Mike Siegel Interview with Mishel

In the following radio interview with Mike Siegel, Mishel gives an eyewitness account of the duplicitous nature of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

Dr. Mike Siegel is one of the nation’s foremost experts in media and communication. He is an attorney and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, with a PhD in Rhetoric and Communications.

November 9th 2012…PART ONE

November 9th 2012…PART TWO

November 16th 2012…PART THREE



  1. says

    My wife and I heard this interview LIVE as it aired, and we were both impressed and flabbergasted at the same time. We were impressed with the level of evidence that both Mishel McCumber AND the host brought forth to expose the evil that hides under the “holy masks” worn by Jimmy Swaggart (Ahab) and his wife, Francis (Jezebel). However, we were SHOCKED at the details themselves!

    If you want to know how “wolves in sheep’s clothing” operate and deceive people for their own financial gain (see Matthew 7:13-23), then THIS program is a “must listen.” However, be prepared to be angered and sickened by the hypocrisy that is exposed…but then again, better that than to be deceived by such nefarious people.

    Hear, research, pray, and be forewarned.

    Always in Jesus,

    -Rev. Rich Vermillion

  2. says

    A real eye opener! Listened to both parts of the interview, Mishell is brave to speak up about what happened to her and what she witnessed while working at JSM. No one should send money to JSM because Jimmy + Francis are living like millionaires– and spend more time asking for donations than they do preaching the Word. I am forwarding a link to a friend who fiercely defends JSM and also sends a portion of his paycheck to them. I pray that he will listen to this important interview!

  3. John Dixon says

    Jimmy Swaggart is indeed a manipulator and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He even teaches that Satan has the ability to force the will of a Christian thereby causing that Christian to sin. I am looking forward to your next interview with Mike.

  4. tkbreads says

    So.. all of these ‘interviews’ current? Have never seen in the last 18 mo. a Bible sold on Biblethon for $80. Some are as little as $20. Enough “well I can’t say for sure’ supposition… I tuned off. For someone who said it was a very tight organization in the beginning… how could you come off with such stunning details? Tabloid material….

    • Mishel says

      First of all, what you said is a lie. I suggest you check their OWN webiste. The regular Expositor’s Study Bible lists for $130.00. Of course they never sell it at list price because they want to fool people into thinking they are getting a deal. The LEAST they EVER sell this Bible for is $50.00 and the USUAL selling price is $80.00. THAT is a FACT. They have NEVER sold the regular Expositor’s Bible for $20.00- not ever.

      Secondly, there was no “well I can’t say for sure” supposition. Many of these “stunning details” are available through archived news and through interviews with former employees. The balance of the “stunning details” are from personal experience and from former employees who have contacted me personally. I implore you to take your head out of the sand and do your own research.

      • says

        I would find you very believeable IF you would post the letter from the swaggarts threatening a lawsuit IF you continued to “expose” them for the crooks you say they are. In the interview you say you are going to scan the letter and post it to your website. I do not find it. Is it on your website. If not,why not? The video doesn’t really prove anything or the invoice . The invoice could have been created by you. I am just looking at this as if I were on a jury and had to be convienced by the evidence you have on the website and your word.

  5. Joe says

    Read the KJV, pray to JESUS, and don’t listen to preachers in the “church”. True preachers of the true Gospel are preaching it to the thousands at mass events out in the public open air style! Support preachers like that, not ones living in million dollar homes and complicate the Gospel with many long worded conversations. Repent and Believe the Gospel, Mark 1:15

  6. John says

    Very interesting. Again this type of thing actually saddens me. Anger is my initial reaction concerning JSM. I am we’ll acquainted with their ways and their followers. But I’m very disturbed by many of the good people who really do love The Lord that are caught up in their mess.

  7. LA Goodridge says

    As disappointed as it is hearing about JSM and all the corruption, I’m thankfull to you for having the courage to uncover it. I am a devout Christian and find it shocking to see that someone could live such a deceitful life, all in “the name of the Lord”. How do they sleep at night? I suppose you’d have to be a proficient con artist and not a Christian at all, to do so. Keep doing what you do, we need people who aren’t afraid to stand for the truth no matter the cost.

  8. JACQUE says

    Hi—I was at JSM –I believe in 1986 at a youth convention. we were housed in dorms,had breakfast–fasted lunch–had dinner. it was three days. i drove from Minnesota as I was a youth leader at my church. Something was wrong when I was there..later when Swaggert was caught/exposed..I knew then. I felt a sexual sin sitting in the belcony…service after service. I even found myself crying later in the dorm. There is more to this,but I was greatly sadden…but then when the Assemblies of God tried to help him…he refused. I really thought he had become honest….until I heard your interview. So sad…but we must hear the truth…thank you so much for being bold..and not folding as so many christians are doing. The NAR—that is taking over churches here in Florida and this is very close to me…family and friends. Do you have anything more updating this deceptive group????

  9. tabitha says

    Okay maybe the fiancial stuff mihjt be true but takimg a word from a person who is mad upset at swaggart isnt good. Not saying swaggart is innomcent but look, even the devil can quote scripture and if wanted to which i know how to do i.could throw u under the bus and rumors on you n make them believable. Most what u have is heresay and u dont know this man. And how do u know that these pple in or from his ministry are telling the truth? Theres two sides to every story. I do know that eventhough swaggart name on things n he active in church hes turned alot over to his son n grandson n started to after the fall. Any media can stretch and make up stuff. Anyone can add and edit stuff. Anyone with common sense knows media very seldom tell truth.

