Duplicity and the Nature of Evil

Pious Duplicity

Throughout my Christian journey, God in His wisdom, has placed me in circumstances in which I have witnessed first hand the duplicitous behavior of seemingly Christian ministers. While this has undoubtedly caused a great deal of turmoil, confusion, and emotional pain, it has also taught me the importance of true discernment, and led me to an understanding of the true nature of … [Read more...]

Rich Vermillion: When Wolves Remove Their Clothes


There are many wolves at large today, prowling around with their “sheep’s clothing” draped across their furry shoulders, looking for any unsuspecting prey which they can devour for their own self-serving agendas. One even contacted me today, and tried to deceive me into advertising his alleged “ministry” for him on my websites, using a false confrontation about Kenneth Copeland … [Read more...]

Rich Vermillion: Judging Prophecy Correctly


There is too much confusion in the Body of Christ with regard to how to properly judge prophecies and prophets today. Some do not bother to judge them at all, and just swallow whatever is fed to them by even false prophets—complete with the proverbial “hook, line, and sinker.” Others are trying to use good discernment in order to avoid heresy and being led astray, but are using … [Read more...]

Bad Shepherds

Bad Shepherds

Recently, I read a passage of scripture in Jeremiah and was immediately stuck by how accurately the verses portrayed the characteristics of the apostate shepherds, teachers, and prophets, so prevalent in the church today. It drove me to pull out other scriptures to see if I could get an overall picture of what GOD considers to be a bad (or false)shepherd. I should not have … [Read more...]