The Coming Presence Movement

According to their website, the next phase of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is the United States Apostolic Alliance (USAA). Dutch Sheets is one of four men in leadership over the USAA under presiding Apostle C. Peter Wagner. It is Wagner’s desire to organize a global church under a hierarchical network of apostles to take dominion and govern the global church and governments in order to take dominion of the world for Christ.

From the USAA home page, Dutch Sheets tells his followers to get ready for September. In fact he states that it is so huge on God’s timetable that it will mark one of the greatest shifts in the spiritual realm our generation has ever seen. Sheets goes on to list the following five reasons that God considers September so important. Although all of them are worthy of raising an eyebrow the last one is alarming!”

  • A season of suddenlies will begin
  • The confusion and deception ruling America (including within the Church) will begin to lift
  • The November elections will shift toward God’s will
  • The coming great awakening to America will go to a new level
  • The “presence movement” will begin


From their website, Sheets proudly proclaims

that their ministry in Colorado Springs has been chosen by God to birth a new “Presence Movement”. It is no coincidence that this is also where Tim King founder of the Presence Movement and Presence TV has recently relocated. Sheets clearly states that the revelation for this was given after a “visitation” by the Holy Spirit on June 15th where God asked them to host His “presence” for 90 days 24/7. These meetings are set to begin on September 11th 2008, eight yrs to the date after the world trade center disaster which changed our world forever. Eight of course, as they are quick to point out, is the biblical number for new beginnings. They are also quick to note that these meetings are being held 88 days after the original “visitation” Dutch Sheets experienced.

He compares this hosting of His Presence to Obed-edom hosting the Ark of the Covenant, also called “the Ark of His Presence” (2 Samuel 6:10-11)

10 So David would not remove the ark of the LORD unto him into the city of David: but David carried it aside into the house of Obed-edom the Gittite.

1 1And the ark of the LORD continued in the house of Obededom the Gittite three months: and the LORD blessed Obededom, and all his household.

There are several problems with this from a biblical perspective. The purpose for the Ark of the Covenant was to symbolize God’s visible throne and presence on earth. However the Ark was a type and shadow of the coming Messiah who would have the law of God in his heart even as the physical Ark of the Covenant housed the Law of Moses. The shed blood of Jesus established a New Covenant whereby through acceptance of His shed blood and repentance of our sins we can enter in to a new life. God’s presence now dwells within us and we do not have to have the law written on tablet stones as it is now written on our hearts! Be not deceived, God’s Holy presence can not be “hosted” by man and man can not “birth” movements of the Holy Spirit. The work was finished at the cross. There are no “new” movements. The very thought is not only absurd but is also deeply blasphemous. I can also not understand from a biblical perspective why they are looking for such a “visitation.” In the natural I can compare this to having your father residing in your house but still looking and pleading for him to visit you. He does not need to “visit” you – he lives there!


Let’s look at what else is stated on the USAA website as Dutch Sheets announces preparations to birth this new “Presence Movement”. Let me clarify as well that it is impossible to birth something that has already existed for several years. They are merely promoting the new age false doctrines of Tim King of Presence Ministries and Presence TV.

When God spoke to me to expand the last 3 days for the purpose of impartation, I was not thinking about the fact that this would begin on our 88th day, which also begins the 8th year after 9/11/01. Eight is the biblical number for new beginnings. (Many of you are aware that Chuck Pierce prophesied that America would enter into a seven-year season of war, which began on 9/11/01.) We did not plan this visitation and consequent 90 day assignment to begin when it did, making the 88th day September 11, ending a seven year war cycle and marking a new beginning…but God did! Come and help us decree the end of the old season and launch this “new beginning” of the presence movement! Dutch Sheets, The Presence Movement,


So, what exactly is the “Presence Movement” and should we be alarmed? Quite frankly, yes we should! A DVD Transcript: “An Intro to the Presence Movement” by Tim King found on is more than enough to belie the true origin of the heretical beliefs embraced by those “birthing” this new movement.

For one, they believe that the end times were a time expressly unique to Jesus and his generation and thus have no future implications or fulfillment. This period they say, extended from the Cross to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. Instead of teaching a future rapture, they preach and teach a Transmillennial view. In their estimation it is not about escaping this world. It’s about transforming it.

