Patricia King -Encouraging Ekstasis Trance Dancing

Today’s church is becoming a modern New Age Supermarket where pleasurable and hedonistic “god experiences” are handed out like fresh fruit. We must examine the fruit they say- it is fine as long as the fruit is good. Well, yes I agree the fruit is good. If Sin were not pleasurable it would not tempt us. It is good to look at, it isgood to hold, but should you be unfortunate enough to eat this New Age fruit- it will kill you.

Doling out more than her share of this mysterious new fruit is Patricia King of Extreme Prophetic. Patricia King admits to being in both the occult and New Age prior to coming to Christ. Her teachings are blatantly New Age and she openly refers to herself as a “New Mystic.” Her most recent dalliance into neo-paganism comes with her promotion of “Ekstasis,” a form of trance dancing. Her itinerant pastor who doubles as a travelling DJ calls the show “Club Mysterio.” (See video examples at the end of page)

Ekstasis (Ecstasy) is from the Ancient Greek, έκ-στασις (ex-stasis), means to stand outside of oneself or to be removed to somewhere else. Ekstasis worship or trance dancing is known to every pagan culture and is meant to bring the participant to a level of excitement called ecstasy. Trance Dance is a “healing tool” with its roots in many ancient cultures. It is practiced by Shaman.
Listen to how one New Age writer defines and describes the ecstatic form of dancing.
“The purpose of a trance dance is essentially to bring you to a place in the sacred zone where the spirits can reach you…In trance dance, the rhythms and movements combine with the music to create an altered state of consciousness that allows entry into the sacred realm…Allowing the body, and parts of the body, to move to and express rhythms it finds engaging in the moment leads to this meditative state of mind and allows entry into a deeper mythic reality.” Adapted from Circle of Shaman, by Karen Berggren (Inner Traditions, 1998).
Now let’s listen as Patricia King describes trance dancing or “Ekstasis” on her website Extreme Prophetic.

“DJ Caleb Club Mysterio combines ekstasis worship, beats, electronic musical expressions, dance, prayer and a powerful prophetic flow to create a Christian rave experience. Club Mysterio is not a Night Club, it is a Light Club! This new expression of abandoned worship allows you to put feet to your faith as you dance and flow, pressing into the presence of God and experiencing the deep mysteriesof intimacy with the Lord…the One who is truly worth raving about!” Interestingly enough, I also was able to dig up a mail-out flyer from 2007 in which Patricia King invites participants to “Come bring in the New Year at the ultimate party in the secret place. Enter into the glory realm through the hypnotic sounds of Ekstasis music and the powerful sounds of drum and bass and deep house presented by our electronic music master DJ Caleb. (

In stumbling across the website Ekstasis Dance ( I was overwhelmed at the striking and non- coincidental similarities between it and Patricia King’s Club Mysterio. This website is written from a Paganistic New Age perspective and is based in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, where Patricia is from. Listen to how they describe this type of dance.
Ekstasis is a Greek word for moving beyond oneself. Since time began we as humans have realized our ability to have sensations that transcend our mundane experience – to experience a journey to enhanced states of consciousness, and find freedom from the perceived constraints of time and space…… It is a chance to reclaim our shamanic heritage of healing through transformational, cathartic experiences. To dance our way into a trance, where we move beyond ourselves to connect with the divine source and bring back the vision of a fuller, more potent existence.” (
It is a well established fact that many of the eastern and esoteric religions employ the techniques of trance dancing. The hypnotic sounds and movements elevate dancers into ecstatic, altered states of consciousness. It is while they are in these altered states of consciousness that they are most open to suggestion, mind control, seduction by deceiving spirits, and spontaneous Kundalini awakenings. However do not be deceived there is no such thing as “Christian” trance dancing.
Don’t eat this fruit no matter how enticing. It is poison.
First – here is an example of “Christian” version of “Ekstasis” or trance dancing HERE


  1. Jaeson says

    What the hell?!!!! This is way out there whack-job demon-level. Next thing you know they will be passing out drugs and it will turn into an EDM concert.


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