Lost Notes from MorningStar

MorningStarAbout a year ago, while cleaning out some old boxes of books, I happened to stumble upon a notebook I had kept during my sojourn at MorningStar. I had forgotten about it.  I flipped through the pages and a rush of memories flooded back. While the book contained notes taken from various meetings, the ones taken on the eve of the new millennium were of particular interest. Finding the notes had been like opening a time capsule. I had stood, reading with rapt attention before filing them away and forgetting them again. I had been unwilling and unprepared at that time to deal with painful realization of the apostasy I had been entrenched in. I had put the book out of my mind until today when a Facebook conversation stirred its remembrance and compelled me to find it once again.

I feel that it is important that I make these notes available publicly in order to bear witness to what took place. While the notebook contained many notes from various meetings, this article concerns itself only with those that took place Dec 29-31, 1999, immediately prior to the new millennium. I may release the balance of these notes at a later time should I feel that the need.

The meetings referred to in these particular notes took place at Morningstar’s Tape of the Month Conference in Wilkesboro, North Carolina,  at a long abandoned honkey-tonk beer joint called Jubilee Junction. The ministry had rented the run down bar for their Wilkesboro Church and these meetings were some of the last MorningStar meetings I ever attended. Even then, the questions and doubts I had about the legitimacy of this ministry were quickly mounting.

I will start with the meetings in order of their occurrence and try to outline the points as I recorded them. There most certainly were things said in these meeting that I did not write down, however I have not added to what was said other than to add my own observations and commentary in places.

The Lost Notes

Taken on the Evening of December 29th, 1999

The first thing that drew my attention in these notes was a reference to Jimmy Swaggart. Having worked for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for three years I can attest first hand to the astounding level of error and hypocrisy there. However, according to Rick Joyner, as quoted on Dec 29th, 1999:

“One of the gates of Hell- pornography, started with the unrighteous judgment of Jimmy Swaggart.”

I think Joyner might need a history lesson. Pornographic film production started soon after the invention of the motion picture in 1895. After being rendered illegal, they were produced underground in the United States and France and finally legalized by Denmark in 1969. THAT, is what led to the explosion of pornography in our country, NOT Jimmy Swaggart. Pornography was alive and doing well in America long before Swaggart’s indiscretions.

After the Swaggart comment, Rick Joyner went on to state:

“God has given America more time because of the Million Man March.”

“There will be bad times much worse than previously thought but also more Glory.”

“In the second temple, the Glory was greater than in the first – it was built out of burnt stones- unless you have been burned you don’t qualify.”

Joyner then talked about the fact that building codes have been lowered over the years and that the best houses now, are not as good as the poor houses were twenty years ago.

“It is a big mistake to not make buildings to last for the future; we will be ruling over people here on earth so build to last, and lay a foundation.” Rick Joyner

Joyner went from the discussion above to a discussion of the five tests that the righteous would have to pass:

Exodus 16:4 The Manna was a test to see if they would walk in his instruction- will we gather fresh bread everyday?

Moses on the Mountain- are we going to have someone else hear for us or are we going to hear for ourselves?

Test of War- before and after they entered the promise land there was conflict – it tests our nature- peacemaker versus conflict. If we don’t like to fight then we don’t love the Truth. Do you want stallions or geldings? If you want stallions then you are going to have fights. They are territorial but at least they can reproduce.

Putting trust in People- David got in trouble because he numbered the people.

Sabbath Rest

It is interesting that he made a point of emphasizing that the year 2000 was a sabbatical year. He stated that going forward, the ministry would rest every seven years and also stated that in order for Adam to enter fellowship, he had to enter rest. Adam could not have fellowship with God unless he entered the Sabbath rest. Joyner stressed the fact that we must observe the Sabbath.

Please pay careful attention to this emphasis on the Sabbath as we will visit this at the end when I attempt to tie some of this together.

“Test yourself to see if you are still in the faith. Cease striving and know that I am God. Striving is an incredible form of pride.” Rick Joyner

This is a perfect example of what I observed over and over at MorningStar. He urged us to enter into the rest of the Sabbath then mashed two unrelated verses together, using them completely out of context before adding his own untrue comment to really confuse things.

Let’s take these verses one by one and see what the scriptural context really is.

“Examine yourselves, whether you are in the faith; prove your own selves. Know you not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, unless you are counterfeits?” II Corinthians 13:5

“Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

Let me state emphatically that there is a reason for Joyner’s emphasis on Sabbath- keeping. Much of Joyner’s mystical Gnostic, new-age doctrine is based on the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah teaches that the Sabbath is the gateway to Gan Eden or the Garden of Eden. It has a much different meaning to these men that it would to Biblical Christians. Kabbalists believe that the Bible was given to us by the Creator as a tool to assist us in becoming God. I would urge you to do your own study in this regard. I have touched on it briefly here but will attempt to elucidate further in the last section.

Next, Rick described a vision in which he saw a door overlooking the valley. He allegedly received this while standing on his sun porch at his home in Moravian Falls. He gave the scripture reference below.

“After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, “Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this.” Rev. 4:1

Joyner went on to say that there was a door open right then and that we could literally (and he stressed literally) enter into heaven right then. Was Joyner saying that God wanted us to “come up” so He could show us the things that were to take place? Surely this was implied.

“The way the Lord builds his church is He walks through it throwing matches and whatever is left is from God.” Rick Joyner

Actually this is not scripturally accurate. Scripture very plainly says that the wheat and tares grow up together until the end of the age when the tares will be separated and bundled together to burn. God may take us individually into the wilderness for a season to purge the dross however God does not purposely walk through his church with an aim to destroy.

