The New Mystics

The following was transcribed word for word from a Patricia King Video teaching entitled The New Mystics.See what she has to say about this new anointing,  and who she is promoting, and then decide for yourself if you want this “blessing.” The comments in red are mine.

Hi I want to speak to you today about the “Mystic” Anointing and ahhhh I looked up mystical in the dictionary and it says Mystical: Having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence. Wow I will read it again – Having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence. It also means involving or having the nature of an individual’s direct subjective communion with God. In other words the mystical realm is actually the invisible realm and the Kingdom that we serve is an invisible kingdom.

Well Patricia, since I am not willing to take your word for it I checked with the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary for myself.

1: mystical2: of or relating to mysteries or esoteric rites3: of or relating to mysticism or mystics: occult
4 a: mysteriousb: obscure c: inducing a feeling of awe or wonder d: having magical properties, enigmatic
Now let’s look at some of the synonyms for the word mystical. In case you have been out of school for a while let me refresh your memorySynonyms are different words with identical meanings. Words that are synonyms are said to be synonymous. Let’s look at what Encarta says are the synonyms for the word Mystical: spiritual, mystic, numinous, magical, supernatural, magic, transcendent, and preternatural.

So even though she is attempting to rewrite our understanding of the word mystic and make it benign- let’s go with the universal UNDERSTOOD meaning of the word shall we?
 The scripture says in Corinthians that the things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen – the invisible things are eternal. SO when we are talking about the invisible Kingdom realm we are talking about the mystical realm.  What a minute- hold on- that is not even a real argument. That is like saying Mushrooms are a fungus, Mushrooms are good for us, therefore all fungus is good for us- bad logic.

  And right now we are in (inaudible) where God is highlighting in our experience the unseen realities of the kingdom realm. And so he is raising up those that are mystical that are seers into that realm. Patricia must have been talking to Todd Bentley who also claims that God is releasing the Mystic anointing

You have heard of the seer anointing in fact we carry the book of {she goes into the selling of merchandise which I have omitted} These are tools that will help you move into that seer anointing that God has for you-(we need tools to be raised up in God’s anointing?)  that mystical element of the realm of God. (Ooooooh the mystical element- yes we might need some teaching for that-SINCE IT IS NOT SCRIPTURAL!)

And throughout church history we have heard of what is called the Mystics and basically what they were was people who had had supernatural encounters many of them were martyred for their faith because you know they were called witches and everything but actually they were Christians having real experiences in Jesus but because the church or the institution of the church didn’t understand it in those days they put them to the stake and burned them at the stake and stuff like that.

And it was because mainly of their prophetic seer and mystical side of them.  {She is saying that the “religious” people killed these gifted souls- she is demonizing orthodoxy. That way when this teaching gets rejected as heresy she can claim religious persecution from those that carry a religious spirit. The people that embrace this teaching are already claiming persecution from those that are standing for the Truth.}

But God is raising up a whole company of now of new mystics and maybe you are one of them. In fact I am sensing in my spirit right now that there are many of you that are watching whoooooaaaa that are whooooooooaaaaa that are actually feeling a download right now because you have been entering into mystical spiritual encounters- encounters of the God kind- of the invisible realm. You have been seeing angels- having encounters with Jesus seeing into the unseen dimensions of the kingdom. And you even have questions wondering well how can I develop this or what does it all mean I don’t understand { more selling of her wares omitted}
I am going to pray for you in just a moment whoooooa that God would open up that mystical anointing {ummm Patricia- THERE IS NO MYSTICAL ANOINTING} to you so that you can experience the glories of the unseen dimensions of the Kingdom of God of the glories of Jesus Christ, of the invisible angelic realm, of the heavenly realms but also we would like to invite you to join us for the New Mystics Conference {see videos} that we are having on April 10-13. I wanted to sit under a few of the “New Breed” (for an in-depth definition of New Breed and a critical analysis,  see the following article that God is raising up like John Crowder (more about Crowder at the bottom of page- you will NOT want to miss seeing what Patricia is wanting to expose you to) … and Jamie Galloway so actually I am inviting them in for me I am just excited to sit at their feet and to have them give impartation but I am inviting all of you to join me as well. {More talk about how great and anointed these people are has been omitted}
But right now I want to pray for you that you get empowered by the mystical presence of God (which god?) that your heart be open to the unseen dimension of the Kingdom so that you can enjoy all talks about inheriting the kingdom that if you humble yourself like a child you will inherit the kingdom you will enter into kingdom life you will be able to embrace what is there. It is one thing having entrance into the kingdom but it is another thing inheriting an experience in the kingdom. (Inheriting an experience??)
So father in the name of Jesus right now I pray for my friends that you would impart to them that mystical anointing (no such thing) that opening of their seer gift into the unseen dimension we would have experience in your presence your tangible presence and with angelic (demonic) visitation and with other dimensions of the unseen kingdom realm that you will put eye salve on their eyes that they might have enhanced seer anointing to be able to see into the kingdom dimensions of your heart. (See into the kingdom dimensions of your heart? Whaaaaat?)  And so father I bless them in Jesus name whooooooa you know I am just getting a word of knowledge right now. (Omitted the creepy word of knowledge).
Remember the “New Mystics Conference” that Patricia was encouraging everyone to attend. Do you remember the people that she gushed over and wanted nothing more than to sit at their feet and receive impartation? Well lets take a look at one of these great honorable men who Patricia esteems so highly.
John Crowder has a site called the “Sons of Thunder- home of John and Lilly Crowder and the New Mystics.” This is hands down the most blasphemous web site I have ever encountered. When I clicked on the conference section it was complete with pictures of gold dust, gold teeth, bleeding stigmata, and someone squeezing the oil from their hands into glasses. These were the mild things.  See the video below for an example. However I warn you in advance that it is VERY disturbing.


