Jimmy Swaggart’s Very Crooked Halo

JSM Crooked HaloI am going to be outlining to you what took place at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in June of 2011, that led to the dismissal of four employees.

As most of you know, Jimmy Swaggart Ministries is a registered non-profit organization. The ministry has its own print shop that is responsible for the printing of ministry materials such as books, study guides, The Evangelist, CD covers, and so forth. The ministry decided a few years ago, after investing in state- of-the-art printing equipment, to take on outside clients for print jobs.

They called this side of the business StarCom, but it still operated under the non-profit umbrella of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. StarCom’s invoices plainly state that checks are to be made payable to Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Further more, the person who is the head of the ministry print shop, is the same person who is the head of StarCom printing! They are one and the same. It is the same building, the same employees, the same equipment, the same ink, and the same paper.

If you have ever given a donation to the ministry, hypothetically speaking, it is possible that it may have gone towards this high-end printing equipment. What is wrong with donating money to buy equipment to print ministry material? Well, quite frankly, nothing. However, what if I told you that was not all they were printing? What if I told you that they were using their non-profit equipment and non-profit employees to run a business?

Now, those of you familiar with non-profit law will quickly argue that in some cases, it is perfectly legal for a non-profit to do this. However, what if I was to tell you that the ministry was printing posters for area nightclubs, lesbian bars, hip-hop bands, and wine lists for area restaurants? What if I told you that the Swaggarts were not only aware of it, but fired four people who knew about it? What if I told you the head of the print shop, who took the orders, received the cash and printed the material, was not only still employed, but a member of the worship band and one of the youth leaders?

Before I show you the printing, let me give you the facts. I know that when this is published, the ministry will scramble to do damage control. There will be many lies skillfully inserted into the grapevine to shift blame and cast aspersion on those who have brought this to the light. It is what they do, and they do well.

I have received some hateful emails since the first article was first published. However, for every one email that insists I am liar, unsaved, or downright possessed, there are twenty others that cheer me on and admire my courage in taking a stand. I am quickly finding that there is a multitude of people who have thrown up their hands in despair and wondered how these things like this have been allowed to continue. A virtual army of battered sheep who have lost heart over the things they saw occurring here. Some have scolded me, in effect saying that it does not matter what Jimmy Swaggart Ministries does as long as they are speaking the truth. Well, if someone was speaking the truth to you but also beating you at the same time, would you ignore the beating because the truth was being spoken?

To those who do not have the ears to hear, or the eyes to see, it will not matter what evidence I show you. I am not out to convince you. However, if you know in your spirit that something is not right with this ministry, or if you work there and have seen some of the things I have described, then this may be the confirmation you need.

Let me give you the facts.

Early in June, an employee on break from the shipping department went back to the print shop to get a snack. These prints were the discarded proofs and were literally laying on the cutting table in full view of any who passed by.

The print shop employee was disgusted at the prints and told the shipping employee that these things were being printed by the head of the print shop. This particular employee had over 20 yrs in the printing business and knew far more than anyone else in the ministry about printing. He had been bullied and abused and had been moved to the night shift so presumably he would not see the printing that was taking place in the daytime, or witness the ongoing incompetence of the inexperienced manager.

The shipping employee took out her cell phone and took pictures of the discarded prints. She believed, as many of us did, that there was a rogue element loose in the ministry, perpetrating all sorts of heinous things. She believed that if only the Swaggarts knew, they would set all things right. Most had given up hope that Frances did not know, however, some still held out hope that Jimmy was blissfully ignorant.

The shipping employee sent the email to my work address with the pictures attached. The email mentioned the print shop employee, and also mentioned a young lady in the television department who like I, knew nothing of this incident. In fact, she was devastated by her dismissal and had no idea why she had been fired. She had begged for her job back to no avail. Frances would not tell her why she was fired; she found out from me, six weeks after the incident.

Since all ministry email is monitored rigorously, the email captured the attention of the Front Office. It is interesting to note that I deleted the email as soon as I opened it, and then deleted it from my deletes. If you happen to work there, this should give you cause for concern. However, do not be too paranoid, I doubt they pay much attention unless the email incriminates them in some manner.