“Being divorced is not a disqualification because God is divorced- anything that disqualifies God from ministry- we have to rethink” Rick Joyner

This is completely inaccurate. Yes, God divorced Israel but he also later made a better covenant which included Israel! God still called Israel his wife. He did not divorce one wife for another, but rather grafted the old and new together into one!

“Christians are about to start enjoying being Christians” Rick Joyner

“One of the reasons Israel went into bondage is because they did not observe the Sabbath – one of the reasons they were carried into Babylon was so the land could observe a Sabbath.” Rick Joyner

Again, we see an emphasis on the Sabbath-keeping. However, in trying to prove a point Joyner shows his astounding lack of basic Biblical knowledge. In II Chronicles 36:14-16, we are told very plainly whyIsrael was carried into captivity.

“They mocked the messengers of God, and despised His words, and misused His prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against His people until there was no remedy.”

God will get the Glory, one way or another. The tribute was not paid to God and God recovered it. The primary reason for their captivity was thus not so the land could rest, but as a punishment for their disobedience. Rick needed to prop up his ridiculous emphasis on Sabbath keeping so that his concern would be biblically motivated.

“This is a Sabbath Year” Rick Joyner

Joyner declared the year 2000 a Sabbatical year and did not hold services at all for the month of January so the ministry could have a sabbatical rest.

Notes Taken on the Evening of December 30th, 1999

This meeting began with Bob Jones saying that there would be many things happening in the body of Christ that year that many would think were sacrilegious.

“This will be the year that we SACK RELIGION.” Bob Jones

He talked about a vision he had received; a vision of a new car prodigy that would get 70 miles to the gallon. It was aerodynamic and had no rear-view mirrors.

“If we are going where we are going, we gotta stop looking back. He wants to put us all in a new vehicle. The resistance against us is about to change. Smooth aerodynamics with the spirit – sailing with the wind. As we sack religion the Lord will change the way we think, understand… Transforming power of the Lord coming to the church. The could of’s, should of’s, would of’s, go in the same sack. Our attitude determines our altitude.” Bob Jones

“For every vision aborted the enemy has to return seven fold. We are ready to transfer to the next level- he is going to fulfill scripture in us tonight.” Bob Jones

“Psalm 24 we need to get hold of this transitory psalm – we have felt a transition in the body since 1948 we are about to see a birthing– there is a sound coming to the body of Christ. He can do in a day what historically has taken 10 years.” Rick Joyner

It is important to actually look at Psalm 24 referenced above. I want you to pay close attention to the fact that he is referencing a Psalm that speaks of the Lord entering his temple as this will be revisited.

This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob. Selah. 7Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. 8Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. 9Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. 10Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.

As I stated earlier, I will revisit this at the end when I attempt to pull some of these seemingly unrelated statements together for you and give you an overall picture of what was really occurring. For now though, let us continue with the notes.

We have had a desert theology- if I just make it through it will be OK it must be God teaching me something- but he is creative enough not to have to drag us through the desert again just to teach us something. Rick Joyner

Biblically speaking, this is not the way God works otherwise Jesus himself would not have been “dragged through the desert”. The desert, or wilderness experience, is a normal and expected occurrence in every true believer’s walk. Those who have been obedient to the death of their flesh have reaped rewards that could not have been gained by any other means. Anyone even causally familiar with the Word of God would know this to be so.

“He is about to do something in Worship that not even David has seen” Rick Joyner

I have been hearing similar “words” like this since at least the late 80’s. This has been spoken over and over, year after year; God is doing a new thing in Worship. The only change I have seen is an incrementally increase in paganism introduced through such abominations as Shamanism and Ekstasis trance dancing.

“There is about to be such a transformation of God’s people and a transfer- I saw transfer trucks God is bringing in a load but he’s hauling stuff outta here that we don’t need.” Bob Jones

“Transfer of anointing to a new generation. God is not going to allow us to manipulate his power” Bob Jones

Let me say something here categorically. God does not transfer anointing from one person to another. Demons on the other hand, are highly transferable.

Scripture condemns the giving of ones anointing to another. Moses was told it was sin to even to mix the oil of one’s anointing in the same measure for another, and anyone who put it on a person not so designated was to be cut off.

The gospel is to be spread through teaching and discipleship NOT the laying on of hands. Certainly there is NO precedent for the transfer of anointing in scripture. Man can not control God and command him where to go! God is the one who imparts the Holy Spirit not man. We do not ever see the Paul and the other apostles transferring the anointing to people or manic manifestations resulting from the laying on of their hands!

“Psalm 24- Governments of the world are about to see who is the King of Glory” Bob Jones

Here again we have a reference to Psalm 24 which we highlighted earlier. Next, the meeting seemed to center around the discussion of bells. This is important to note as well as it will be included in the summary discussion. There is some confusion as to who actually spoke the words about the bells. I can not actually remember and it was not clearly delineated in my notes. I believe it was Bob Jones but can not be certain as he and Rick Joyner were bouncing a running commentary back and forth several times throughout the meeting.

“Factories have been working for months to meet the demand for bells that will be heard tomorrow evening.”

“Bells were used to sound a Death toll- they believed it you rang the bell it would scare the spirits away long enough to get them to heaven.”

“They were used as a Proclamation- on priest’s robes – on horses of war- They would also ring to declare the birth of a king.”

“Shout- let there be a shout tomorrow night – there is symphony of worship that has to be released.”

The discussion of bells was far too involved to have not held some primary purpose. They told us that at midnight the following night we would each have a bell to ring and it would signal the death toll to yesterday and would declare that the captives have been set free.

