Monsanto and Jimmy Swaggart Ministries – An Allegorical Parallel

Monsanto compared to Jimmy SwaggartThe following is a brief article by Eric Rostern formerly of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Media Church. It was originally given to me in a face book conversation and is used here by permission.

I don’t know how many people know about Monsanto (I learned quite a lot through a particular documentary). They are in the process of “owning” all the basic building-block plants that compose the greatest part of food in the world. Of course it is being accomplished through genetic engineering.

(Link to YouTube documentary)

Monsanto plans to own the world’s seeds so that nothing other than their brand of seed will be allowed to grow. They are achieving this via Roundup formulations, cross-pollination, contamination and takeover.

People have committed suicide, gotten deathly sick, and had terrible problems through Roundup application in underdeveloped nations. The stuff contains ingredients used in Agent Orange and is severely toxic.

Here is an interesting—and I personally believe accurate—allegorical parallel I have drawn between the seed-genetics giant called Monsanto and the once spiritual-giant called Jimmy Swaggart Ministries:

JSM claims very boldly and arrogantly that they have the “original formula” and no one else has had it (to their knowledge), since it was preached by the Apostle Paul.

JSM is raking in the money through people coming to “buy” from them “the original seed.”

JSM is attempting to create a monopoly on the Gospel.

Monsanto is attempting to create a monopoly on plant life.

Monsanto uses all forms of deception to deceive and divert agencies, courts, investigative individuals away in order to protect their investment in crimes-against-humanity.

JSM uses the same exact tactics and for the same reasons.

Monsanto is very much tied in with the elite in this Nation.

JSM is also very much tied in with the elite.

Monsanto is able to use its very rich financial backing and political and corporate interests to protect itself from “compromise” of its underlying goal and motive with plant life.

JSM is able to use its very rich financial backing and religio-political and elite-connections to protect itself from “compromise” of its underlying goal and motive with the Gospel. JSM is not at odds with the world elite concerning the Gospel, they are cooperating with them!

Due to their monopoly on plant life, people must “come to eat” from Monsanto. In the process they are getting sick and dying.

Likewise, people must come to JSM to get their spiritual food due to their perceived monopoly on the original formula. Because of this they are spiritually getting sick and dying.

It is not only Monsanto as a company who is engaged in the propaganda machine to protect themselves and their investment at all costs. It is also their product because the seeds themselves perform a clandestine takeover of what is considered natural and heirloom.

JSM is not only personally engaged in producing their own propaganda, but the “product” they produce has within itself the mechanism to take over what is Biblical and heirloom, without the need of any JSM representative being personally involved at the consumption level.

There are subtle differences between the plant appearance of Monsanto’s plants and heirloom plants, but without proper discernment, people would not be able to tell. The eventual result of consumption is death.  It is no different with JSM.

If you unbuckle the belt of truth the breastplate of righteousness falls to the ground. One can hold truth without righteousness, but one cannot have Biblical righteousness without Biblical truth.

It looks like the same thing, but it is not. At the genetic level, it is manipulated. It is very minutely different, but the results are death.

So there is your multinational corporate conglomeration giant. And there is your international self-propagating conglomerate ministry.

Monsanto has, in a short amount of time, bought-out over 50 seed companies all over the world and believes it is going to own the “original formula” before long. What does that sound like to you-SBN?

Monsanto has sent out their corporate employee’s as “investigative researchers” to threaten farmers who were turned-in by their snoopy neighbors to Monsanto for perceived seed-use policy violations. As a result, Monsanto has applied pressure from lawyers and their own corporate weights to shut them up. They make their lives a Hell on earth, and try to destroy these farmers when they suspect they were not abiding by the fine-print of their proprietary seed-use policies.

Sounds pretty much like JSM. I personally have verbal proof of that very activity occurring in Latin America. Thank God the sewers of the heirloom Gospel saw the deception and threw them out.

It’s very interesting how Monsanto is messing with plant “seed”, considering the global elite are messing with human DNA, and JSM is messing with Gospel DNA.

Monsanto and JSM are both creating their own monopoly on the “original formula”, one with physical food and the other with spiritual food.

God created and owns the original formula, not only for plant life and human life, but also for the Bible. Man is never satisfied with what God wrote, always trying to change the written code and take personal ownership of something that does not belong him.

If it is not truth, it is not truth; it does not matter how much money is behind it, how much power it has, how much influence it has gathered, how quickly it has grown, how popular or accepted it is, how many men propagated it, how it cloaks itself in pseudo humility, how long it has existed, how many Scriptures are quoted in support, how good it makes people feel, how emotional the preacher or congregation is. If it is not truth, it is not truth. If it is not truth, there is no righteousness.

