Unfinished Business: Swaggart and a Prostitute Named Sexy Suzi

I am not the creator of this video but I have to give kudos where kudos is due.  This investigator has uncovered some explosive information.  Someone made me aware of this video on Facebook today and viewing it brought a multitude of emotions.  I was cognizant of some inconsistencies in the “official” story of the scandal that all but destroyed Swaggart’s ministry in the 1980’s.  However, this video goes places NO ONE has gone before and uncovers things that to my knowledge have never been uncovered.  DID SWAGGART HAVE TWO PROSTITUTES KILLED? View the evidence and then decide for yourself.



  1. James says

    I could only watch for three minutes until the presenters smug arrogance overcame me. There is no way to verify this video so I would consider the advertising of its existence as gossip. I may watch more later, but not now.

    • Mishel says

      Well despite that there is some really good evidence- try to get through it and then let me know what you think. I really do think this person has something here.

      • Rhea says

        Is this true? If so, why hasn’t he been charged? I still watch SBN some for the music . I still can’t understand what the difference is in the message of the cross he preached years ago and his message now. Another question…It really is not important but I guess I’m curious:) Does France’s, Donnie, Gabriel and the singers get clothes from a designer? I don’ think they come from Walmart….I have NEVER seen them wear the same clothes …….I’m sure they have…. But as I said this is not as important as telling the truth about everything.I God does have our record…

        • Donald says

          very difficult to charge or even begin an investigation without a body (alive or deceased)!
          What happened to John Camp? Mike Siegal? Has Susan Puzio become aware now of
          the gravity of Swaggart’s transgressions? These forums along with Mishel’s ministry will
          help to bring attention to this scandal!

        • says

          I saw a TV program once about Swaggart, and his huge mansion. used a golf cart to get around the grounds as I recall. inside the mansion was various art including statues. ONE OF THESE WAS A MONSTROUS DEMONIC THING PROBABLY EXCUSED AS ANCIENT CLASSICAL ART FROM PAGAN GREECE, or a copy thereof. might have been a real artifact, might not.

          For a man who makes a big stink about paganism in Roman Catholicism, most of which in fact are things that are defendable from Scripture including precedents in Temple and Tabernacle practice and concepts in the OT, this is damn weird. can you spell hypocrisy?

          the incredible wealth he wallowed in plus that statue, makes any accusation against him reasonably credible, but of course is not proof of anything. But people who live like this are anything but above suspicion.

          • Tom says

            My uncle has been in Swaggart’s home many times and has confirmed NO statue of such description. Are you on drugs?

      • says

        So I see I have been unblocked. First of all I want you to know I have been receiving comments placed by others which mention my name . I was blocked so I could not respond. That’s fine.

        In regards to the “murder” story of the prostitute who apparently disappeared .

        What the real charge is by the narrator: He is charging that the Swaggarts are a mob in Baton Rouge and that Jimmy is the mob boss who puts out hits on people that may hurt his reputation.

        All I can say is PROVE IT.

        • says

          some things are hard to prove in the criminal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt, but are provable in civil standard of 51% more likely true than not. Some things are like common knowledge, who to not risk irritating things tend to happen to those who irritate them, but you can’t “prove” anything but there’s a body count or odd incidents of car wrecks, apparent gratuitous robberies with lots of violence towards the person who irritated whoever, that sort of thing, piling up.

      • says

        I just want to inject that a “disappearance” does not necessarily prove a “murder.” As the video states that Swaggart did not know that Gorman had photos as evidence; thus, Swaggart could have paid Suzie to become invisible as a ghost. Don’t swallow everything in the video. Another point, If one believes that Jimmy Swaggart is a true christian but a very imperfect one and a great sinner, yet forgiven; then, what’s the point of this rehashing of the past. He was a moral failure but his Lord has forgiven him. All this matter amounts to gossip which is also sin. The Lord will not hold anyone guiltless just because one thinks this gossping is nothing. We must all repent if Jimmy is a real brother. If he is not, then there is nothing to it. But brethren, let’s all be sensitive to the Spirit and to our own frailties; for with the measure that we judge, we shall also receive the same!

      • says

        Hi Mishel.
        I want to share with you that at one time when i was a babe in Christ I also was led away into false doctrine by way of the Faith Teaching. However, as an advice to you, not all Tele-evangelists are into the hyper-faith movement. Swaggart opposed these heretical teachings. There are those who are “wolves” but there are others who just have failed God. Think of brother Peter in the Bible. Jimmy Swaggart is in another category. He failed God miserably and scandalized Christ’s Gospel. He was a hypocrite but this did not make him a false prophet. He was living a lie but I believe he has repented. Have you repented of that which is not Christ-pleasing in your own life? And if you haven’t, suppose your secret sins were aired for the whole world to see? Are we to say that you a phony and a false prophet? Scripture command us to to make distinctions with those who sin but one must be walking in the Spirit to be able to discern when:

        Jud 1:21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.
        Jud 1:22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:
        Jud 1:23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

      • says

        if you want smug arrogance, look at Swaggart announcing he has been told by God to go ahead and preach after AoG put him orders to not preach for (I think it was) a year. first he would slide around this by appearing at a service sit on stage I think but not preach.

        • says

          This was one of my biggest concerns. There appears to have been no period of restoration(the reason for the 1 year step-down) in which Rev. Swaggart could have received counseling for his “addictions”. He chose to ignore the directives of the AG(both district and national) Presbytery and with out that counseling continued on with further incidents in 1991 and in 1995.

    • says

      Jimmy Swaggart himself said on Sonlife, “These internal desires of sin in a person will NEVER change”, basically admitting that he is STILL sexually driven by prostitutes. Remember, he ONLY got caught twice!
      That is either VERY unlucky for those TWO, or more likely a life of many, multiple encounters with prostitutes
      for which he didn’t get caught as well. Odds are… the latter is true!

      • says

        Maybe he has emulated Al Capone; who after a life of crime, died from sexual disease.
        Either way, cannot imagine Jimmy’s legacy will be very honorable or complimentary…

    • says

      Maybe he has emulated Al Capone; who after a life of crime, died from sexual disease.
      Either way, cannot imagine Jimmy’s legacy will be very honorable or complimentary…

  2. Patricia says

    I watched the whole video. I agree with James, the narrator sounds as though he has an ax to grind. He sounds “gleeful” that his video might prove Swaggart a murderer.. Yes, some of the info was interesting, such as the “so called” doctored motel photos. This video was interesting, but I do not think the evidence presented was proof that Swaggart had Suzanne murdered. It is a HUGE leap to even suggest it without MORE evidence than this video exposed.

