Patricia King’s Entrepreneurial Anointing

It just seems to get stranger and stranger with this woman. Patricia King, the same woman who brought us mortuary outreaches and the Holy Ghost transportation system brings us the “entrepreneurial anointing”. How does she know this for sure? She has a “witness in her spirit” and “it has whole lotta oil on it”. This of course, is so we can possess one of the seven mountans. Dominionists such as Patricia King believe that if we are to impact any nation for Jesus Christ, then we will have to affect and “reclaim” the seven spheres, or mountains of society; business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion.

These Dominionists believe that Jesus will not come back until they have dominated and sudued the nations. The way this take-over will be accomplished is through “christians” gaining control of the seven societal mountins. Once these have been “reclaimed for Christ”, a theocracy will be instituted which will be governed and overseen by these so- called apostles.

The Word of God clearly teaches that it will NOT be the true remnant who rules and reigns on earth prior to Christ’s return but a harlot church who is literally in bed with the one world system.


  1. Joey says

    this man Allen Watt coins a term its called ” conology” ;but I am not judging -1John 3:16-23 . Andrew M. lobaczewski wrote one called “political ponerology”

  2. Bobster says

    “God’s going to release you to become an entrepreneur…I’m going to pray for you. Now, I have some resources to make available….”

    ie I’ll tell you you can have a great business, tell you that you need money to start one, and oh wait – I’ve got a book that tells you how you can make money!!

    $$$$$ – why doesn’t she just leave it at “I’ll pray for you”?

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