“In America there will no longer be the dropping of the ball- we will no longer sell out for a celebration” Bob Jones

“God is speaking of three things: Transfiguration, trans-location, and transfer. The mountain of transfiguration will bring trans- location and they are being transferred from death to life.” Bob Jones

It is critical that we understand exactly what Jones was speaking of here for this is a clear cut example of the double speak prevalent at MorningStar. One innocuous, spiritually-sounding meaning is given on the top layer while a more nefarious one known only to higher initiates is hidden underneath. Let’s dissect what he said carefully and examine it piece by piece.

Transfiguration: means a change that glorifies or exalts

Trans-location: refers to a change in part of a chromosome to a different position. It is critical to understand this in order to unlock what is being said.

Gnostic sects and keepers of the Gnostic Kabbalistic dogma have spoken of humankind evolving into a God-like being. The Kabbalah calls this being the Adam Kadmon, or “God Man”. The name “Adam” refers to the entire human race and the term “Kadmon” refers to completion. Thus, Adam Kadmon speaks of a return to our beginning, with all the knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment of the first “Adam”. Those who embrace this doctrine firmly believe we can return to the Garden of Eden by becoming the Adam Kadmon and creating Heaven on Earth. Adherents of these occultic beliefs claim that the inactivated part of our DNA is preventing us from becoming God. They claim we have the divinity and enlightenment of the Adam Kadmon encoded into our DNA. As more and more of us activate this Divine Nature we will corporately become the Adam Kadmon, return to the Garden, and usher in heaven on earth.

Basically Jones was saying there would come a change that would glorify or exalt us causing the divine nature in our DNA to be activated. This would result is us being TRANSFERED from death the life since we would have achieved eternal life as gods. Now I ask you, does this sound like the Gospel to you?

This particular meeting ended with Rick Joyner telling us to go home and absorb what had been spoken. He asked God to give us dreams and visions.

Notes Taken on the Evening of December 31st, 1999- New Year’s Eve

“One of the reasons Israel went into apostasy is their failure to support the Levites- we believe he is saving the best for last.” Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner was discussing the importance of the ministry of music and called up Susie Wills and another (whose name escapes me) to sing. They sang a classical opera type song that had nothing to do with anything. As the two girls finished and were leaving the stage, Joyner stopped them and asked them in an amused way to explain what they had just done. Susie replied that they were taking the Arts back for God and the place erupted in wild applause.

Rick then introduced Jim Bakker who was the main speaker for the evening.

Bakker began by stating that II Chronicles 5:12-14 was the word for the hour.

All the Levites who were musicians—Asaph, Heman, Jeduthun and their sons and relatives—stood on the east side of the altar, dressed in fine linen and playing cymbals, harps and lyres. They were accompanied by 120 priests sounding trumpets. 13 The trumpeters and musicians joined in unison to give praise and thanks to the LORD. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, the singers raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang:

“He is good;
his love endures forever.”

Then the temple of the LORD was filled with the cloud, 14 and the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the LORD filled the temple of God.

Basically Bakker was using this scripture to say that unity is the absolute key. However, this verse is not just talking about unity per se. It is talking about God actually taking possession of the temple by filling it with a cloud. This signified his acceptance of the temple and indicated that this temple was the same to Him as the tabernacle of Moses had been.

The people would not have been able to bear the Glory of the Lord in their natural bodies so he spread a cloud over it.

What purpose would have been served in highlighting a scripture that talked about God taking possession of His temple? When Christ is formed in us and His law is inscribed on our hearts, do we not become the temple of the Holy Ghost? Certainly nothing even remotely close to an altar call was held that evening and he was presumably speaking to a “Christian” audience so, who exactly had they planned to invite in to take “control” of our temples?

Baker then went on to say that unity was the word for the year 2000 and patience was the word for the year before that. He said that religion was going to be shaken and the key to that occurrence was unity. He used the above mentioned verses in II Chronicles to say that music was one of the keys that brought this unity. The singers and musicians had to make one sound. He also stated that the year 2000 was the year that the Levites who had been in hiding would come out into full time ministry.

Baker gave a few more points and then went into the 31 things that God had presumably spoken to him.

