Who I am

Who am I? Well quite frankly, nobody. It is really not that important who I am, as this website is not primarily about me. Oh, certainly, there may be traces of me here and there, as with any writer, I have a certain flavor that is shaped and framed by my collected experiences. However, if you come away from this website knowing what I ate for lunch then I have failed.

My desire is that others learn from the lies I have steeped in for so may years, and make wiser choices. I have spent many sleepless nights in research, trying to understand the deception that slowly and silently descended like a veil across my eyes as a young Christian. By its very nature it blinded me to its presence.

Deceived people never know they are deceived. No one wants to be deceived, do they? I mean if they were handing out free portions of deception down at your local Wal-Mart, would you sneak back in line to get a double portion? I mean, lets look at it this way.  If deception was a rock the enemy hurled at you straight on, it could be easily avoided by a quick duck of the head, but it is not. It arrives on silent feet like a deadly gas that creeps into your spirit and lulls you to sleep. Without intervention, you die.

So why should you listen to me, you ask? You shouldn’t! In fact if you take everything I say at face value then you are a fool in the very literal sense of the word. I am flesh like you and have no more access to God than you do. I would ask that you read what I have to say, compare it against scripture and take it to God. Do not simply dismiss it because it, does not sound right. Remember, “ There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” ( Proverbs 16:25)

Do your own research. If you are allowing others to do your research and tell you what to believe, you are already deceived. If you are believing what the majority believes then you are most certainly deceived. Remember, Jesus is coming back for a remnant not a unified world church that is ruling the marketplace and subduing the nations.

Do you know how small and insignificant a remnant is? A remnant is a small leftover piece of fabric that is too small to do much of anything with. In the natural the remnant will not look like much of anything and will look more fit for the trash bin than the throne. The strange thing is, it will be cut from the same cloth used for the garment of worldly honor. In fact, in all the world from the beginning of time, there will have never been such a glorious garment. It will be heart stopping in its splendor and arresting in its beauty. It will look to be fit for a King, and it will be, but which king?

In contrast, the remnant will look defective, flawed, left out, rejected, cast aside, despised, and forsaken. How could that left-over piece of trash be fit for anything but the fire? It would be preposterous to think otherwise right? Surely anyone who would think that the remnant would be the one to clothe the King would be ridiculed and mocked. However, that is precisely what will happen when Christ returns! He will lovingly gather the cast off piece of fabric from the trash, weave it into a garment fit for the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords, and place it in a place of prominence for all of eternity. The beautiful garment, the garment the world marveled after and fawned over, will be cast into the trash and burned.

My journey out of deception began with a prayer, an innocuous prayer that hardly seemed life changing in its scope. In fact, at the time, it hardly seemed much of anything at all. “Dear Lord,” I prayed, “if I am believing any lies in my life, or am deceived in any areas of my Christian life and what I believe, can you show me? I want your Truth at all costs, even if knowing it destroys my entire world. Oh, and I mean it Lord, even if part of me doesn’t and is scarred.” That was the prayer; the prayer that changed my world and set me free. In retrospect, it was a silly child-like prayer, but God honored it.

Did knowing the Truth destroy my world? Quite frankly, yes. However, at that point, my entire world was built on lies and illusion. What would the value have been in keeping that intact? Make no mistake about it, Truth will cost you.

Scripture tells us in Proverbs 23:23 to “Buy the truth, and do not sell it, also wisdom and instruction and understanding.” Be willing to pay whatever it costs to obtain Truth and do not let go of it no matter what you are offered in exchange.

What lies have you been believing? Why not ask Him? I am sure your prayer will be much more sophisticated than mine, but of this I am certain. If the prayer is uttered by a sincere servant that wants His Truth at all costs, He will surely answer in due season.


Cast-off in the Trash Bin,