Revelation 22:18-19 (KJV) For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: (19) And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book


  1. bobbystuff says

    Swaggard is another TV preacher that takes in millions of dollars promoting a false gospel, he said the other day his air time cost him over a million dollars a month. All these tv preachers are making money using the most powerful name in the universe Jesus.Swaggart is not qualified as a preacher according to scripture do to his sex misconduct years ago but that doesn’t matter to him he bounced back stronger like jim bakker.with more followers than before.
    He seems so mean when he preaches like a bully and know it all as he continues to jerk his neck around now has Donnie doing the same neck jerk like so many pentlecostals.
    When will people stop giving to these self proclaimed false teachers and there deceptive teaching.
    When I was teaching bible studies in several prisons I was very careful to teach scripture only ,for if I taught a man made gosple I knew I would be judged someday by the Lord Himself which kept me in check.
    I seen hundreds of inmates receive Jesus simple salvation message witth changed hearts,remorse, and knowing they are forgived and I seen a few that there lives really changed for the better.
    Never did any inmate ever fall backwards,yell in tongues,act insane,act stupid,make animal noise,or roll on the floor,only seen this type of stuff in the local churches and the TV preachers seems like just stupid emotions

    • denny says

      Bobby, I assure you that speaking in tongues is biblical, and takes place in anyone whom has been baptised in Holy Ghost . I myself have for many years. I’m 65 now was baptised in Holy Ghost. at age 20. My dad was a Pastor in Church of God. All Holiness believing Churchs has as one of their fundamental articles of Faith, that being Baptised in Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues is a very important and nessesary part of a believers life. I’m from NC myself, and have never met Jimmy Swaggert but do enjoy his ministries on TV. If you take the time to study Acts, really study it you’ll find speaking in tongues as the spirit of the Holy Ghost gives the utterance is completely Bibical and fore told back in Old Testament in the book of Joel, that it would happen. Paul himself said he spoke in tongues MORE than all the rest. Now don’t misunderstand, satan has a counterfiet also. The way you tell the difference is by a sanctified life. Meaning a Holy set apart life for Christ. I agree lots of and. most ministers do it for the almighty dollar, but NOT ALL. The Holy Ghost is what gives the Power to live for Christ. It doesn’t come by just getting saved or becoming a believer! It’s another gift of Grace given by Christ. It also gives the Power to heal and work mighty works of God. It’s the Power that resurrects us at the Rapture or catching up that Paul speaks of!

  2. Lee says

    I agree totally BobbyStuff: Jesus has been reduced to the level of a mascot while the crowd is lead by cheerleaders and a smooth talking announcer.

    I went to one of Swaggarts shows, I mean, rallies back in the day in Stockton, Cal. He played his piano while a tape recording was playing along. It was more like a show than a place of worship.
    Even back then I sensed that it was just an act. The church and the ministries are full of devils running amok.

  3. bobbystuff says

    My first question to you is do you really speak in tongues? like Geek, Arabic,Hebrew, or Italian which was the common laugage of that ttime in Israel that the many people heard and accepted Jesus or do you babble like so many do? Would you bring an important guess to your church to hear people screem this nonsense,give false hope,roll on the floor etc, this is nothing more but pure man made emotions that wears off quickly.
    I think I got saved in a Pentlecostal church or at least they scared the Hell out of me for awhile, at thirteen I was confused with all the yelling,loud organ music,animal noises,people running all over the place,barking like dogs teaching Fire And Brimstone,people getting saved every week due to the fear preached,and special $100-$50-$25 prayer lines yes they actually charged me for prayers My arms were infected from a burn accident thats why a friend took me there in the first place they said I had to have faith .
    Jack Coe another tent preacher came to the Washington DC area in 1954 he claimed healings thousands came for healings including me I even went to a special healing line,guess what no healings of anykind. Jack died of polio several years later,so my question to you is this the type of stuff your defending? perhaps your wrong about Swaggard and his stupid teaching or how you were raised.
    I do agree that there is a prayer langage both me and my wife use it sometimes in private prayer but I don’t go to the roof top and yell it like a fool!
    In the end it really is about our personal relationship with Jesus no matter how much man made stuff has crepted into our lives over the years!

    • John says


      It is by no means my intent to argue with you. If you have a relationship with The Lord Jesus then you and I are brothers that will eternally live with Christ. Christ shed his blood for you and I and his children are precious in His sight. This is why doctrinal division is so grieving. People are so tired of it. I am a Pentecostal and I assure you that true Pentecost has nothing to do with the foolishness that you mentioned above, that is a reproach, that is teaching things they ought not for filthy lucre sake. It is an abomination and I’m so sorry that charlatans pervert the Pentecostal message. Most classical Pentecostals believe that the initial evidence that one has been baptized in the Holy Spirit is that you will speak with other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. Acts 2:4, 10:44-46; 19:1-7. However many make so much of tongues that the importance of a Godly spirit filled life is ignored. While we believe speaking in tongues in the initial evidence any true biblical Pentecostal believer knows that the proof of living a spirit filled life is to submit to the Holy Spirit and Gods word and live a life that exhibits the fruits of the Spirit. Galatians 5. I do not be
      I’ve that one has to speak in tongues to live a Godly life, I do believe that the baptism with the spirit is a great blessing and leads to a life of greater sensitivity and love for Christ. Again many have had an experience of speaking in tongues and end up living like the devil( fruits of carnality, divisiveness, coldness, unloving behavior) and all I can say is their fruit speaks for itself and whatever they are claiming is no more than a shallow boast because their life does not line up with Gods word. This is a deep and vast subject and it is by no means my intention to persuade you to my beliefs. However it is my intention to show you that true Pentecostals are loving and Christlike Christians that love our brothers and sisters in Christ even of they reject our belief of the Pentecostal experience.

  4. Wayne Crofford says

    Good morning Eric: Good article. My questions is; you make a compelling argument comparing JSM with Monsanto, however all I read is your opinion with no collaborating – where is the evidence of your claims? Not that I don’t disagree just where is the evidence to back up your claims?

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