I was called to Frances’ office along with the shipping employee. Frances sat blank-eyed and stone-faced while she stated in a matter-of-fact way that she was letting us both go. It would have been natural to feel fear or a sense of dread, but what washed over me was an incredible peace and sense of relief. I sat while Frances read the confidentiality agreement to the shipping employee and grilled her at length over the highly confidential secret ministry files she had. I wanted to laugh. How “secret and confidential” is it if it is just lying around in the trash for anyone to see?

Frances seemed overly concerned with the ministry laptop that I had. She wanted me to bring it to her and asked me if I had it in my office. When I told her that it was at home she told me that she was going to send a ministry employee with me to watch while I retrieved it, lest I erase anything. I shifted to the edge of my seat and told her that I was not going to allow a ministry employee into my personal home. I stressed to her that I had never taken anything from the ministry, and was not about to start. It was clear to me that her concern was not over the laptop, but over what might be contained on it. She stated that she would hold my check until the laptop was returned. It is interesting to note that the employee she was going to send with me was her secretary. I must also state that her secretary had always been friendly and kind to me, and I had no issue with her personally. However, when I returned with the laptop, her secretary made sure to stress to me that accompanying me to my home had been her idea, and not Frances. She stated that she had simply, “wanted to spend time with me.” I knew this to be a lie. I had been there for three years, and while always friendly, she had never simply wanted to “spent time” with me. It is odd that she would choose the day I was fired. It is obvious, in my opinion, that Frances was trying to save face because she knew she had stepped over the line in insisting a ministry employee accompany me to my own home.

The print shop employee was also pressured to hand over any files or prints that he might have. Had he done that then you would not be reading this right now. It would have been neatly swept under the rug like so many instances before it. He felt an obligation to preserve these files. When someone is fired, most presume they have done something to deserve it. I personally do not appreciate a slur being cast on my good name so they can continue on untarnished by scandal. I know the others involved in this incident feel likewise.

In the days after being fired, the print shop employee took samples of what was being printed and begged brother Swaggart to have mercy on him. He was married, had three children, and was already barely making it on his paltry salary. He pleaded that it was not fair that he lost his job over this. He was brushed off. Now he was both jobless and disillusioned. He could not continue paying rent to the Swaggarts with no job, so he gave away most of his belongings and drove his family to Florida to move in with his brother. His car was not in good repair but even so, he was forced to make the trip at night as the vehicle’s air conditioner was broken and the day-time temperatures had been stiffling.

The only person who did not lose their job in this incident was the employee who actually printed this material. Why? Well isn’t it obvious? He was doing this printing with the Swaggart’s full knowledge and blessing. The day we were fired, I listened as Frances told the shipping employee that “Jimmy was awfully upset” about the printing. Really Frances? How “upset” could he have been if the person who did it is still employed as head of the print shop, and as a musician and youth leader? The perpetrator is employed while someone merely mentioned in an email, and the person who received the email is fired. Please don’t insult our intelligence! The real truth is that Jimmy was upset only at the potential for scandal. He met with the head of the print shop where it was decided that they would no longer take outside printing jobs. The problem was that they still had outstanding print jobs for the same customer who had requested the posters and Hip-Hop CD covers. After the four of us were fired and out of the way, permission came from Jimmy through his secretary, to continue with the printing of these outstanding orders. So I ask you Frances, how upset could he have been, really?

Here are your donation dollars at work. The pictures that follow may be offensive to some.

As an interesting side note, the ministries magazine, “The Evangelist” prior to June 2011, carried advertising for Star-Com printing. Since our dismissals, advertising for StarCom printing has ceased.



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    I truly appreciate your website. I have seen and heard horrible things coming out of this supposed ministry for many years. Most of the people who live in Baton Rouge have. It has indeed been a shame that the world could not hear until now the terrible ways they have treated people and the ungodly things they have done in the name of “Christianity” over the years. For those of us here in Baton Rouge it is common knowledge because we have known many of the people these things happened to ourselves. Sad to say the stories started coming out from the early 80’s. It’s always been about money, the Swaggart family, and keeping the truth away from the people living outside of Baton Rouge.