    If the purpose of this video was to change minds about Jimmy Swaggart, I doubt it will. People who disliked him before will continue to dislike him. Only God knows what truly happened and we should not continue fanning the flames without evidence. All will have to stand before God one day, including Jimmy Swaggart. Let God take care of it.

    God Bless!

  3. Thea says

    Well actually there are many facets to this story that are significant in a court of law. There is motive, previous death threats by associates of Swaggart, sequence of events like there being just days between Swaggart getting Gorman’s note and Suzi disappearing forever. The anomalies of the photos are clear, provable and can be entered as evidence as well. Those involved in criminal investigation would attest to the validity of these elements.

    Unless one loves to base his or her life on lies (and there are those who do), this video presents far too many facts for any judge or jury to ignore.

    The Lord laughs at the wicked. A parent discovering his children doing something wrong and hoping to get away with it might speak to them with the same sarcasm that this narrator does. Thus the narrator of this video is not necessarily arrogant. But he clearly does enjoy removing the mask of an impostor and the huge alibi that bought that impostor several years before having to face a judge and a court of law.

    • Patricia says

      If these facts are true then why has there not been criminal charges? This incident happened 30 years ago and as far as I understand, the statute of limitations on murder do not apply here, so if Swaggart is guilty I think someone would have pressed some kind of charge by now. The creator of this video should turn over any creditable evidence he has if he is so sure of Swaggarts guilt.

      As it stands now, this video is titillating rumor.

      God Bless!

  4. Felicidad says

    The hardest thing to believe is that Swaggart would pose for the coverup photos. If Gorman had photos of Swaggart with blonde Suzie and she is unavailable, Swaggart is off the hook, he can say anything he wants about the situation.

  5. Valerie says

    Mishel, I watched the Swaggart video’s last night. They left me feeling cold with horror. There is so much evidence of lies.& deceit. A case must surely be opened regarding the disappearance of the 2 prostitutes in the 1980’s. I can see JSM being brought down for good..

  6. James says

    Hi Mishel, Well I did watch the video in entirety. It was compelling, even interesting. It was totally shocking. I have had my suspicions about Swaggart Re: Freemasonry for ten years or so and even suspect him complicit in a cabal with Rome’s whore but seeing this and subsequent videos on his association with wicthcraft does answer some questions. I was intrigued to learn that the man who did these videos is the same man who posts those difficult to follow diatribes against Swaggart. I’ve never read a complete article of his and never will because they are laced with a viceral helping of angst and bilious hatred. Never-the-less there are cogent points scattered throughout.

    • Dora says

      Actually James, this video was not created by the author of the postings you are referring to. He does not promote this video, but he did use by permission parts of other videos created by this video maker.

  7. T. Heim says

    I would like to know if Suzi is officially listed as a missing person! Who knows she has “disappeared?” Also, where are the “official” photos (the originals)? I’m guessing the AOG has them on file.

    The Debra Murphree story wasn’t believable because her answers were always so vague, and strange.

    I wish something would happen to drive these people off the air! I just can’t understand how they continue to get the support they do! The “teaching” programs on SBN are outrageously stupid (Message of the Cross, Study in the Word, Frances & Friends, Generation of the Cross)! The arrogance, ignorance and stupidity is just astounding. I would think there would be more of a public outcry for some of the stuff they say. It makes me wonder how many people actually watch the programming. I keep waiting for a SNL skit, or some left-wing news source to hear some of their statements and use them to bash all Christians! I think they do damage to the gospel to the extent that it would be far better for THEM to disappear (off the air I mean). 🙂

    • Thea says

      Actually it is the attitude that Jesus had. He addressed the wolves for what they were, publicly denouncing them and publicly calling them snakes and vipers. He commanded His followers to do the same – expose them and stay away from them.

      Thus wishing these false brethren be removed from their world-wide television platform is entirely a “Christian attitude”.

    • Connie Neu says

      Many thousands are totally deceived..The Swaggarts know how to make a very convincing movie every Sunday…The sheeple are very naive, stupid and not informed..They do not know how to do simple research and believe what they are told or see(tv) In some instances I was also deceived..We dont think badly of People because WE are not like they are.We do not dis trust at first because we would not think of pulling the drama and acting they are part of…Someone said, “Just look at their clothes” the clothes tells on them..

  8. T. Heim says

    Doris, (I thought you had been banned from this website?)

    As a Swaggart supporter, do you, seriously, get the irony of calling out what you perceive to be my unchristian attitude?

    The last 5 episodes or so of Frances & Friends have been so outrageous that it’s hard for me to comprehend the level of idiocy (evidenced by the callers and in the emails) it takes for anyone to value or support them! Donnie’s insufferable arrogance and stupidity has been ramped up. It would take too much space to relate his recent forays into politics, current events, biblical exegesis, medicine and psychology, but what’s even more incredible are the non-Swaggart members of the panels, who not only let him get by with some of the things he says, but they’ll agree with it AND pile on more! Like I said, it’s mind-boggling! It’s sad that a good portion of callers who say they are sending donations to SBN are doing so from their disability checks! I think that is a gross abuse of public money. People who are living off of disability money clearly are not in a position to be giving it away! If the Swaggarts had any integrity at all, they would refuse that money and tell people like this to stop sending it! The Swaggarts frequently relate long and drawn out stories of receiving large sums of money from individual donors, and publicly flaunt thousand dollar plus donations during the camp-meeting (or the regular) service offering times! They insist that God “birthed” the ministry and is going to supply all the money they need to keep it going! If that’s the case, they shouldn’t need money from poor, needy, disabled people.

    I have no way of knowing for sure that Swaggart is guilty of what the video indicates, but I DO KNOW that when the evidence of corruption is exposed in people/organizations, there is more beneath the surface…beyond what is known. One has to be extremely naive, gullible and in denial to support this ministry.

  9. John J says

    One big red flag about this report, Why would Marvin Gorman go along with a cover up? Jimmy Swaggart had ruined Gorman, there is no reason why he would comply with a cover up of the full story

      • T. Heim says

        John J,

        Gorman was blackmailing Swaggart. He told Swaggart he would keep his secret if Swaggart would publicly apologize and claim he lied about Gorman. Gorman was hoping to use Swaggart to rehabilitate his reputation. Swaggart may have manipulated Gorman by convincing Gorman to conspire with Swaggart to alter the story in order to protect the full truth from being exposed if the truth about Swaggart ever got out (remember, there was a private investigator and a relative of Gorman’s who were in on the sting). Once Swaggart had a “watered-down” story, he may have believed he could weather the storm of exposure. And I think Swaggart hated Gorman so much, he was never going to help to rehabilitate his reputation!