31 things the Lord has given to my heart– key word is unity and fear not

  • Earthquake in China- two weeks later there will be an earthquake in Taiwan which will be a 7.6 on the Richter scale (did not happen)
  • Watch Turkey and 4 places, Russia, Korea, Mideast and China- for the next months- something will take place in the year 2000 (this is laughable, Russia and China are super powers and Korea and the Middle East are power kegs how could something NOT happen in a years time in one of these countries.)
  • Weather will be even more out of control- death by water
  • Increase of earthquakes (since the Bible clearly states that earthquakes will increase can this really be classified as a special revelation?)
  • Great Computer confusion not related to y2K (this did not happen)
  • Cyber-war (didn’t happen)
  • More ethnic cleansings- watch Russian- president resigned today (Watch Russia?? Russia is a superpower of COURSE we should watch Russia.)
  • Great Void of Leadership- (When has there ever NOT been a great void of leadership. Isn’t this the very thing that will lead to the Anti-Christ? How does this qualify as a special revelation?)
  • The Antichrist is alive keep you eyes on Christ and not miracles (Hardly a word from the Lord, seeing as we are living in the last days, anyone with a Bible knows that in all probability, the Anti-Christ must be alive and doing well on planet earth.)
  • Germ Warfare soon- the US has made too many enemies (and that takes a special word form the Lord?)
  • Great Church leaders will arise from minorities- they won’t be very religious and will offend many (Statistically speaking some church leaders must arise out of minorities – again is this not rather obvious?)
  • Angels will begin to visit more frequently – (Ah yes, angels HAVE begun to visit more frequently but whose angels? The angels that these false prophets brag about entertaining are demon entities and spirit guides.)
  • If we don’t prepare our hearts He will speak to children- (The Lord speaks to Children as freely and often more freely as He speaks to adults. Gods speaking to children is not predicated by adults not preparing their hearts. This is ludicrous.)
  • 3rd world war in Holy Land in yr 2000, atomic bomb being exploded in yr 2000 (did not happen).
  • Saw a bomb being assembled in an abandoned building in New   York City- believe there will be a major explosion (did not happen)
  • There will be a great earthquake in Japan and total economic collapse there. (While this did happen, (minus the economic collapse), it did not happen until eleven years after this prophesy was given. Can we truly say that He really received this from the Lord? Edgar Cayce was certainly not Christian yet had this same “revelation”. Many of the false prophets are very familiar with Cayce and their prophesies are almost identical in some cases. This leads me to believe they are either passing his prophesies off as their own, or are receiving them from the same demonic sources.)
  • Many signs in the heaven (Again this is clearly outlined in scripture as a sign of the end times- it does not take a prophet only someone causally familiar with scripture.)
  • Confusion in Europe (This is as vague as to be laughable. It is inevitable that there be confusion in Europe otherwise the revised Roman Empire could not be united into the one world system that will produce the Antichrist.)
  • Call for a world leader- (Anyone with a Bible (who reads it) knows this will occur.)
  • Time for supernatural healing and supply- this is the church’s greatest hour- for one who is in covenant with God it is ALWAYS time for supernatural healing and the Lord’s divine provision and supply. There is no special dispensation for this- it is ludicrous and against scripture.
  • Great betrayal in the church and personal betrayal- please tell me a time in history when there has NOT been both personal betrayal and great betrayal in the Church?
  • Falling away of the prosperity believers not grounded in the word.
  • Great disillusionment of with superstar religion and impersonal churches Hype will not work anymore. Mega churches will lose their buildings. (Churches are bigger and more impersonal than ever and evidently the hype is working just fine).
  • Families will move in the Spirit (I hate to break this to the “prophet” but Spirit filled families have always moved in the Spirit.)
  • There will be the falling away and the harvest (Can you not actually say that there is ALWAYS falling away and harvest-some falling into apostasy while others come to new faith in the Lord)
  • There will be Blue explosions (As opposed to what, pink or red explosions?) I don’t remember any “blue” explosions in the year 2000
  • Washington DC bomb- people running in terror (didn’t happen)
  • Anthrax gas masks (huh??)
  • North Korea Chemical Warfare (Didn’t happen)
  • You haven’t heard the last from Russia- (of course we have not heard the last of Russia they are a super power for crying out loud.)
  • Volcanoes stirring- (Do you have any idea how many active volcanoes there are on this earth? When are volcanoes NOT stirring?)

Looking at this now, it has got to be  one of the most laughable, ludicrous, list of “prophesies” or “revelations” I have heard from this bunch. Out of all of these prognostications how many actually happened? Well it depends on how broad one is willing to generalize, but let’s be generous and say that one or two were accurate. The late Jean Dixon, famous astrologer and psychic had a better accuracy rate that!

These so called prophets tend to play up and make public the very few general prophesies that DO occur while ignoring, revising, or lying about the far larger number of prophesies that do not! I actually saw this occur on an on-going basis at MorningStar. Prophecies would be given but later the details or dates would be revised. I should not have to tell you this is NOT the Spirit of God! A true prophet literally speaks in the place of God. God is not confused nor will He ever contradict his own Word.

After Jim Bakker, Bob Jones got up to add his “prophesies”.

  • “Japan is a major player in the US economy- there is a volcano about to erupt- they worship it. There will be 7 million dead and they will pull a lot of their finances out of other countries.” Bob Jones
  • “There are atomic bombs and even the government knows they are here now along with anthrax.” Bob Jones
  • “A nuclear bomb will affect the coast.” Bob Jones
  • “There will be signs in the heavens and signs in the earth this year. First there will be water and then there will be fire, sometimes water causes fire.” Bob Jones
  • “We can pray that these things will not happen- they are not set.” Bob Jones

Jones then went on to talk about Amos Chapter 7. In this chapter God sends judgments against Israel that are literally turned away by the prayers of Amos. This, by the way, is a very convenient ruse that false prophets are fond of engaging in. If their prognostications do not happen then they claim it is because the church prayed and averted the judgment. However, their prophesies are generally so vague that they could be applied to a wide range of occurrences and thus are seldom questioned.

“This year is a mercy year but the things Jim (Baker) is speaking of, are going to happen. So here we have Joyner agreeing with what Baker had said earlier and agreeing that these things ARE GOING to happen.” Rick Joyner

After Joyner’s comments Bob Jones continued.

“God is giving us power to grow up this year – He is giving us power to kill snakes and power this year to overcome self. It is the only thing that is holding us back. Daddy is saying grow up so I can put power back in the church.” Bob Jones

This is a typical Bob Jones statement. God does not have to give us special power to “grow up”. Those of us who are true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ have His spirit within us. We grow through prayer, fasting, reading the Word, and obeying His commandments. We do not need a “special” dispensation to grow. Likewise, we do not need a special power or a magical God-ordained time frame to battle the enemy! These things have been given us. Those of us who are truly born again and Spirit filled, have the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, living on the inside of us. We do not need a special “anointing” to come on us from the outside. We have taken on the nature of Christ so therefore these things should be part of our normal Christian life. Does a cat need a special anointing to catch mice, or a bird to sing? Certainly not, these are part of the nature and instinct of these creatures. Likewise when we commit our life to Christ we take on the nature of Christ, we are a new creation.