  1. joe says

    Michel, lifting you up in prayer for wisdom,strength,&protection as you expose the lies,deceit & infiltration of the evil one into Gods church in these last days!! I have experienced personal persecution for standing on the truth of Gods word and had to walk away from someone i love dearly because of her promotion,practice,&blashemy of the Holy Spirit. Stay strong and God Bless!!!

  2. Janine Henschel says

    he sounds like a PIG when he is supposedly speaking in tongues ? but who Jesus cast the demons into ? hummm, the PIGS ! AND HE SAYS that he is POSSESSED and then sounded just like a DEMON !! and then MOCKINGLY LAUGHS !! Fat frier tut bartender angels ?? what ??? eating on your legs, yanking on your arms’ SOUNDS like demons to me ? hello ! I THINK that he drank a couple of barrels of beer or alcohol BEFORE preaching ? ha anyone check his breath ? lol cream and butter on our feet, ? how can ANYONE SIT there and think that this is coming from YESHUA ??? they would have to either just IGNORANT of the Word, or DECEIVED one of the 2, ECSTACY’S of God I have to say that this is the WORST so called christian that i have every HEARD of !! OH THIS IS A WORK OF MAN, hello !! to say that this is of GOD would be BLASPHAMY ! ok there will be false prophets and teachers in the last days that will do the same things, healings, prophecies, etc for satan is a COPIER OF WHAT YESHUA DOES and even the VERY ELECT will be DECEIVED IN THE LAST DAYS’ the bible says BE CAREFUL AND TEST THE SPIRITS brethren for it doesn’t take a smart person to see the falseness in this guy ! HE IS A FOOL by GO’S STANDARDS ! aONLY DEMONS make you LEVITATE ok NEW AGE DOCTRINES ! Most people don’t know about this because they are IGNRORANT of it but I CAME OUT OF NEW AGE SO I SEE THAT this is OF that realm and NOT OF GOD! You show me WHERE does ANYONE in the bible levitate ? if the man does NOT ALIGN UP HIS WORDS TO THE BIBLE, then HE ITS FALSE DOCTRINE SAINTS ! HELLO the spirit of CROWDER ? himmm PUFFED UP AND ALL ATTENITON TO SELF !! PRIDE ! taking GODS GLORY WHICH NO MAN IS TO TAKE ! hello only satan APPEARS AND DISSAPPEARS ok by location, multiple places at once WHERE IS THAT IN THE BIBLE ? NO WHERE OK come on saints, only one person translated and it was for the WORK OF THE GOSPEL NOT JUST TO BE DOING IT!! PHILLIP read his story in the bible If you BELIEVE this cloning story, then I CAN SELL YOU SOME LAND IN THE DESERT !!

  3. Tina says

    What this witch is offering to unsuspecting ‘Christians’ who don’t truly have the Word of God as their foundation, is cursed fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil offered from the dark hands and smiling face of satan and his demon entourage, posing as an angel of light. Anyone even remotely connected to or associated with Antichrist Papacy, like Joyner,, anything NAR, Drucker, whose father was a Grandmaster Freemason from Vienna (freemasons are luciferian), Graham, Roberts, Schuller, Peale (all freemasons), or anyone who is involved at all with mysticism or Elijah List. Joyner who is a pope serving knight of malta/antichrist, pope’s aim as historically confirmed is to eradicate all who worship Jesus Christ as Lord from the face of the earth, this same aim remains intact to this day no matter how ‘cozy’ he appears to be with protestants, ecumenically. needs to come out from among them and remain separate! Matt7:21, 2 Thess 2:9-12

  4. Tina says

    Note.. .not one Word of Scripture as usual. This woman is nothing more than a white witch pawning off the occult/esoteric/gnostic/kabbalism with ‘christian’ terminology. Patricia King is not a born again saint of Jesus Christ. By their fruits ye shall know them. Mysticism is another word for interacting with the unseen spiritual realm, none of which is holy, in other words, witchcraft, ALL of which is clearly prohibited in scripture. She is lost. And so is Crowder. Neither one lines up with the Word. We are to reject them both…. after the second admonition reject.