    Thank you for your work and I trust that the truth will finally get known now. It is certainly about time. God bless you!

      • carl phelps says

        Thank you SO much for this exposure of the Swaggarts and your time on the radio. These false “believers” need to be exposed! They make HUGE profits, scamming from the Word of God. The Bible is VERY clear on this type of disgraceful perversion of USING God’s Word for Swaggart profit. . After Jimmy’s multiple affairs with hookers and his fall, Francis grabbed the reins and took control. Had she not done that, JSM would not exist today. She also grabbed Donnie by the ears and told him to either get his act together, or not have his $megamillion income or inheritance. Donnie is on his third marrage, and been caught soliciting men in restrooms more than five times. It appears Donnie may have turned to drugs, like his son Gabe. Listen to their recent preaching, as they have grown increasingly desperate for money. They need to go under!. . .

        • carl phelps says

          Did you all happen to listen to Jimmy Swaggart on his “Message of the Cross” of 7/12/16 at 9:05pm? UNBELIEVABLE!!! I pray someone can get a copy of that, as it was totally slanderous and heresy! Blasphemy on the part of Jimmy Swaggart and his panel. That goes hand in hand with Jimmy Swaggart’s expositor bible. Notice no capitals, as it is a TOTAL JOKE! Heresy by writing Swaggart’s words in red, as most Bible’s write Jesus words! Who is this pompous ASS?

          • Mishel says

            It is interesting that this program is missing from the Message of the Cross Archives on SBN. What was said?

          • Carolyn Hughes says

            Thanks for your comment I don’t like his expository bible being in Red. Only in the Bible God speaks in Red. Something always bothered me about this. I don’t feel any anointing on there preaching teaching or singing.

        • Thomas says

          I was shooked to read that donnie had been caugt several times soliciting men in restrooms.
          The Swaggerts are to my understanding very outspoken against homosexuality. What am I missing?
          Do you have proof for that? Where did you obtain this information?
          Thanks in advance

    • daniel anderson says

      I can remember when in the late 80s/early 90s, they had Reggie Wilcox as the song leader and they had also John Starnes, Janet Paschal, Dudley Smith and Thomas Sloan singing back then. Now those folk were anointed by the Holy Ghost I can also remember Stephen Potter also serving as song leader before the first scandal(he now has his own church in Florida) the standard has certainly dropped remember Reggie, Thomas, Janet, John and Dudley all quit over the second scandal while Rev. Potter quit over the first one. And don’t get me started on the church split that culminated in Swaggart’s long time music director, Rita King resigning(she was as good as Reggie was) id say the music has gone downhill since the early 2000s

  2. Clay King says

    as a reporter Unless there are facts to back these claims up they are hearsay and there is no evidence to support the claims, it sounds like a mad fired employee venting anger at losing a job

    • Mishel says

      First of all, I sincerely doubt you are a “reporter” or you would have actually READ the article before making such a ridiculous comment. You are, rather a Swaggart follower and are angry that these facts have been brought to light. Secondly, are you out of your mind? Do you think I would make claims like this without out SUBSTANTIAL IRREFUTABLE evidence? That would just be inviting a lawsuit. I HAVE the prints, I have the eye-wtinesses, and I have the emails linking the prints to the minstry. Please do not insult my intelligence.

    • Bruce Venable says

      I see no identifying marks on these photos! what proof other thank yourself can you offer that these are printed at Starcom?

        • Mishel says

          Ok, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you do not know how the graphic design business works. STARCOM is a PRINTING company- they do not do the design. The company that does the design is listed on the poster, CD cover or what have you. The graphic design company charges their customers the price to design and print it, then the designer (his name is Hawk not Hank) would take it to JSM (I mean StarCom) to print. Why don’t you call the number and ask?

          Ok I guess I had not posted the invoices on here so I have added. Also check out this post including the video.


        • carl phelps says

          Interesting! The Swaggarts likely deleted them. NOT surprising as they edit most ALL emails. I fail to understand how Jimmy and Donnie could state and PROCLAIM they, (JSM) had built 50 schools, donated $millions and built churches in “Port-au Prince, Haiti” after the earthquake. The fact of the matter is that Jimmy, Donnie, Francis, Gabe and JSM actually donated $386.00 to that effort to save the people of Haiti. Not surprisingly, that is who you are sending money to!