        Just a theory…..

        • John J says

          T Heim,
          Yes I understand what you are saying, however when Swaggart did not make good on his end of the deal, there would be nothing preventing Gorman from revealing everything. It is interesting but it just seems far fetched. I don’t underestimate what Swaggart is capable of but I would like to think murder is not included in that list.

          • T. Heim says

            Me, too! However, by the time Gorman realized Swaggart wasn’t going to make good, the girl was gone. And it would be Gorman word against Swaggart! Just sayin’

          • Dora says

            Keep in mind that at the time Swaggart still had much of the world in the “palm of his hand”. At the same time, Gorman was already a has-been, with multiple lies hanging over himself and his reputation. Gorman was desperate to exhonerate himself, no matter what it would take.

            In the first deal, Gorman really didn’t care about Swaggart’s supporters knowing the truth about him. All Gorman really cared about was getting his own reputation back – no matter what.

            No doubt, that is what he still wanted – even after showing the Assemblies of God the pictures. Gorman didn’t care about the scriptural command to expose a leader who was living a double life (Swaggart). All Gorman seemed to want was to get his reputation back.

            Secondly, the original pictures were taken at night, and Gorman was not even sure if they would turn out. Apparently they were clear enough to prove to the Assemblies of God Council that Swaggart was guilty. But it is possible that Gorman did not have enough pictures to stand up again Swaggart, if he chose to deny it with a campaign of lies, as he is notorious for doing.

            The big issue obviously was that Swaggart knew that Suzi’s death could be traced back to himself. Suzi’s body was probably discoverable, and her connection with Swaggart had already been made public enough, that her death could be traced to himself. That’s why his primary hope was in disassociating himself from Suzi by bringing in another girl in to play Suzi’s role.

            Thus the deal offered both men something extremely valuable, and thus they both agreed to the cover-up story.

            1. Gorman would get proof that Swaggart’s character was fraudulent and thus his previous accusations were spurious and should be revisited. Swaggart would offer himself in pictures with a strange woman, and he would promise never to deny her allegations about him.

            2. Swaggart would get full, concerted focus by several key people and many photos to magically divert the attention of the world away from Suzi and her death. In magic it is called misdirection or distraction. And in Swaggart’s case, it worked.

            (I’ll bet you that Suzi’s body did surface. If her death/body had no chance of being discovered, Swaggart would have had no reason to go through the cover-up story.)

            Neither Swaggart nor Gorman were doing anything “by the Book” at the time. Both of them were interested only in themselves.

  10. Sarah says

    First thanks for the opportunity to reply.
    I watched the whole video and I have viewed everything you have written over the past few years.
    I myself have first hand experience with the ministry (past employee) and I surely know the devil has children everywhere. I even know some of the items you written about are factual because I have personally witnessed them in part. But as far as the last video compilation it is far to loose to called anything other than baseless conjecture. Not a single fact was presented.

  11. Leo says

    Humm, Nothing surprises me. I wouldn’t put it past him. I’m not saying he did it. I’m just saying a man with that kind of power and world standing has the influence to make it go away. Unfortunately it happens all the time. We never hear about it. All these things are taken care of in a back room. That’s just how it goes.
    If the pictures with the 30 degree sun angle was part of the “official” evidence, I’m wondering why he hasn’t been brought to trial for murder.

  12. Valerie says

    Did anyone watch Joseph preach last Sunday? Any thoughts on this. Does Mishel have a view. I was surprised that Joseph was expected to preach knowing that his son was due to be born any minute.

    • April says

      How do you know he was “expected” to preach? I watched it and it seemed to me he was grateful for the opportunity.

      I’m amazed by the hatred in this forum. I’ve learned a lot from JSM and I appreciate the pastors on Frances and Friends, including Donnie. So far as I’m concerned, they are all knowledgeable and helpful to those who call in with genuine requests. While I don’t think Frances is as knowledgeable as the others, she does her best to be polite and gracious to all callers. Donnie is passionate in his responses and I appreciate how he keeps the program moving when he is the moderator. I’m sure after you do that for awhile you learn to recognize those who call just to be argumentative or whine about their life. It’s a live show, they can’t spend time on useless arguments.

      I don’t see any other program or pastor on television preaching the cross the way JSM does, and for me, that’s the most important thing. If Jimmy Swaggart did anything wrong in his past life, I’m sure he has asked, AND RECEIVED forgiveness for it. Who do you people think you are to keep dredging up his past errors and condemning him for them? He’s a best selling author and recording artist, that’s why he’s rich – and Frances has every right to wear whatever she wants on her show. Interestingly, none of you make the comparison of Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce’ never wearing the same outfit and how rich they are because they are best selling recording artists, but how many times have you heard them preaching the cross of Christ? I think all of you need to re-think your motives for this entire board and seek the Lord’s forgiveness.

      I won’t be back.

    • Essie says

      Yes I saw Joseph preach a few weeks ago, and I thought he was good. But he is indeed a product of JSM and preaches just like the rest of the ministers there, I didn’t know his wife was having a son, has the child been born yet. There is nothing on Joseph’s or Grace’s FB pages

    • Jacob says

      Did he miss his child’s birth…Nope and why is this our business?? Oh that’s right IT’S NOT!!! Let’s see what is OUR business…hummm, OH, that’s right teaching the world about Jesus; bringing the message of salvation to the lost, praying for the sick, feeding the hungry with food and the word. I’m sure you are doing what the Lord has commanded, you just took time out of your busy schedule to judge someone you know nothing about, who has followed the Lords calling, and is anointed by God. Sleep well!

      • T.Heim says


        How do you know that Joseph, or anyone for that matter, is “following the Lord’s calling, and is anointed by God?” By what criteria? Can you describe what “anointing” is? That is a very popular word/concept, especially in Pentecostal circles. People claim songs are anointed, preachers, churches, church services, and even “anointing” as a presence…e.g. “The anointing was present in the service.” So, how is anointing determined or identified? What’s the criteria?

        • EM says

          Amen Jacob! Jesus is the anointed one. These people are drinking the kool aid. The swaggerts say everything they do is anointed, and his people like it so. Great question.

          • EM says

            Just a correction. I meant Amen T. Heim. Lol saw the name Jacob and had the wrong Amen.

  13. kelly says

    I have felt a very strange feeling while watching Jimmy, Donnie, or Gabriel’s sermon’s, I don’t feel spiritually uplifted but spiritually drained. I knew something was up with these guys besides their bitterness and bullying other Christians and churches, they think they are the only ones anointed. I know see the truth….FALSE PROPHETS Iin sheep’s clothes. Glad I’ve never given them a cent, when praying about who to sew seeds to the Holy Ghost never lead me in their direction. I’m gonna stick with watching Daystar and TBN and stay away from SLB. That’s funny SNL could do a skit on these clowns lol. God bless!!

