaimed prophet Rick Joyner. Joyner is a well-known apostate who preaches an error-filled Gnostic, New-Age, Gospel.He is a staunch dominionist, and believes that he and other spiritually elite god-men under the direction of a network of apostles will overthrow the kingdoms of this world and institute a theocratic world government. Once the enemies of Christ have been subdued,(murdered), they will hand the keys to the Kingdom over to Christ, ushering in the millennial reign. Which Christ do you think they are referring to? It most certainly is not the Christ of scripture.

Many of you may ask why I would find fault in Morningstar’s desire to ease the suffering of poor African nations. While that is a valid question, it is critical you view this with a wider lens. It has more to do with a stringent social and political agenda and a move towards world government than it does true human need. It is a social gospel, and a clever ruse. Those who adhere to a social gospel oppose individualism and call for a socially aware religion. They believe the Second Coming can not happen until humankind rids itself of social evils by human effort.


The Social Gospel was, in part, created by the Council on Foreign Relations. John Foster Dulles, a member of the CFR, and father of the Social Gospel movement worked tirelessly to garner support and acceptance for his world view and penetrate Christian ideology. The CFR’s efforts to disseminate a socialist agenda was part of a larger plan to break down social resistance to world government. This fact has been very well laid out and documented in a book by Dr. Martin Erdman entitled Building the Kingdom of God on Earth: The Churches’ Contribution to Marshall Public Support for World Order and Peace, 1919-1945 (Wipf and Stock, 2005).

The CFR’s goal to transform America from an ethnocentric world view to one of global interdependence is happening at an alarming pace. This is due in part, through efforts of Pastors such as Rick Warren. Certainly we know, Biblically speaking, that we are moving towards world government. We also know from Scripture, that the Antichrist will rise to rule a united world, under the guise of peace. How much more acceptable will this melding together of all cultures and peoples be when it is done under the veneer of good Christian goals and purposes.

Zao water has a very aggressive plan to acquire a bottling facility near Winston-Salem and begin marketing nation wide.The water is now available in select stores. While they may or may not be providing wells in Africa, they most certainly are not providing true Living Water.

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