“Terrorism will increase in schools – we need to invade schools. The Lord is going to have His Woodstocks- there will be ¼ million youth saved.” Bob Jones

Rick Joyner took over briefly to add what the Lord was allegedly giving him.

“There is a new invention that God is going to give Christians that will make a lot of machinery obsolete- the wealth of the wicked is coming into the church. Money is coming for souls. God is giving us power to get our act together- this is a year of mercy- we are vessels of grace.” Rick Joyner

The transfer of wealth is something that has been prophesied by Dominionists for years and years. If I had a nickel for every time I have heard this phrase said in these circles I would be retired and laying on a tropical beach. While I have no doubt that massive amounts of money will flow into the false church, I would beg to differ that this money will be used for souls. In all my time at MorningStar I did not hear so much as one salvation message. I also did not hear sin discussed, unless it was the sin of lack of belief or faith. Certainly these needed to be addressed to keep the masses believing the false message and maintaining faith in their deceptive prognostications.

Bob Jones stepped in once again to continue with “prophesying”.

“Water spreading south- water beyond imagination” Bob Jones

“Virus’s yes, influenza- better build your faith now. You need a Gos pill. He will not bring anything on the church without an antidote.” Bob Jones

“He is bringing the hammer of God this year- there will be a new brokenness a lot of people are going to be moved.” Bob Jones

“Begin to get a hold of the Lord for yourself” Bob Jones

“Watch Mt Carmel- fire is gonna fall” Bob Jones

“Hammer is going to fall on false prophets- within a year we will know who is real and who is false.” Bob Jones

I think if the above prophesy were true, Jones himself would have been flattened. This was “prophesied” twelve yrs ago and the church is still as deceived as ever by wolves. Since Jesus plainly stated that deception will wax worse and worse, this prophesy does not even make good Biblical sense. Those with the true discernment of God in their lives have always been able to tell the true from the false. It is only the false harlot church that seems to be having trouble with this.

“This year we are going to be emptied.” Bob Jones (of our wallets no doubt)

Please tell me how a prophecy like the one above could ever be quantified? This is the nature of the bulk of “words” that these wolves pass off as being from God.

“TRANSFIGURATION- those about to be raised up are failures – their failures are a stepping stone to Jesus. How is this any different than what has always been since the beginning of time. One only has to look at who God chose to use in scripture- many of the vessels God used would have been considered pitiful failures in the world’s eyes.” Bob Jones

“Year of Change- if you can love after betrayal you are grown up- can you name one year that has NOT brought change of some sort.”

“Get ready to see your field catch fire.”

“This will not be a year of defeat for the church- we’ve come to our sorry end – going up from here.” Bob Jones

“At midnight tonight the Son will be revealed and the vision will be for the son.” Bob Jones

“Don’t run after feathers and gold but don’t ignore them either I think it is safe to ignore them.” Bob Jones

Rick Joyner took over briefly and added his “words” and his endorsement of the words Jim Bakker gave.

“There is a call to the bond-servants- God is saying hold back until His bond-servants are sealed.” Rick Joyner

“God is really speaking to Jim we need to hear.” Rick Joyner

“There is a restraining going on- many of these things should have happened 20 yrs ago –many of these things destined for this year can be restrained. God is making us bond-servants today- it is the lowest form of slavery.” Rick Joyner

There were additional words by Bob Weiner, Evangeline Weiner Christine Potter and Ray Hughes.

Tying up Loose Ends

Just prior to midnight we were instructed to ring tiny silver bells. I innocently thought we were ringing in the New Year; sadly, I was wrong. What I believe we were involved in was a mass ritual to invoke the spirit of anti-Christ. Let’s tie some of this together.

Joyner stated that in order for Adam to rest he had to enter into the Sabbath. First of all, we know that what these men practice is not Biblical Christianity but an unholy mixture of kabbalistic alchemy, magic and Gnosticism. The Sabbath in these circles is synonymous with the Shekinah which is seen as feminine. They seek a divine union and look for the coming of Shekinah as an end-times revealed mystery. Shekinah is described as the “Queen of the Sabboth”. Basically what we were involved in was a type of alchemical sex magic in which (corporate) Adam (masculine) entered into the Sabboth (female) resulting in the Shekinah (glory) possessing the temple (Corporate Adam).

Joyner emphasized, and stressed the importance of, Adam entering the Sabbath while Bob Jones spoke about the King of Glory coming in. The goal here was to role play Adam’s coming transformation to Godhood which they believe would occur when the Shekinah returns to the temple, activating the inactive part of our DNA. They believe that Christ will indwell his church and will reign on earth as the “Corporarte Christ” or “Christ Spirit”, through his church (Adam Kadmon).

It will be this mystical alchemical union that will result in the transfiguration; a change that glorifies and exalts man to godhood. This glorifying change will occur with the trans-location. Our divine nature will then be activated and our human DNA will be changed. Without this trans-location we can not “evolve” into Godhood. Once this has been accomplished we will be transferred from death to life as we will be like God and live forever. We will be returned to the state of Godhood we had prior to the fall and experience the true Glory in the Garden of Eden. It sheds a whole new light on Bob Jones’s statements doesn’t it?