    • Sandi says

      Kelly, Why would you want to watch Daystar or TBN whenever they have the same problems as The Swaggarts! Marcus Lamb had an affair on Joni and Paul Crouch was quilty of messing around, also. But let me make this point about Marcus Lamb…his affair was with a Christian woman unlike Jimmy Swaggart who committed adultery with a prostitute! What a joke…Marcus Lamb’s counselor made it sound as if his adulterous act wasn’t as bad since the woman was a Christian!

  14. Berean says

    Today is Saturday, October 17, 2015, exactly 28 years after that fateful day on which Swaggart finally got caught.

    Quite chilling to consider that today it is a normal Saturday, just as October 17, 1987 was a Saturday. Except on that evening, Jimmy was caught in his perpetual habit of visiting prostitutes.

    Quite chilling to consider that tomorrow is Sunday, just as the day after Swaggart was caught was also a Sunday. Except Swaggart had the audacity back then to step onto a stage he called a pulpit and put on his stunning performance as a Pentacostal preacher.

    Quite a paradox to consider that although Jimmy was nothing but a performer. However, his script contained actual lines from the eternal Word of God. Therefore people heard that Word and got touched by that Word – not by Jimmy personally.

    Quite chilling to consider that Swaggart is still an actor today. The Lord still uses that eternal Word of God whenever Jimmy still preaches any of it. Except The Word of God also proclaims that the fraudulent wolves like Swaggart will be exposed one day – and apparently that day has finally come.

    Though Swaggart is obviously not who he pretends to be, the Word of God is all that it claims to be. The Word of God will stand, though Jimmy Swaggart will not.

  15. Thea says

    Interesting …

    After 28 years, his prostitute habit gets exposed.
    After another 28 years, this murder gets exposed.

    God is faithful.

  16. Berean says

    Yes, today is Saturday, October 17, 2015, exactly 28 years after that fateful day when Swaggart finally got caught.

    Quite chilling to consider that today it is a normal Saturday, just as October 17, 1987 was. But on the evening of this date in 1987, Jimmy was caught with Suzi, paying her once again for some sexual fun.

    Quite chilling to consider that tomorrow is Sunday, just as the day following Swaggart’s visit with Suzi was also a Sunday. It was “Holy Ghost preachin time” for Swaggart. Yeah right. How disgusting to think that on the day after having “fun with Suzi”, Swaggart had the gall to role play as a man of God, performing on the stage he called a pulpit.

    What a total fraud he was as he played the part of a crying, Holy Spirit filled Pentacostal preacher. What a hypocrite he was, denouncing things like two-piece bathing suits, while coddling and hiding the gross debauchery of his own two-faced life.

    Quite a paradox to realize now that James Lee Swaggart has been nothing but a performer. The script for his role-play contained actual lines from the eternal Word of God, which when verbalized by anyone can affect people’s lives.

    The Word of God also states that wolves like Swaggart will one day be exposed. And apparently for Swaggart, that day has finally come.

    The Word of God is all that it claims to be and it will surely stand. James Lee Swaggart is not who he claims to be, and he will surely fall..

  17. N Agape says

    It is good to have objective material about false teachers, so that we can avoid them, and make decisions about those caught up with them.

    I should have thought. though, that in dealing with material of the sort in this article, you are going to get soiled. It’s a cesspit and I’m sure the Lord wants us to stay clear of such filth. If we aren’t careful, we could slip and fall in!

    “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Phil 4:8

    • Godly Thinking says

      David was filled with the joy and strength of the Lord when he “saw” an uncircumcised Philistine named Goliath. The Lord trusts certain of His faithful and mature children to examine the wicked wolves intermingling with His sheep. He commissions those same faithful ones to do something about the wolves – expose them.

      He fills us with His joy, His strength, and a reminder of His holiness and power. These are awesome things to think on – the very things Paul referred to in his letter. The Lord fills us with the faith to declare: “Mr. Swaggart, you may have your money your off-stage life, and your stage act pretty well rehearsed. But we come with the truth and in the Name of the Lord God of Israel! In His mighty Name, He is about to expose you!”

      Paul knew this “thinking” all to well himself, to the Glory of God!

  18. Tomito says

    The one person I really feel sorry for is Frances – I never see her smile, so much sadness is on her face. I think she is the real boss in that family corporation. Television has corrupted many good ministries – it’s easy money, it’s like drug addiction, and many preachers have brought in their whole families into it and live a very lavish lifestyle. Judgement day is coming soon.

    “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonderful works in Your name?’ 23 But then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you. Depart from Me, you who practice evil” Matthew 7:22-23

  19. RT says

    Well…at first take this sounds kooky….conspiracy theorist…..etc.

    However the original Suzi story turning into Debra Murphree story and the photos which don’t seem to be taken where they were claimed to be are interesting….and somewhat compelling. If you looked at some of the photos on the ‘Straying and Preying’ clip there are trains right behind the motel also. There is a lot of speculative and circumstantial evidence also but some of the things a hard to explain.

    Back in the day there was a story published in some of the tabloids that while in hospital that WL ‘Son’ Swaggart (Jimmy’s father) had said that his main problem was that Frances was a ‘cold fish’ and that Jimmy needed a ‘real wife’. He also talked about her domineering ways as I remember. Whether he said that or not I have no proof…..but it doesn’t seem unreasonable. Some tabloid stories do turn out to be true in fact.

    True sexual intimacy and joy in marriage is a two way street, and if she was or wasn’t a ‘cold fish’ that hardly justifies resorting to visiting prostitutes (for nearly 3 decades?), let alone some of the strangeness he was alleged to be interested in. That’s not a man looking for real intimacy….hardly.

    Mark Swarbrick has some good articles on his website about ‘Swaggartism’. What do they say…what does the Bible say?


  20. RT says

    I found a fatal flaw in video I believe:


    “The Travel Inn was razed in 1997, as was the Town and Country Motel where Mafia boss Carlos Marcello kept his office. Along with a third demolished motel, the Sleepy Hollow, these sites became a gated subdivision, Metairie Club Estates.”

    You can’t go show someone the Travel Inn in question from Google Earth in 2015! Which I believe this video alleges to do if memory serves me right.

    Go to 1221 Airline Drive (Beresford Drive) in Metairie, the entrance to Metairie Club Estates and I believe you will find railroad tracks on the other side of Airline.

    As far as the early story Gorman caught them at night at Tony’s motel…….well reporters and MSM always get the story right from the outset don’t them!