If the people of God today believe that God’s plan is for us to escape the world then who will be around to lovingly engage the world? To build the civilizations of tomorrow that bring glory and honor to God? And, what happens to our lives in the meantime? …If this world is not for the citizens of the kingdom of God, then who is it for? God has called us to accurately tell the greatest story ever told. But to do this we have to enter into a study, a study that will draw us into the very presence of God. And when we understand the presence and the fullness of God we will engage our world and we will love our world into conformity. [Emphasis mine] DVD Transcript: An Intro to the Presence Movement by Tim King, Apr 15, 2003


The founder Tim King calls this overarching love that will bring our world into conformity, agape-theism. There are no rules or regulations, no following of scripture or the teachings of Jesus. Christ is in everything and everything is Christ. They openly acknowledge and accept the gods of others. Their mantra is simply to love.

Agapetheism never asks someone, “What do you believe?” Instead, Love asks, “How can I serve you?” Agapetheism Kevin A. Beck, Jul 9, 2006

Anyone who has spent much time studying the New Age infiltration into mainstream Christianity will recognize the source of this doctrine. They too believe we are to transform our world and that we are awaiting an evolutionary quantum leap into “Christ Consciousness” where man kind will realize their own godhood and function as gods on earth to unite and subdue the world in the name of peace.

It is no secret that the New Age Movement is using the church as a womb so to speak, to birth world illumination. This will be a mass realization of humanity becoming “little gods” aware of their “Christ Consciousness” within. We see also that the New Order can not fully come to pass until the Old Order is done away with. Who is of the old order? It is the Christian who holds tight to Biblical Christianity of course. The main tenant of New Age teaching is that every living thing is a deity, and each of us is on a journey from unawareness of our own divinity, to full Christ Consciousness.


The Presence Movement also teaches that salvation is gained through mercy and not through the cross.

For Jesus, those showing mercy would find themselves sharing an exalted place in the kingdom. On this count, his teachings differ from the approach taken by the Pharisees. This becomes evident in the judgment scene of Matthew 25. In this narrative, the king identifies with the underclass—something that the Pharisees could not have imagined. Additionally in Jesus’ story, the king actually rewards those who selflessly showered mercy on the hungry, naked, sick, and imprisoned. Mercy shown to society’s lowest classes amounted to mercy shown to the king. Subsequently, the king would return this mercy by elevating the generous to special status in the kingdom. In this way, the merciful would be blessed by receiving mercy.[emphasis mine]The Beatitudes: An Eschatological Manifesto, Part 6 by Kevin A. Beck, Chief Operating Officer of Presence International, May 21, 2008

In case we have any doubt what he is really saying the author Kevin A. Beck of goes on to state that enemies of the gospel are not excluded from Salvation but are more or less sanctified by the mercy we show them.

God bestowed mercy to the believing community in their belief through Christ. But this didn’t leave everyone else without mercy. In Romans 11:26, Paul affirms his foundational belief that “all Israel will be saved. In 11:28 he clearly includes “enemies of the gospel” as participants in all Israel’s salvation.

So by the time he writes 11:31, Paul emphasizes that the enemies of the gospel would receive God’s mercy through the believing body of Christ. “So they [the enemies of the gospel] have now been disobedient in order that, by the mercy shown to you, they too may now* receive mercy.”…. Paul echoes Jesus by affirming that the merciful would obtain mercy not simply for themselves but so “that God may be merciful to all.” The Beatitudes: An Eschatological Manifesto, Part 6 by Kevin A. Beck, Chief Operating Officer of Presence International, May 21, 2008


Be not deceived, Jesus told us that “unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3). Only through rebirth into Christ can true transformation occur. If transformation does not come through the cross of Christ and the Blood of Jesus, it is not true transformation. The “transformation” that the presence movement and the USAA are pushing is nothing more than raw Dominionism. They wish to transform culture, societies, government and the global marketplace through a strategic system of networking under presiding apostles. However, the Bible teaches that Jesus will set up his physical Kingdom after he defeats His enemies at the battle of Armageddon. The “kingdom” the presence movement and those in the NAR are referring to is definitely not the Kingdom of God. Their goal is to unite the world under another gospel and another Christ. There is only one “world” or “global” church mentioned in scripture and it is not God’s.


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