Jimmy Swaggart Printing Scandal


What if I told you that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, a registered registered non-profit organization had used its MINISTRY print shop to print CD covers for Hip-Hop Bands and area night clubs using non-profit equipment and employees? They called this side of the business StarCom, but it still operated under the non-profit umbrella of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. StarCom's … [Read more...]

O Brother


This article was taken word for word from the December 1986 edition of Spin Magazine (pgs 59-66).  It was authored by Michelle Mayron. Jimmy Lee Swaggart, possessed and mesmerizing prophet of the airwaves, attacks sin everywhere but at home. Our expose shows why people in glass churches shouldn’t throw Stones. I have had reporter unto reporter ask me, “What are you … [Read more...]

Donnie Swaggart- Promoting the Dominionist Agenda


I find it interesting that while the Swaggarts are so aggressively vocal in their disapproval of the Dominionist Agenda, Donnie Swaggart was recently in Australia actively PROMOTING it. The following was pulled by a post by Watchman1948 entitled Swaggarts – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing posted on June 6, 2011. The article can be found here Donnie Swaggart was guest speaker … [Read more...]

Ex-Employees Speak out on Swaggart


The article originally appeared in the Advocate.  As I have said before, when it comes to JSM there truley is nothing new under the sun. Author(s): ANGELA SIMONEAUX Date: April 12, 1988 Two former employees painted a grim picture Monday of the work atmosphere at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries -- a place where opinionated people must hide in empty rooms to talk, pass notes to … [Read more...]