    I do believe Gorman when he said Swaggart admitted seeking out prostitutes for nearly 3 decades prior.

    “Jimmy Swaggart’s Traffic Stop In A Red Light District – 1995”

    • T.Heim says

      Hi RT,

      I believe Gorman as well. He caught Swaggart “red-handed” and in that moment, Swaggart had to be devastated, not just by being caught, but WHO it was who caught him (in light of Swaggart’s efforts to destroy Gorman). Human nature being what it is, one doesn’t start seeking out prostitutes on the spur of the moment, especially a highly-recognizable public figure.

      His current claims concerning his “revelation of the message of the cross” is a farce! It’s a ploy to explain away his sinful behavior (He claims he couldn’t overcome his sinful “bondage” because he didn’t “understand” the cross regarding sanctification)! This “message,” the 24-hr SBN TV network, are just efforts to revitalize his dying ministry!

      • says

        Hi T.Heim,
        I am not writing in defense of no man but of correct Bible doctrine. I have a question for you. If faith in the Finished Work of Calvary is not the answer concerning a believer’s sanctification; then what is according to the Bible? Please explain.

        • Ed Parenteau says

          Jimmy Swaggart’s “revelation” changes the object of your faith in God and Jesus Christ to the cross. Notice how you yourself have made the object of your faith “the Finished Work of Calvary”. His doctrine of the cross is so absurd that he and his parrots all have to use a disclaimer: “I’m not talking about the wooden beam”. Well, I hate to inform him, that the word cross in the bible means “wooden beam”. So in effect, he’s saying “the object of your faith must be in the cross, but I’m not talking about the cross.” So, therefore, by his own words, their “cross” has no cross.
          Ask yourself, does the bible ever need to use a disclaimer?
          As to sanctification, go to a bible site like the “bible hub” and search for the word sanctification and see the various instances it is used and its context as well as the definition and and read some of the commentators remarks and you will gain a fuller understanding than what Swaggartism will give you.

    • Coverup Continues says

      The location on Airline Drive that the NOLA poster cites is a remote part of town, far from the “red light district of New Orleans” where Jimmy was in fact caught with Suzi. So apparently that red light district somehow miraculously converted into an upper class piece of real estates with high end homes nearby? Yeah right – that happens all the time – the “city” moves out and the rich folk settle in to make it Metairie Club Estates. Not so.

      If you watch the Art Harris video “Jimmy Swaggart Straying and Preying” you will see him interviewing Scott Harris outside of the Travel Inn Motel, and It’s clear that he was interviewing at the location cited in this video. It was not at a location several miles east of it which would just years later draw people with money it it to build costly houses on.

      I happened to be down there myself several years ago and visited the site of the Travel Inn and asked about its history. I was also told that although it was “The Travel Lodge” (and later “Knights Inn”), it was in fact the Travel Inn location where Jimmy had allegedly been caught years earlier. And I can assure you, it was no where near Metairie Club Estates either.

      Furthermore, in the original story Marvin Gorman said that he lived only about one mile from where Jimmy was found with Suzi. If you check out his former address and compare it with these locations, you’ll see that the Travel Inn was already several miles away from where Gorman lived at the time, and this 1221 Airline address was even further than that.

      Whether the NOLA Travel Inn poster reflects deliberate inaccuracies or careless mistakes, the poster is not at all accurate. Thankfully the Lord will expose the truth in all of this.

  21. M says

    In all honestly,who in their right minds even Cares about Brother Jimmy?? Honestly, the world has moved way beyond this piece of crap individual.

  22. Juan G says

    Is anybody thinking out there besides me when I watched this? I tried to be fair in looking at this with an open mind, but to be fair about it, there are some terribly uneasy things stated in this video that makes me wonder how truthful the man is who put it together. Mind you, I’m not affirming or denying anything about anyone. I have no horse in this race, so I’ve got nothing at steak except that I’m thinking while watching this! I am concerned about honesty with the things that popped out at me while viewing it.
    The first flaw is the picture of the lady leaning into a car window. It is unrelated to the story! This is what we call “click bait” on the Internet. It is something that they know is false that gets people to click and see what it is about–bait. Does it bother anyone else that the picture used for getting you to click this on is not Suzi, not Debra, not Jimmy, or not even his car? It is an unknown and unrelated picture suggesting a sexual solicitation that is nothing more than click bate. I wondered from the start why this dishonesty is necessary to tell something that he claimed at the end that the “Holy Spirit” led him to do? Does the Holy Spirit guide us as Christians to look for a seedy picture and post it to give a false impression of what took place? He contradicts his picture with Gorman’s story that they photographed Jimmy entering and leaving the room, but not her leaning in a car window. That is this man’s false click bate.
    Second, I paused the video a few times as I was watching it to read the newspaper articles. It clearly stated the Suzi was “30” years old, but this narrator kept referring to her as “38” who looked 40ish. That bothered me that he incorrectly quoted the very article that he was showing and he gave no other “evidence” to the contrary.
    Third, does it bother anyone else that the overwhelming number of his sources are the worst gossip rags on the plant? I mean, like, “The Globe” and “National Inquirer?” I laughed because he quoted them as if they were trustworthy. On the other side, he had only a few TV news and legitimate newspapers as souces, but, come on, unless you are addicted to gossip while standing in the grocery check out, most intelligent people don’t even touch the Globe or Inquirer, because they are known to be so full of false information. See Carol Burnett vs. National Inquirer, where her landmark case reversed Sullivan vs. New York Times, showing that even if she is a public figure, a so-called newspaper cannot simply lie about her. With a landmark court case showing the utter unreliability of the National Inquirer, then how can we as Christians justify using it as “see, it’s true,” without looking like fools to intelligent people around us?
    Fourth, it is disturbing that in one of the “second set” of photographs, the narrator points out Gorman being in the photograph! That is just plain contradictory to the whole hypothesis, unless he is claiming that Gorman helped to stage the staged photographs. You can’t have it both ways. If Jimmy staged it to get out of trouble, but Gorman helped him, then what does that say about the so-called staging and Gorman himself? Why would he be in a staged photographs? Of course, the narrator did not catch that and did not see his own contradiction. Everyone can speculate, but nobody has the answer. It is very troubling to a thinking person that Gorman is in the staged photographs. That is very troubling to the whole story.
    As Mishel stated, there certainly are a few points that makes you wonder what exactly went on. But that does not overturn these contradictions and flaws in his story. I agree that Debra’s hometown newspaper showed that she got paid off from somebody, so there is apparently some kind of money trail. I can accept that as valid, but too much of his story made no sense to a clear thinking person.
    Let’s say this was a jury case where we had to weigh the evidence that this guy presented. I would say that he failed, because he bases his premise on an innuendo that he knowingly and carefully words by saying “probably” dead, “possibly” murdered, but he ADMITS that he does NOT even KNOW if she was even murdered or is even dead! He just does not think logically or straight. The dots can’t be connected in his story.