  5. jazz88 says

    Totally in agreement Tina!
    Walter Veith covered every bit of what you said in Total Onslaught. A 36 lecture series that covers entire history of Church and everything we see in our churches. Even small town community churches here are being affected by the influence or infiltration. Veith gives the history and uses historically documented quotes from these people and sytems. Covers the protestant reformation, that protested against papacy and the quotes betwn the 2 factions..
    Not trying to promote anyone. But the historical research and coverage is faith building to all those who oppose these people and movements. I tripped across him on youtube and watched a video and thot. hmmm what happened here? Someone uncovering the plan to destroy true believer walk with Lord. Uncovering all the deception in all these weird moves. Total Onslaught discussed the move to destroy the Word of God, destroy or marginalize Jesus and redemption up to current events like the newest popes statements: indulgences if you follow him on twitter…list goes on. I wonder how close we are to the battle that Rick Joyner penned ‘greys v blues. Joyner is knight of Malta and Gnostic..allegiance to pope. Millions true believers killed before and during reformation. Who doesnt know someone who’s caught up or being infiltrated anymore. Lots of scripture here and the quotes from Luther, Tyndale, Huss, on and on are priceless.

    • Tina says

      Right on! Thx for the insight on the video, I will definitely view it. Remember that the DarkAges were dark because wicked men who ‘held the truth in unrighteousness’ forbade the bible to the people, it was on the list of forbidden books per the pope. Note that the word “hold” in Greek means to ‘retain, restrain, hinder, hold back’. In other words to keep the truth from the common people. Now, who but antichrist, would keep God’s children from having access to His Holy Word TO them?!?…2 Thess 2:10-12 “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

      For you, note the very next verse 13 “But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” And when our blessed Lord comes for His saints, it will be from the clouds in all His glory, not some bluebeam mirage with another ‘jesus’ appearing to all nations’ people dressed in their own cultures clothing and speaking their own language, etc Maitreya figure, when everyone will hear a “sound” simultaneously. Nor will He come to some ‘rebuilt temple in Jerusalem’ which is being staged. He does not dwell in a temple made with human hands but within His saints. There is no 7 yr tribulation either. That lie was generated by the same sons of the serpent of Rome. Dan 9:25-27 is a prophetic word about the coming of Christ and the cross. It is not about a 7 yr tribulation with antichrist in the future. That lie was spread so that Christians would look for antichrist out in the future instead of acknowledging as did the reformers, that Antichrist is the Papacy, right here and right now! Most of revelation is history. The Lord’s great and glorious appearing could be at any time and most are unaware because of the lies taught in church like Patricia King’s Kundalini/witchcraft mysticism counterfeit to Holy Spirit! Remember, there is most definitely an ‘entity’ behind that ‘energy’ and it is not holy to be sure:)
      see and for much more insight. Grace & Peace to you.

  6. Seth Reed says

    I have a older sister who is into this stuff sadly. My father was a preacher and got on her case one time when she was talking about how much they do for God at burning man with their dream interpretation tent.
    She got excited and said Dad we go in undercover for the Lord.
    I immediately felt the Holy Spirit and the Anointing came upon my dad.
    He jumped to his feet and said, if God speaks to me daughter and tells me to go witness at burning man. My God doesn’t send me undercover. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God who delivered the children of Israel up out of Egypt and out of the hands of the pharaoh.
    He sends me right into the midst of whatever is going on and Anoints me to preach Goodnews to the broken hearted.
    I serve a big powerful God and the Holy Spirit will speak through me to the Lost and when he speak he cuts right to the heart of the person who need Jesus Christ and brings conviction.
    He knows just what to say at just the right time.
    He said no daughter I wouldn’t go undercover telling people I will interpret there dreams and the whole while I never even speak a whisper of the One who can save their soul.
    The way the truth and the life.

    I friends don’t do a good job explaining what I witnessed in my parents living room that afternoon.
    My sister got defensive and angry and this was in 2008 and sadly she has gotten even deeper into this stuff.
    I heard Jason Westerfield who people were following in droves for a few years and who Patricia King spoke so highly of and said he was on another level with Jesus that we can never reach.
    God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
    He never changes and he doesn’t favor one over another.
    What he has done for one he can do for another.
    I hear at these blue mystic conferences I have watched online that, hey guys we have done good in soul winning, we have done good in reaching the lost, we have done great in impartation of the gifts and the impartation of the anointing.
    On and on and on then Jason says but we are lacking in the secrets and the mysteries of the spiritual realm.
    He speaks of seeing God come down at a farm in his throne and says do you know that Gods throne rides upon a fire tornado of a chariot and he came down to this farm and there were lights and twinklings and he dropped out of a vortex and it was just really neat but it started to rain so I went inside the farm house and let everyone else enjoy it.

    Wait a second man, God just dropped out of a twinkling fiery vortex sitting upon his throne riding on a tornado chariot with cool little lights and twinkles.
    I knew whoa man that is huge I have never heard of that ever happening ever and you went inside because it started to rain a little.

    They just talk about all these crazy things and how God is revealing the mystic mysterious secrets of revelation and the whole time friends all around people are lost and spiritually dying.

    In proverbs it says he who wins souls is wise.
    What about all the lost around us why do we just seek Gods benefits instead of just simply seeking his face.
    The truth is that most don’t even know God or his voice.
    These people are just making these things up and that is a lie.
    It’s sin and sin separates us from God.

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