          • carl phelps says

            The rest of your hard-earned money went toward a new Jet, (8) Mercedes, (3) luxury homes, jewelry, beautiful clothes and their opulent, (high-profit) lifestyles. When have you seen Jimmy, Donnie, Gabe or Francis wear the SAME beautiful outfit? NEVER! Can you say that you have never worn the same suit or dress? They can! Just like before Jimmy’s fall with adultery twice;(that we know of) the Lord has many Words for the Swaggarts. Let’s start with 1 Timothy 6:3-10. Then go to 2 Cor 2:17. Look on-line for MANY other versus regarding “Profiting from the Word of God”. Now, ask yourself- is profiting from the word of God a blessing or a sin? Is speaking in tongues a requirement of being saved, as the Swaggart ministry proclaims? I can provide at least 20 Bible references regarding, “speaking in tongues” and NOT ONE of them states that speaking in tongues is a requirement of being Saved in the name of Jesus! The Swaggarts and JSM is imploding and desperate! They are now PLEADING to you for for money for other Countries! Do you really think that MONEY will go to these other Countries, or into the Swaggart’s pockets? GOOD GUESS! INTO THE SWAGGART’s POCKETS, YES it will! PLEASE Do Not be stupid and follow those wolves in sheep,s clothing! God is going to deal with these GREEDY Wolves, so PLEASE do not go down with them. God Bless you!

          • Mishel says

            In all fairness to the Swaggarts–they no longer own a jet or 8 Mercedes. That was in the 80’s that they had the fleet of Mercedes and a jet.

    • John says

      To Clay King:
      You obviously don’t know squat about the rules of evidence, especially those pertaining to hearsay. Mishel was a direct party to the events he has related, as such, it is not hearsay, but actual direct testimony. In a court room any testimony where Mishel was present or a party to would not be excluded as hearsay. Any of the conversations between Mishel and Francis would be allowed into evidence as direct testimony.

      By your standard every news article, biography, news report or other publication relating information should be disregarded because it is “hearsay”. In the present case, for the most part, Mishel was reporting the events that directly occurred while in his presence, conversations he was directly a party to. In the other parts of his report, he was repeating the testimony from others who related their own experience with the ministry.

      If journalist were only able to report on events they were a direct party to or a eye witness of, then there would seldom be any news coverage of events that had taken place. Here most of what Mishel related are the interactions that occurred between himself and the ministry as such it is not hearsay, not even under the strict standard of a court of law. But here we are not in a court of law, we are in the court of public opinion, where the standards are based upon a person’s credibility, whether or not the source seems credible or not.

    • carl phelps says

      Not me, but spoke with people who were fired by Francis for knowing too much. Talk to those who have gone public on radio, as they have nothing to loose.


    Definitely sounds like a mad “exposed” Jimmy Swaggart follower. At this point, the amount of evidence against this long-time scam in Baton Rouge is far too much for them to address or even acknowledge. Their only hope is to do what this writer has done – attempt to discredit the messenger. But sorry, “Mr. King”, you are way too late. The legally valid testimonies against the Jimmy Swaggart Show are mounting very quickly now. Truth always wins in the end, and so it will be here.

    Ever see the Wizard of Oz? The guy behind the curtain was only smoke and mirrors. The guy in FRONT of the curtain on Bluebonnet is quickly being exposed as the same. We in Baton Rouge have known this for decades, and now the Lord is opening the eyes of the world.

    Nice try though – maybe you can look into a different profession more compatible with your skills.

      • carl phelps says

        I agree. That was a five star response, and the curtain is opening. Look at the black curtains around the church, disguising 3,000 empty seats. Just like the wizard, the Swaggarts don’t think anyone notices their false front of abusing the Word of God for their own gain and their arrogant disguise.

  4. John says

    It is very well know at JSM that this event did take place. It is also very well known that some were fired because they shed light upon it thinking that a Gospel ministry would never put up with such. I mean no harm to the man but the facts are the facts and the bible says you will know them by their fruits. Some seem to think Jimmy Swaggart is somehow oblivious to all the wrong that takes place in his organization. Well things never go higher than the leader.