  23. Truth Hunter says

    Correction: at 18:24 in the video, the piece of article shown clearly reads THIRTY- EIGHT years old, and goes on to add “but looks like she is in her 40’s”. It may be time for Juan G to look for a better computer or maybe just upgrade his monitor. In reality the number looks nothing at all like a “30”.

    Secondly, contrary to what those journalistic “rags” may stand for today, during the 1980’s those newspapers went into places that the mainstream news papers could not or would not go. Money, rather than truth, often determined what to print. The editor of the Globe at the time was extremely well respected and went on to win journalistic awards for his skill and integrity as a journalist.

    A similar newspaper was also responsible for re-opening a murder case from 1983. Through their investigative efforts and subsequent article, the Enquirer clearly raised questions surrounding the Swaggart’s involvement in a brutal murder of one of their benefactors just 10 days after the couple changed their will to give $800,000 to the Swaggarts. It was a result of that investigation and article alone that a serious probe by a Texas court was started to examine allegations of the Swaggart’s suspicious connections to that murder.

    Unfortunately the Swaggarts settled out of court with the elderly couple’s son. The DA in the case, however, stated publicly that he wished the case could have been pursued further. You can google the article by searching Ida Lee Baugh murder DA Feazell The article reflected remarkable journalism and in no way smacked of cheap leaps or conclusions. .

    In short, news always has to be judged on its own merit and not on the paper that prints it. The articles presented in this video reflect the same standard of journalism.

    As for Gorman, he was after only one thing – clearing his name and reputation. That was all. He had lost money and reputation because of Swaggart’s lies. Swaggart’s previous ‘sterile integrity’ seemed to Gorman an invincible foe. And Swaggart no doubt would have done his best to disprove Gorman’s story even after the pictures surfaced. Swaggart MIGHT have succeeded in doing so.

    Therefore, trying to prove adultery on Swaggart with Suzi was much less of a “bird in the hand” than to help Swaggart stage pictures of adultery with a different girl – Debra Murphree, and get Swaggart’s full admittance along with the deal. The deal gave Gorman the chance to vindicate himself in a sure way, even though it required his participation in a lie to the world. Gorman will answer to the Lord for that some day.

    It is obvious from this video that there is plenty of evidence to begin serious investigation. This evidence is the type of information that criminal investigations often begin with. This evidence is the type of information that often leads to criminal indictments and prison terms, I would add.

    As for the picture this editor used to head off the article, I would say it truthfully depicts the abject reality of one SICK Truth – Jimmy Swaggart the PREACHER ACTOR by day and the PROSTITUTE USER by night. Sometimes pictures get the point of truth across best. I would say this editor was led of the Lord in her choice.

  24. Christine Mills says

    I can say without a doubt this comment will be deleted. First I think you are very lucky that Jimmy Swaggart is kind enough not to sue the pants off of you for basically accusing him of murder! You are trying to get me to believe that we have Elvis, Cher, Liberace and yes the famous prostitute with only one name Suzie! What is her last name? These are extremely serious accusations and no pictures of Suzie to even prove she is a real person! Where’s Suzie’s family or even a statement or comment from a friend that this person even existed?

    • T. Heim says


      If Swaggart could sue over this, you can bet he would already have! He has proven that he cares nothing about what the Bible really teaches, and despite Jesus’ teaching against using secular courts to handle disputes between Christian brothers, Swaggart conducts himself in a manner foreign to true Christian behavior. His organization is rife with nepotism, corrupt business practices, etc.

      What is most incredulous to me is that confessing believers in Jesus Christ can be so deceived and give precious, hard-earned money to a organization whose leader lived a completely duplicitous life for a generation while condemning others and preaching against SIN, and who leads an organization that produces NO financial statement to its donors and is run by one family with a clear, disproportionate access to ministry income!

      The associate (non-Swaggart family members) pastors have to be either the biggest fools or the biggest failures ever to allow themselves to play second fiddle knowing they will never have any control or influence over their own ministries and lives. Any half-way decent observant individual can see what a sick organization that place is…..from thousands of miles away!!

      So, you say “shame on you”…….for WHAT? The shame is with the blind Swaggart followers….for without them, these charlatans would be nobodies…..off the air, along with their perverted gospel!

      • Christine Mills says

        Why I say shame on you someone needs to tellme Suzie’s last name ir at least have one family ir friend that shows that this person actually exists or existed. Whe you accuse someone of murder you should at the very least show that this person wasva real person! That us why I say Shame! Would you like to be accused of some the like this without even any facts that this is a real person? I will say I am surprised that my comment was not deleted, but please address what I am saying. 1. Show a picture of this Suzie, 2. What is Suzies last name! 3. Can you please show me one of Suzies friend or family? Without any of these 1-3 , why should I believe any of it. This video is not about Swaggarts Ministry! Please address what I am talking about! I am not a lawyer but this video is accusing him of murder! That is very serious. If this was about me or my family, I would see a lawyer!

        • Christine Mills says

          I realize there is errors in my above post because I was typing too fast. I am not here to say one way or the other about Swaggarts Ministry. The above video is not about how the ministry is run it is about accusing someone of MURDER! I would hope that someone would have facts starting with this person name and proof they actually existed. When you post a video accusing someone of murder, well lets say it is very, very serious. It is very wrong to post something like this without some kind of proof. That is why I say SHAME ON YOU, to the person responsible for posting this.

          • Jesus Lover says

            Christine (and Angel), this video certainly is about the Swaggarts. It’s called testing those who come in the name of the Lord – especially those who come asking to be your leader. If either of you were a true believe who cared about Truth, then you would know that and would want the truth in this case.

            If you ate a certain brand of lettuce every day and heard several corroborating stories that that brand of lettuce had a bad run with poison added to it, what would you do – sit there bashing the sources of those reports? Or would you check to see if the reports were true – especially if you had just bought a package?

            I would also ask you what you would do if you heard a woman screaming horribly in the house next to you. Say you even saw a body being dragged out of that house after the screaming stopped. Would you deny what you just saw and heard simply because you didn’t know the woman’s name? Seriously? It’s a good thing that professional investigators don’t follow your approach. Those details usually surface AFTER investigation and research – not at the beginning.

