Teeth Whitening and the Holy Ghost Transportation System

Joshua Mills, one of the “new mystics” expounds on some of the latest “sign and wonders” manifest in their apostate meetings. Notice that their god does not seem the least bit interested in the deeper issues of repentance and holiness but is concerned with how white his followers teeth are. He goes on to discuss “divine” translation and transportation and says that he believes some of those watching the video will be suddenly transported to the nations and to the third heaven. Folks, this is astral projection and it is NOT from God. 



  1. says

    Spooky. I sensed a demon covering him as I watched the video. Then as I continued to watch, and as I heard him prophecy that some listening would also be filled and transported into the third heaven, I sensed/felt a demon trying to come out of the TV screen to attack me. It could not touch me, for I had not been taken in by its lies, and so I quickly cast it out in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I pray that others listening to this video clip, will also keep their guard up and remain protected from such an attack!

  2. Lynn Cole says

    Happy to have found your website dedicated to exposing these “deeds of darkness” as its says in God word. I have stayed away from church because of all of the silliness and deception, but have longed for a place where the simple Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is taught. I really had no idea how prevalent it remains in the church, and is actually on the rise! It is a particularly American deception as the culture of greed and self centeredness is ripe for such heresy. However if I look at my Bible it is all there, and has always been. I have been watching David Hogan on yo tube. I was checking out Bethel Church in Redding with Bill Johnson, and saw him “preach” once and became fascinated by this pawn of the devil, and wanted to see what really sucks people in. He uses many similar tactics, devise’s that the so called mediums and spiritualists who claim to talk to the devil or read minds. He of course peppers everything he says with Jesus this and Jesus that, which again is pretty much always used in false doctrines to give some credibility and bring the truth seeker in. Then there are the distractions, pretending to be interested in what’s going on around him. Stopping to tease someone here and there, picking things up from the floor etc. Its all I, I , I, Our work, Our ministry etc. Anyway, its sickening to watch him pompously prance around but again fascinating to watch how its done! My conclusion in part, is that he appeals to what the devil knows so well, our pride, our rebellion, our desire for power (regardless of whose it is!) and also the desire of real truth seekers to live the real deal! The real deal is Jesus, the real deal is surrender to God, his will, being filled with who he is not what he can do for us, seeking to be a brick layer loving people the way he loves them. No shouting, no screaming, no laughing hysterically, falling down “drunk.” Repeating words over and over and over again in mantra style. No “Conjuring and Coercing” My litmus test is the mark of true Humility on a man or woman. God says clearly in his word that he resists the proud, so if this is lacking, God is not apart of it plain and simple. Thanks again for this forum!!

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