It is well known that the ringing of a bell in occult circles is done to summon an entity. This entire three day conference was a mass ritual and we were the unwitting participants.

With the bells, we were literally summoning the Christ spirit (Anti-Christ) to take possession of the temple (the corporate Adam).

While I realize that this is a lot to digest for anyone not familiar with their documented connections, I would ask that you do your own research. The more you are willing to dig, the more obvious it will become.

I find it interesting that I participated in this ritual but had no idea of its significance. I was uncomfortable and knew something had happened, but unfortunately I did not have sufficient knowledge at that time to process it and my discernment had been dulled through years of false doctrine. Between the time of my participation in these meetings and finding the notebook 11 yrs later, I had studied an inordinate amount about correct doctrine versus false, Christian Cabalism, Gnosticism and even Luciferian. It was only in sitting down and writing out these notes that I was finally able to fully process what had happened.

How many other meetings did I participate in where similar rituals took place? It is hard to tell. Unfortunately I did not begin to take notes in these meetings until the end of my sojourn there. Near the end something literally compelled me to begin to document my time there. Although I have not had time to process the rest of what was found, I am hoping to release more “lost” notes in the months ahead.


  1. Leah says

    Have you ever heard of Roger Winter? He was known as a Presbityrian missionary, he taught at Fuller for some years, John Piper and Rick Warren studied under him, he died in 09′. Well, Sarah Leslie at Herescope blog, has had some interesting write ups on him, and she did a very indepth interview on Rapture Ready Radio a few months back where she went into detail about Winter. Winter believed that same DNA “Adam” garbage that Joyner and Jones were teaching you guys. Evedently when Winter was dying, he was aggresively looking for ways to alter DNA. I have listened to various people, and some aren’t always reliable and some are, but the people in the dispensationlist areana -again I don’t agree with everything these guys say- but I find it very ironic that most of them believe that the mark of the beast could very well be some sort of vaccination or something having to do with our blood hence DNA. Again its speculation, but I find it interesting, that the main stream evangelicals, the emergent church folks, the charismatics etc etc are all turning gnostic -hence embracing those beliefs. The time is truly drawing near to the end.

    • toria says

      Interesting. This reminds me of the sixth trumpet in Revelation:

      Rev 9:21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

      sorcerers = pharmakeia

      From G5332; medication(“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): – sorcery, witchcraft

  2. Andy Shinosky says

    Good grief!
    This is almost unimaginable. Mishel, this is great work that you have done exposing this and pulling the pieces together as you have. I have gone through nearly every article on your website. I have been studying these various heresies and false prophets for the last three years. These are some of the most astonishing developments I have seen yet. Thanks for having the courage to expose it all. I love your website by the way. God bless.

  3. Joey says

    so now God -El Elion El Israel can and will work out all things for the good for those who love Him are called according to His purpose – He can take the immaturity of people and with His holy refining Fire do what man could never do !it be best to be praying along with Him in the better portion chosen like Mary at His feet – His intersessions being one with ours in extreme Light – the very Light of Heavens Bright Son- under the Mighty Hands of God -humbly as Love rules and reigns in our hearts …

  4. kay says

    I have to beg to differ with you on a few points you made. You stated that Paul and the other apostles didn’t transfer anointing by the laying on of hands, yet in the Bible in Acts 8:17, this is exactly what happened. And didn’t Elijah transfer his anointing to Elisha just before God took him up to heaven in the flaming chariot? (2 Kings 2:9-15) True, he didn’t lay hands on him, but he transferred the anointing just the same. I’ve been to MorningStar for several conferences and I’ve never seen anyone removed from the premises for having a Bible. In fact, in every meeting I was in, nearly everyone had their Bible, and it was open in front of them and the speaker was preaching from it-no matter who the preacher was. And just so you know I’m not a MorningStar devotee, I have also attended Karen Wheaton’s Ramp ministry and Perry Stone’s ministry. I was raised Southern Baptist and believed until I was saved that speaking in tongues, prophesy, and laying on hands was voodoo magic nonsense. But, now that I have a relationship with God, I know it is not fake. There are false spirits out there operating in what appears to be true gifts, I know that. But, from all the research I’ve done and all the personal experiences I have had there, I am very skeptical of claims such as yours. Just sayin’

    • Mishel says

      I will try to address this more in depth at a time when I can give it my full attention. I am in a time crunch with a book writing project right now but I will try to address this soon.

    • toria says

      When there is so much wrong with something, do you think everything is made right if you find a little bit right? Didn’t Satan have a little bit right when he used GOD’S OWN WORDS both in the garden of eden and in the wilderness temptation of our Lord Jesus Christ? Actually, it seems that he only needs a little wrong to make a big lie. He can quote a single scripture word for word, and if it is taken out of the original context, it is still a lie!

      This is why we need to be grounded in the Word of God. Follow God and not man ever! Always look up every and continue always in the Word and prayer, especially now!

      How many followers will a false prophet have if it is easily evident that he is false. Don’t you realize that the Antichrist will come out from the church! Like Judas who also was Satan possessed.

  5. Jim says

    I used to be involved in a ”church” or, more like a group with ”cultic tendencies”, and the leader and everyone else, myself included were reading the books of Rick Joyner and others similar to him. The leader of this group I was a part of was not properly trained for ministry himself, not ever having attended Bible college or seminary, was biblically iliiterate, as were the rest of us, and he would pretend to constantly get ”words from the ”Lord” ”, or ”prophecies”, and ”personal prophecies” which were always grandiose about walking in the ”anointing”, ”performing miracles”, etc., and that thousands of people from all over the world would eventually come to him to be trained in this way. It was eventually discovered that he had been carrying on with another man’s wife within the group and of course not one single so-called prophecy came to pass. I have since moved on by the grace of God and no longer embrace the Pentecostal/Charismatic theology I once did. All glory to God alone.