            The video does not show all the evidence obviously. The video is calling for an investigation and the guy probably didn’t know Suzi’s last name. But obviously Peggy Carrier knew Suzi, Suzi’s motel owner knew Suzi, Gorman knew who Suzi was when he told the Assemblies of God that Swaggart saw a known prostitute. The manager of the Texas Motel knew Suzi, and several newspapers reported her name.

            Suzi obviously did have a last name, and I’ll bet you Jimmy knows what it is, and that everyone else involved knows what it is too.

            Perhaps, Christine and Angel, you are afraid for the real truth to come out? In the same way, would you rather the news not report or investigate whether your next package of lettuce could be contaminated?

            The Swaggart’s have succeeded for many years to cover their back sides to the public, but that is changing. In 1983 they were suspiciously involved with another murder. So if it’s names you want – here are some names and some extremely suspicious facts associated with those names, a murder, and the Swaggart organization. Read it for yourself http://www.fmh-child.org/Swaggart_Murder.pdf.

            Jesus warned us about wolves. Wolves are harmful to the sheep. Sheep care about sheep and care about protecting them from harm. Wolves hate sheep and enjoy seeing them harmed.

            Which category do you identify with, Christine and Angel?

        • angel diaz says

          Christine is right on. I noticed this site is just about sensationalism. They are so quick to condemn in the name of the Bible’s command to judge all things; not knowing that if its not righteous judgment they themselves will give account for every word spoken against another true believer. Warning: Many, if not most Tele-evangelists are false but not all. Beware!

  25. Christine Mills says

    To Jesus lover, Yes Suzie had a last name but you don’t know what that last name was! Then you provide me with some article about Swaggart that has absolutely nothing to do with Suzie? Yes Suzie had a last name but not one person can tell it to me or knows it! In the video not one person talks about knowing Suzie? And basically you are telling me if I heard that there was lettuce with posion in it ( would I eat it) Well if I had the name brand of the lettuce maybe then I would know what to avoid. But for some hearsay, hey there is a bad batch of lettuce out there don’t eat it? Not one person would follow such nonsense! Not one person is forced to watch Swaggart. If you don’t agree or like him turn it off, do you have a brain? Jimmy does not force anyone to give him money, don’t like him don’t give! I ask all the Swaggart haters why don’t you spend your time doing something constructe? You want to help people why not go after the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult that murders children with there policy of no blood transfusions? To me all the people going after him are just plain jealous. I would like to say and this is 100 percent true In have not given Swaggart one dime of my money. But I enjoy the music and programs on son life broadcasting. When you accuse someone of murder you should at the very least prove and provide proof that this is a real person. But you have convinced me to send Swaggart some money in your honor, so congratulations you have convinced me to donate to his ministry because of all your hate and nonsense!

  26. Christine Mills says

    JESUS LOVER: several newspapers reported her name! Well you can provide a link to another story that has absolutely nothing to do with Suzie but you can’t provide the newspapers with Suzie’s last name. Or even provide anyone that is willing to go on camera (and if they are afraid they could do it with their identity hidden, face blackened out and voice changed) that says Suzie is a real person! If you provide me evidence that this person even existed I promise you a full apology and will even offer my time to help you get justice for her! Well I will even donate to a ministry of your choice, There it is should not be hard to do so I wait to hear from you or anyone. I will even start a petition to have a full investigation. And I would love to know why has her family or friends not started one. You can bet your life or mine that if my friend or family member dissappeared I would scream from the roof tops for some justice well I am waiting! ( I will be shocked it this does not get deleted)

  27. Christine Mills says

    One last thing I think I will save your response and email and call mr. Gorman and Peggy Carrier since they know this Suzie, I want to get to the bottom of this. THANKS for providing their names!

  28. EM says

    Wow. What a bombshell article Jesus Lover! How many ministries have all this involvement with police, investigations, lawsuits payouts. Even major ones don’t come close! Interesting the investigators didn’t find it unusual because of the Swaggerts past. Also the Swaggerts rep gave a pay out to the son of the victim according to the article. Common sense should prevail here. Would the Lord who loves his children set up someone like this to teach them ? Has he lowered his standards? I say no.

  29. Terryan. says

    Get over your self. Christians know our GOD FORGIVES. your still back in 70s 80s. God called him and knew he would make mistakes.
    The pastors. And people closest to God satin goes after them the most. Even as God’s kids we still sin. I have seen him discussing his faults with other pastors .
    Guess you never sin.

    • Mishel says

      No we are over the 80’s and talking about today–if you think we are still talking about the 80’s then you haven’t been paying attention. Also its Satan not Satin–Satin to my knowledge has never harmed anyone ever. Obviously you work for the ministry if you are so close to him that you have seen him discuss his faults with other pastors. You are lying and you know you are–anyone who has worked closely with the ministry KNOWS this is not true.

      • angel diaz says

        And how about your “faults” and the sins you hide? Why are you any different than Jimmy Swaggart. Your a sinner just like him. Repent and stop this more than righteous attitude!

  30. Willemina says

    I cant believe this keep going on and on,I thought if you truly ask for forgiveness you get it,and I believe if you preach just to get money and nothing else,something really,really bad will happen to you,why keep harpen on j Swaggart check your own yard out first,I believe in God 100% and pray for every one and I hope they will pray for me.

    • Mishel says

      That is crazy thinking. First of all his dalliances with prostitutes was not a one time deal. The second time he got caught he told the church it was none of their business. It is also not JUST that–please do some research. Additionally God does not strike everyone dead that preaches with the wrong motive. He lets the wheat and the tares go up together because he wants YOU to have discernment and to love truth above all else.

      • angel diaz says

        Exactly! You are correct Mishel. God doesn’t strike people dead when they sin and cover it or else you would have been dead a long time ago. We all would have. God is merciful. Therefore, why sit on the seat as Judge? Your sins were forgiven. So has Swaggart’s.

  31. M.locke says

    Shame on all of you. What gives you the right to judge? Are you God? He is the one who will judge us all. Not you!!!

    • Mishel says

      You don’t know the Word. We ARE to judge those who call themselves brothers and sisters in the Lord. We do not judge the world but the Lord makes it quite clear we ARE to judge those who are in the church. We judge by their word and their deed.

      • Christine says

        Yes and not one person tells me Suzys last name the last time I have checked Swaggarts Ministry is going strong! Helping people find god, helping people get off of drugs, and many more GOOD things. Why do you waste your time with this hate and jealousy. Why don’t you do something positive for yourself you need help if all you do is focus on hate. Everyone needs to pray for you!

  32. BK says

    M.locke,tell that (what you just said) to the Swaggarts!

    They judge,play God,and tell us we are not Chrisitans because we do this,or that,yet
    I don’t see anyone telling them not to play God or judge.

