Adrift In the River of God


I do not recall exactly how it started or when the decisive moment was. I do not know how I got to the point of being so deeply entrenched in apostasy and deception. I cannot definitively point to one moment and declare it was the one in which the deception began and my destructive course was charted. I simply do not know. What I do know is that I was convinced. I was convinced … [Read more...]

The New Apostolic Reformation, Adam-Kadmon, and DNA


It is important to realize that the heretical Dominionist doctrine is now embraced by an increasing number of apostate ministries and that it is straight from the occult. From the very seeds of civilization, Gnostic sects and keepers of secret esoteric doctrines have spoken of humankind evolving into a God-like being. The Kabbalah calls this being the Adam Kadmon, or “God-Man”. … [Read more...]

Taking Dominion- Do We Really Want God’s Kingdom Now?

Taking Dominion

“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross” Sinclair Lewis There is no doubt that the evangelical and political landscape in this country has been radically transformed by a theological shift that began in the 1960’s.  The compelling force behind the shift was Christian Reconstructionism, also known as Dominionism, or “Kingdom Now” … [Read more...]

Lost Notes from MorningStar


About a year ago, while cleaning out some old boxes of books, I happened to stumble upon a notebook I had kept during my sojourn at MorningStar. I had forgotten about it.  I flipped through the pages and a rush of memories flooded back. While the book contained notes taken from various meetings, the ones taken on the eve of the new millennium were of particular interest. … [Read more...]