  6. Lorri says

    I spent about 3 weeks at MorningStar church with a friend of mine who was entrapped in the energy there….while I was there I noticed them building her up, giving her prophecy like she was a chosen one, at one point a man had her so worked up she threw herself on the ground with gutteral sounds speaking in tongues…..I felt sick to my stomache the whole time I was there and lost 20 pounds……got rashes on my arms, and like you just felt something was not right…..my car had problems there, needless to say it was good to leave……..after researching Rick Joyner and his whole Knights of Malta connection and what they stand for, I believe your theory about his being a demonic church,,,,my friend continued to stay there when she called me and said she had a huge annointing by rain falling on her in the chapel….she said it didnt hit anyone else, and there was not a air conditioning leak as church members assured her and once again gushed all over her….what was THAT about?

  7. T.Heim says

    Hi Mishel,

    I’m so glad I found your blog. I just recently reconnected with a former church member where I grew up. He and his wife are pastors of a church in Tulsa, OK. He attended ORU, and I believe graduated from Open Bible College. The last I knew of him, he was basically a “mainstream” pentecostal/charismatic. Lately, I’ve been noticing some strange posts on his page. I jokingly commented a couple of times, but then he mentioned Rick Joyner and Bob Jones! This is a recent post:

    “A few weeks ago my wife and I were sitting at lunch with Rick Joyner and my wife suddenly asked Rick: “Whats up with all the earth quakes in Oklahoma?” Rick said that both he and Bob Jones had received prophetic words about 10 years ago about a great increase of earthquakes coming to the heartland of America. More importantly is the “WHY”. Suddenly, two days ago I also had an encounter with The Lord and He specifically spoke to me about Oklahoma, it’s earthquakes and why. This Sunday night I will share with you what the prophets have said, what Gods word has said and what part you and I play in this unfolding drama.”

    It appears he and his wife have swallowed the hook, line and sinker! I made a comment on another blog I was reading, and someone asked me if I knew that God was divorced! I had never heard that one before….that is, until I read your blog! Thanks so much for your information. I am stunned by this false teaching, how quickly christians can be caught up in it, and how detrimental it is to the Body of Christ! Bless you for taking the time to share your experiences!

    • says

      first, I want to thank Mishel for all your work. I think I recognize your picture, so I came across this some years ago and lost track of it, I found it again using the zuula deep web
      search engine.

      as for Joyner’s remarks about Oklahoma, you only got his word for it he ever got any
      revelations about it. This is the case regarding a lot of things including alleged born again
      experiences of guys who went on to promote dominionism and whatever.

      check http://cumbey.blogspot.com for a lot of interesting stuff, and her archive of articles at http://www.newswithviews.com look for the family and hijacking of evangelicalism.

  8. Gloria J says

    Mishel. I am just reading your amazing information about Rick Joyner and the Morningstar Church and is a former member. While there, in the physical church/hotel, always questioned a couple of things that you may be able to answer. What is the purpose of the HUGE eagle statue at the front desk, main entrance to the hotel’s check-in desk? I believe it is a LARGE seat one can sit in. Can a person be excommunicated from the organization/church? The Morningstar logo – an eagle silhouette in the moon facing a stair – means what? thank you for taking your time to share your experiences.

  9. Gloria J. says

    Sorry Mishel. I misspelled a word. The question should be the Morningstar logo – an eagle silhouette in the moon facing a “STAR” means what?

  10. jane says

    How is it that you have had such experiences with so many of the church leaders? You went from Jimmy Swaggert (after he was exposed) to Rick Joyner, and more. Were you planning on doing this as a journalist?
    I do not see Rick Joyner as a Kabbalist just because he believes in the Sabbath and a Sabbatical year. It is quite clear that it is in the bible. In fact, 2015 is a Shmittah year.

    • T. Heim says

      I can’t speak for Mishel, but Rick Joyner is a false prophet! His prophesies are often not accurate, or are so general, they could mean anything! Most of his teaching is unBiblical! The scriptures instruct us to not listen to or promote false teachers, but to warn others about them. We are so blessed in this country to have so many good, Biblical pastors and teachers, so there’s no excuse to follow false teachers, or ministries that are arrogant, greedy and/or hypocritical!

    • says

      the shemitah thing is a total fraud. the crash dates DO NOT correlate like Cahn job says they do, and these crashes do NOT erase debt. the year of release and the land Sabbath were totally different in stated purpose, and in effect.

      Mosaic Holy Days, Sabbaths as well as food laws and circumcision are all done away with in Christ, Who said that nothing would pass from the Law until all were fulfilled and that He came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets, and on the Cross just before He died He said, “it is finished.”

      Galatians is written against all this stuff. read the whole thing start to finish, never mind the bits and pieces treatment in study guides and so forth. works of the law are NOT obedience to Christ but are keeping Mosaic Law.

      Mystical handling of the Sabbath which Joyner seems to be doing is kabbalistic. There is a video on youtube which includes statements from an ex member that show he is into
      some secret occultic ritual stuff maybe overt satanism on the sly. Beyond bell ringing.

