The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel

Deception Bytes is pleased to endorse and highly recommend this FREE Mp3 series by Rich Vermillion. These teachings on the Fundamentals of the REAL Gospel are engaging, well researched and biblical and doctrinally sound.

“There is NO OTHER SUBJECT more important than the REAL Gospel itself. It is only by that Gospel that men can be saved, and thus, ALL genuine Christian doctrine begins at this core tenet of the faith.” Rich Vermillion

Please read the series description penned by Canadian Author, Ronnie Dauber a member of the production team.

The Fundamentals of the REAL Gospel

FREE MP3 Audio Series
by Ronnie Dauber

Don’t get caught in the wrong net! There are false preachers with household names who are fishing for men and women to commit to their “gods” and not to the REAL Jesus. It is easy to get snared when our hearts are seeking God for the wrong reasons — and the outcome of our ignorance is death, not life.

Brought to you by an international team of volunteers, “The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel” is a seven-part MP3 series divided into eight individual MP3 files (or “album tracks”). This series teaches with simplicity and with clarity who the real Jesus is — and the truth of HIS Gospel. It’s exciting! It’s challenging! And it’s convicting! This series includes:
•easy-to-learn basics of the real Gospel that you can apply to your life
•simple-to-understand lessons that are powerfully explained by an inspired teacher
•profoundly detailed content to equip you with the ability to discern truth from false teaching
•mini-teachings on associated subjects interspersed throughout the series
•BOLD — but rational — commentary on controversial topics such as women in ministry

Under God’s anointing and with His wisdom and knowledge, Rich Vermillion teaches The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel and explains how we can discern the truth of the Gospel from false and erroneous teaching. He exposes the deceptions and the heresies that are saturating the Christian world today.

The Christian world is flooded with doctrines that claim to stem from the Gospel of Jesus, yet they are in conflict — either obviously or subtly — with Truth of God’s Word. The message in this series is simple and yet absolute: it is the fundamental truth of the REAL Gospel taught in a down-to-earth fashion that is easy to relate to and comprehend.

While this series is designed to enlighten the Christian with biblical truth, it firmly confronts several of the false “gospels” as well. Also known as “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” heretics are exposed as the message of the REAL Gospel is revealed. Beyond this, Rich actually explains how heretics weave their seemingly endless varieties of myths as he teaches how to easily identify the true from the false by providing:
•facts accurately researched for correct Scripture translation
•non-sectarian (non-denominational) instruction from the Bible
•prime examples of some of today’s most well-known heretics and heresies
•popular “convenient doctrines,” based upon logical fallacies, which false ministers use to ensnare vulnerable Christians

For several years Rich Vermillion has researched the Hebrew and Greek history of the Bible utilizing a library of authentic references and resources. The information gleaned from such intensive study is accurately relayed in this series to enable the listener to gain a fuller meaning of the original scriptures while in their proper historical setting. The cultural background of this time period has been thoroughly investigated and examined as well as the historical premise of the many English Bible translations that are available today. Though this series is “chock full” of meaty scriptural teaching and historical facts, many of them are relayed in such a simple way that even a child could comprehend them.

The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel explains the Gospel that Jesus gave to His apostles and exposes the heretics who are on the prowl to steal this vital truth from Christians. It teaches how Christians can discern the truth from the lies of the false teaching. Consequently, this series offers a refreshing alternative to an allegedly Christian market of “Bible teachings” that focus merely on what people can gain materially from God; on how Christians can improve their self-worth; and how Christians can gain power and fame in this world. It brings diversity to the Christian MP3 market with a complete series on The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel of Jesus.

As this series circulates you can expect the Internet to be flooded with these MP3′s because people are tired of being “sold” religious fables by people who only want their money. They are now searching for the truth and this series is like none other before it. Therefore, the people who enjoy it are likely to listen to it again and again because they will want to get a better understanding of this FREE and REAL Gospel. And it’s not only taught with enthusiasm and excitement, but also with a touch of humor.


Rich Vermillion was joined by an international team of volunteers who assisted him with assembling this MP3 series for your benefit. Freely we have received knowledge of the REAL Gospel from the Lord Jesus through His Word. Please allow us to freely give it to you. (Matthew 10:8)

Though it cost Jesus Christ everything, the REAL Gospel has been given to the world for free. Therefore, the cost of The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel is free. These MP3′s are available without charge to anyone and everyone who wants to have them. Simply download them, listen to them, and then share this series with your family and friends. You can even make CD’s of this series and pass the message around.

It is the real Gospel, simple and true. And it is FREE! So The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel is a message you simply cannot afford to miss.


Rev. Vermillion has been an ordained Christian minister for over two decades and is a dynamic speaker and award-winning author. He has been featured on multiple television and radio broadcasts around the world. Nevertheless, his eternity-focused goal is simply to please his Lord Jesus Christ by winning souls and serving God’s people, through accurate ministry of God’s Word.


To download this series onto your own computer or portable MP3 player, please visit the download page.

The EASIEST way to download the entire series at one time is to look in the left menu bar on the download page for the link marked “VBR ZIP” under the category “Play/Download.” Either right-click or control-click that link, and then save it to your computer. (It will take a while to download, depending on your connection speed.)

Once the file is fully downloaded, simply “double-click” the file (i.e. click on the link twice, and very quickly). Your computer may then warn you that this is a file from the Internet, and ask you if you really want to open it. This file is VERY safe to open. So affirm that you want to open it by clicking whatever button your computer provides for you to do so, and then your computer will “unzip” that file into a brand new folder within the same location as the original “zip” file.

Inside that new folder you will be able to see all the individual MP3 session files (eight in total, numbered from 1 to 7B). Simply double-click on session 1, and it should begin playing within your default media player on your computer. As you finish each session, simply close them out, and then “double-click” on the next session file in the numerical sequence in order to continue through the entire series one session at a time.

If you would prefer to download each file one at a time, then you must scroll down the download page to see all the individual files. For most users, we recommend that you ONLY download the files in the column marked “VBR MP3,” and that you simply ignore the other versions (unless you know what they are and how to utilize them.)


    • Mishel says

      Rich Vermillion is certainly not a Calvinist by textbook definition and most certainly DOES NOT believe in, “Once saved always saved”. I think that is more than evident by his teaching. Believers can, and DO fall from Grace.

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