  33. Lilia Zusman says

    satan is the accuser of the brethren” ..If this messenger calls himself a christian, he needs to know and learn from 2 Samuel 11 about King David , who was forgiven and became after God’s Heart a man and the prophet. I was so surprised myself when came across this ministry , full Gospel, Biblical teaching network and The Hand of God is upon them.Nothing you can do to damage their reputation. Just repent and make it right with God.Call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus, Whose Blood will cleanse you and deliver you.

    • Edward M Parenteau says

      God forbade David from building the Temple of God because of his “reputation” in battle, and that was years before Bathsheba and Uriah, Even though David was forgiven, God still would not let him build the Temple of God . So, if Jesus says, if you love me, you will keep my words, and it is written that an overseer of the church must have a good reputation with those outside of the church, how then can you say that Jimmy Swaggart should therefore be able to build God’s church and remain true to Christ?

      They are corrupters of the Word of God to large extent. For example, in Jimmy’s answer book he claims that God is 3 separate persons, each with their own mind, body and soul. He also believes that God lives on a planet. His god is more like the Mormon god than the biblical God. Unfortunately, my wife listens to them and can’t be reasoned with at all.

      • says

        Do the,swaggarts know these websites exist ? Wonder if they have read them if they do know about them., if they have seen them they will know that everyone out there isnt as stupid as they think they are.. because I really think they consider most people,stupid. Donnie is known for calling people stupid or ignorant . I have heard him say those words many times

  34. BK says

    Lila,you talk about needing forgivness,yet I don’t see anyone forgiving the late Tammy Faye for the divorce she went through.But let Donnie go through two divorces,and it’s alright for him,but not Tammy Faye?

    And Christine,I can’t speak for anyone else,but speaking for me,it’s NOT jealousy! I say what I said earlier because it’s not right for Jimmy,Donnie,Francis and the team to say that people like me are not Christians because we love Country Music.I am a Christian,and I Love Country Music.And,a lot of Country singers are Christians.I make no apology for that.I hold to the opnion that you CAN be a true Christian and still love Country Music.Plus you can be a Christian and be a Catholic,or of some other faith,that’s what I believe.

    I also believe the bible verse” Judge Not,lest ye be Judged”,which is what the Swaggarts and his followers (a lot of them,if not all of them) have been doing for years.Telling us that we are not Christian if we love Country Music,go to a sporting event,or are of some other faith,IS judging,and is WRONG.Yes,we Christians are not to Judge,but neither are the Swaggarts.Yet,it would appear that many of Swaggarts followers (again,not all,but many),as well as the Swaggarts themselves,believe the Swaggarts,and the followers can judge us,but we can’t judge them.It does not work that way.

    The last time I checked,there is no where in the bible that says “Judge not,lest ye be Judged except for the Swaggarts and his followers”.The Bible DOES NOT say that.The Judge not verse applies to ALL Christians of every faith,you,me,and the Swaggarts.

    Also,my opnion on the Judge by their fuits does not mean they can say we are not Christians because we listen to secular music,go to sports games,etc.

    As far as people on drugs is concerned,if those people got saved,that’s great.However,I suggest you google the article “Tareva Henderson speaks her mind on the Jimmy Swaggart ministries” and read the article.

    If God has forgiven the Swaggarts,that’s great.I don’t know if he has or not,and I don’t claim to know.If you choose to believe God has forgiven him,that’s your right to do so,and that’s between you & God.As for me,while I have forgiven Swaggart,I have given him and his family to God.But,while I have forgiven him,that does not mean I watch or support his ministry.I don’t wish them any harm (I prayed for them during the flood),but speaking nly for myself,I can not in good spirit give money to someonewho’s gonna point the finger of judgement at me,and tell me I’m not a Christian because I love country Music,or go to a sporting event.

    you wanna pray for me? Fine.I will pray for you too.

    • Christine says

      When you bring up other people what so and so says has nothing to do with accusing someone of murder to everyone and/or can anyone anywhere please tell me Suzys last name if not one person can tell me this if not one person family or a friend can go on the record ( they can block out face/identity ) and say that this person even existed even a picture something, then and only then I could say well done exposing a murder. Now until yhat happens why should I listen to this or that? Where is the credibility in this video. I thought this was about the above video, basically accusing Jimmy Swaggart of murder. I don’t think it is legally right. Not to even metion the morale issue! Not one person has come forward with any information about her. Why should I believe it?Why should I even believe she existed? To me it makes you lose credibility with anything else.. Again basically accusing someone of murder! Extremely serious legally and some would even say unforgivable. ( unforgivable for the family of the murder victim, thank goodness I don’t know what that feels like, and I would never wish that on anyone) Also I would like to thank everyone for taking the time responding to my comments and I give you tremendous amount of credit for posting my comments. I believe you said you didn’t make the video why post it when you know there are no facts to back this up you seem to smart to do this? You seem to decent to post these lies again I am talking about accusing Swaggart of murder that is what I am talking about! Thank you very much for your time. Can’t wait for your response.

  35. BK says

    What I said has nothing to do with the video.My response was why I personally don’t believe a lot of what the Swaggarts are doing or saying are not from God.

    I said what I said because ,in my opnion,The Swaggarts,and many of his followers,have the attitude that they can judge us,but we can’t judge them.That’s how they act anyway.I don’t know if they feel that way in their hearts,only God knows that.But that’s how they come across to me.

    But,as a Country Music fan,I cannot support someone with my money,or watch someone tell me I’m not a Christian because I love country music.For the Swaggarts to say I’m not a Christian because I love this kind of music,or go to a sports game,or because people are Catholic,or any other faith,is judging,and is WRONG.The bible says it’s wrong to judge,and that’s what the Swaggarts are doing.So I have lost NO creditbilty,like you said I have.

    If you wish to watch the Swaggarts Christine,that is your right.It’s your TV,and I respect that.But,I ask you to keep this in mind: Just because I don’t watch them,don’t believe in a lot of things they do,don’t give money to their work,etc,does not mean I have not forgiven them.I have forgiven them,and have put them in God’s hands.

    • Christine says

      Thank you for responding and you have very valid points. I have always said that if you don’t like turn the channel as far as the Swaggarts past anyone with Internet access can research. God Bless

  36. says

    A LOT to consider was presented in this video.

    The articles about SUZI and the second girl lend great credibility, IMO.

    Since he is still operating as a minister, I find the info useful.
    All too often, we Christians UNDERESTIMATE how DEEPLY evil can go!

    Regardless of where he NOW stands with a forgiving GOD –
    just remember – for your OWN good:

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