  11. Heather says

    Thanks again for this post. Also interesting in the book put out by many from Bethel called
    “The Physics of Heaven” you can find it online and read excerpts from each chp. It speaks alot about DNA activation, paradigm shift, etc. As I have been researching all of this over the past several months the common thread is much of what has already been noted in these articles and aligns the “church” with new age and cosmic-christ teaching. The people do not even realize they are being deceived and set up to receive the anti-christ. It’s really terrifying really and grieving to my heart. What is being written on these blogs is very accurate and I too have spent inordinate amounts of hours researching the depths of all of this darkness. If you question something, please take the time to research it yourself so you can be prepared. In Christ, heather

  12. John G says

    Heather, So much wisdom in what you have to say. What started as what I initially perceived to be a brief bit of research into today’s “Charismatic” church (I left the institutional church over 20 years ago), became an ongoing projects that now sits at two years and counting. I try to maintain the balance of not giving too much time to researching error, deception, heresy, apostasy…etc., and thereby failing to devote enough time to “the Truth”…but in such days of deception running rampant in “the church”, we need to understand the various deceptions and heresies that are so casually being presented and (all too often) being accepted as truth, and we need to know these men and women who are spreading them. As the old adage goes, “Know your enemy”. It’s a basic element of warfare…and we are definitely in the midst of a war.

  13. says

    “Joyner declared the year 2000 a Sabbatical year and did not hold services at all for the month of January so the ministry could have a sabbatical rest.”

    I wonder what he and his staff spent that month scheming to do.

  14. toria says

    Regarding Rick Joyner’s comment:
    “There is a restraining going on- many of these things should have happened 20 yrs ago –many of these things destined for this year can be restrained. God is making us bond-servants today- it is the lowest form of slavery.” Rick Joyner

    This appears to be a very sly trick of the enemy to make unsuspecting naive persons want to please Rick (or think they are pleasing God). As a result, they get deeper into bondage and stay in this deception.

  15. toria says

    Regarding Jim Bakker’s comment:
    “Falling away of the prosperity believers not grounded in the word.”

    It is when we get grounded in the Word of God, and stop taking it out of context, we learn the lie of the prosperity message. These are lovers of money and seeking after the things of the world. It’s another case of taking the Word of God out of context.

    It is not God whom they are putting their trust in; they trust in what they say to come true. They trust in their words. They trust in themselves. And it tickles their ears. It sounds wonderful and feels good so many follow and are deceived.

    These are the positive confession, possibility thinkers. We who speak against what they doing are classified negative. I suppose Jesus Christ must be negative since He is who told us that we will suffer persecution and in order to gain life, we need to lose self. And that we should follow Him. Like Paul and the apostles did. Who were beaten and starved and imprissoned and ridiculed and tortured and murdered. Why do we think that Jesus told us to first count the cost? Look at what our true brothers and sisters endure overseas. They are the true elect.

    The enemy used Jim Bakker’s comment in order to keep them from discarding the prosperity message. If someone starts getting deep into the Word, and sees the lie of the prosperity message, confusion occurs regarding all of the comments from false teachers (such as, “falling away of the prosperity believers not grounded in the word.”). If the person exalts the false teacher, he is likely to search out what the false teacher said and give up on studying the Bible deeply for the Truth.

    There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.

    When we know the truth, we will be set free.

  16. says

    Rick Joyner preached a number of times a Resurrection Christian (Lutheran) Church. He was excepted there and the pastors there let him do so. This was a number of years ago. Do you know if Resurrection Church has any false doctrines. They are a Third Wave Charismatic Church. I’ve been in bondage to the spirit there even though I am not a member. I purchased a book by Steven Lambert called Charismatic Captivation. He exposes many problems in the Charismatic, Neo Pentecostal church. I have some kind of soul tie there and it has been on going for over 15 yrs. and I cannot get out of this bondage, tortuous, and hostage situation. The Pastor and the members cross themselves like they do in the catholic church. They still follow some of the Lutheran Liturgy and rely on traditional Lutheran beliefs. The Pastor that made the church grow was pastor since I came to Charlotte. Herb Mirly and his wife believed you need to have an authority over you, and Pastor Mirly believed in the Chain of Command. The current Pastor, Billy Miller, said they no longer hold to these doctrines, but I see and think there may be some hangover from the Disciplining Movement Even though Pastor Mirly denounced this movement. I cannot get free from the bondage there. I attended the church for nine months and then left. I have asked myself if they have any kind of Retention theology. Are certain elders or leaders in the church believe you need a covering or covering by an elder or by the elders?If you have any solutions on how I might get free, please let me know. When I moved to Charlotte in late 1988, I had never been to a Pentecostal or Charismatic Church. I had finished my Master’s Degree in Music and gave some musical scores to the current Pastor at a neighboring Pentecostal Charismatic Church. This was after he left the Pastorate. He completely ignored them and I was looking for some confirmation. My mind was certainly not pure, but I was a believer. My belief in the Resurrection and the Final Judgement, as well as Christ returning for his church is certain.

  17. Frederick R.Stone says

    I had been looking for Information
    About Jim Bakker when I came across
    You on YouTube You mentioned your

    Blog or website not important, what you said about Bakker And Rick Joyner was right on,
    It’s difficult to watch Bakker anymore he will have a lot of heretics false prophets(everyone
    That comes on Bakkers Show is automatically
    A prophet!!) Bakker claims that God speaks to him, he said he has studied the Bible
    Apparently he skipped the first chapter of Hebrews Rick Joyner as you probably know
    Is one big liar scripture twisting, it’s really hard to watch these people. I watch so called
    “Christian TV ON DIRECT TV just to see what new tricks the 98% of the charalatans are up to lately, I could go on for days writing about these “wolves in sheeps clothing” but I will praise and thank almighty God for making you keep up your great work please. Thank you

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