    Yes u have interesting info.but to.swear on it is stupidity. Why u have so much anger n hatred against.his ministry? Why not hagge, binny hinn, td jakes etc……?
    Yes bible says watch n pray but does not say destroy someone. If u so christian n religious u should know that. So what u quote scripture so do devil, so what u show me scripture on stuff so.can i show scripture to rebuke or discredit you. Do u see what im getting at? Who know this mans heart but god. Have u looked in mirror? U perfect? Its easy to talk n spread gossip on someone then to look into the mirror. The time u spent trying to ruin or discredit this man or ministry u could use in ur closet with god. Id like to see u brinh light on others n research other tv ministers and their sins since u good at that.
    Besides when u get saved dont god blot ur sins? Forget? As well as forgive.
    Since u so religious n blameless n have chip on shoulder
    How,many times we are to forgive? U must be green grass baptist. That is one whos refered to once in grass always in grass or also once saved always saved. Bible talks about falling and comming back. Do u really believe in jesus? Did u forget bout adulterous woman at the well? What did he tell her? How about hosea and his wife? The supository bible he has is not a basic bible nor to be used as one alone. Its a bible study bible. And i watch sbn over lack of blood n salvation teachings of tbn. I never seen bible that much as u claim. Maybe 50_80 something but so what! Compare to some in christian book store. Not every christian book or bible gonna be correct.
    I also listen to swaggart becouse they use kjv bible. Others take out and add to bible n claim mary was certain age etc…. Another bad thing is lack of the blood or as swaggart says the cross. Cross pertain to.christ dying n shed blood. He teaches salvation n like paul says to be santified daily. We got get flesh under control daily as in lust, profanity, lies, any sin. We human n not pwrfect thats why we got repent everyday. But for example u go out n drink or sgripclub etc then say god forgive me next nigjt do same thing and repeat every night god knows ur not sorry n draws line. Its scripture in bible.
    Fact is many will try but few will enter
    Bible doesnt talk about certain religion or domoniation. It do say its free for all and if u believe hes god and died on cross u can be saved. I know catholics n others in end when martial law when obama or however prwsident at time activate it u.cant buy nor sell without rifd chip. Just like rest communist country under martial law they will have one religion one.gov etc… Under obama it will be islam. What happens u domt denounce god? In other countries they bang ur door down at 3_4am n ask u to rape women or kids. Tell u denounce god or cut kids fingers. What u gonna do? U have stand firm. Ull see the child other side. Even if u denounce save kid very seldom u free they shoot u anyway n raise kid like them.
    Now u gotta have alot to stand.
    I do disagree on swagart a lil on rapture or whatever. Bible says transition which means same tjing. 1transition is only for those who god finda worthy. Thats the one pple want be in. However if u need be teated or he not sure how u feel about him so to speak, you will endure some preaecution n tribulation and bible says like man has never seen. Worse than holocost, worse than crucifixation. Then adter u have endured some then all gods people will go in second transition. Then if u dont go u will be left behind. Swagarts believe like we do about going thru some things but alot even tbn forgets matthew 25 or 24.
    When u get heaven ud be suprised who there n not there. Its wrong preach someone into heaven. Only god knows their thoughts n heart in the end.
    So… When are u gonna post about others? Fema trains n fema camps etc? Want share info to help christians theres a start.
    Honeatly tho tread sofetly what u doing here. God knows their heart not u and he knows everything.
    I feel sorry for people who invest n tv preachers or follow after them n take word for gospel instead get into word themselves . Sadly swaggart no different then alot and majority including old time pentecostal holinesa.churchea like i in. Sin is in alot pulpits n in all churches.

    U might fimd this interesting. When swaggart fell, tbn disowned him while they let snoopdog on who claims to be preacher as well as mc hamer. Yes i for real. Donnie was still apart until tbn started getting more liberal n not sticking to bible n straying from it. They also having more n more so claimed famous pple who claim be preachers who sin n past worse than swaggart. Imp van ministries as well as donnie swaggart n few others left tbn due to their ways. Sbn is just as big as tbn n for years tried block swaggart from satallite to other countries but swaggart got thru by other media and eventually got his own satallite. Reason why only his ministry on there is unlike tbn ownera if he doeant agree nor beleieve he wont lwt them on.
    Many have tried to put this man down damage him n disxredit hom n presexute n blame tey to stop n prevent him but he keep going strong in overcome all of it. Now recently him n grandson was back in ny doing a revival in ny at stadium. My guesa breaking grandson in. Just watch it all will go majority to grandson. He on fire n really has burdan n sooo different n more consertative then dad or grand dad.
    God blessing him n having hom reach nations n cornera of earth. Of its not of god he wouldve fell n stayed ruined. He not ruined as many hope eap since grandson on the scene.
    He leases budings. Who to say that.green car w hiphop atuff was for him? He rents parking alao. Just,becouse someone no longer there n has smack n sirt doeant mean it true. Just saying

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