    • Mishel says

      You stated that it is well known that this event did take place. I have NO doubt that the vast majority of employees at JSM did know that we were fired to cover up their continued wrong-doing. They fired the ones who knew about it ( or rather took objection at it) and kept and rewarded those who actually did it. The print shop employee took these prints DIRECTLY to Swaggart thinking that Jimmy would not possibly approve of such a thing. He pleaded with him that he had a young family to support and that it was not fair that he lost his job over this. He was brushed off and ignored. Swaggart knows FULL WELL what goes on there. I wish I had a nickle for every ugly email I have received from ministry supporters calling me every foul name imaginable for daring to speak the truth.

      Thank you for you comment John, it is truly appreciated. However, my question is this, since you are aware of this fact you are either an employee, an X-employee or very close to the ministry in some regard. Do I know you?

  5. John says

    No we do not not know each other. I have had very close ties to the ministry for some years. I know several employees that are currently there. I know them very well. I sporadically attended FWC for a while until I began to sense in my spirit some things that were very wrong. I truly find it all very sad. I wish it was not so, but the facts are in plain sight.

  6. Myke says

    It is weird how they expose everyone else, I pray that this is inaccurate because I hate to see a brother/sister in The Lord be portrayed as a filthy lucre … I see the info you provided and I know you are aware of consequences of false allegations. So I do believe it , if it walk like and quacks like well u know then its a duck.,,. I pray they repent and come back to Jesus Christ! They put power in the cross it is a difficult message because Jesus was not the only person to die on the cross but he is the only one to Rise again!!! cross was the way they killed criminals and thieves ! Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the Finished Work of the cross of Jesus! Jesus is the way not a cross… He told us not to make graven images.. Jesus is Lord!! Thanks for bringing info to the light.

    • Mishel says

      Yes unfortunately it IS true, if it were not, you can believe me, they would have dragged me into court by now. The Swaggarts are not shy about suing people!

      • Ann Cliff says

        You need to be dragged into court anyway. Your a sad excuse for a human being. Why don’t you sweep around your own doorstep and straighten your own halo before trying to fix or destroy someone else. Oh no…but I bet your life is perfect…or do you feel like your God…oh yes your Mr. Perfect I guess. My personal opinion is everything thing on this site is a bold face lie and you and others are disgruntled x-employee. The reason you are being ignored my the Swaggart’s is probably your to “small” to bother with. I hope God does whatever He feels necessary to put you in your place. Also to spend so much time putting up a website such as this “speaks for itself”.

        • says

          You feel the messenger is “too small”? Just that statement alone proves a point. No one is “too small” in God’s eyes. PS – God also gave us brains, use yours and return to school for some spelling and grammar lessons.

        • JSRose says

          You reveal yourself to be exactly the kind of person that satan and his false prophets prey upon. They target your emotions. There is NOTHING Scripturally sound about your “argument” (it’s actually an attack). It’s nothing personal, but you also reveal yourself to be ignorant. DC is right- “Study to show YOURSELF approved… ” You can’t imagine how wonderful the Word of God is when you are able to read it, study it, hear it, meditate on it, for yourself… instead of depending on a man, and your own emotional heart.
          “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.” (Jeremiah 17:9-10)

        • John Galyon says

          ” I hope God does whatever He feels necessary to put you in your place” ???

          Really? Put her in her place? Sounds like the deep South, circa 1950.

        • John says

          Ann Cliff: Are you serious? A man just relates the facts how this ministry fired him and three others for only knowing too much. The writing is on the wall. This narcissistic, arrogant, sociopathic family is fleecing the flock in the name of the Lord. What would Jesus think of a man who lives in a multi-million dollar mansion(10,000 sq. ft.), preying on the poor to line his pocket in the Lords name.

          Just do a little research and find out about the riches this family has acquired selling their brand of gilded christianity. They have no conscience. They feign care and concern about as real as the old man’s crocodile tears. How much of your donations have gone to the families Mercedes Benz vehicle, face lift and plastic surgery, $50,000/yr country club membership dues and the purchase of real estate to further line their wallets. Sit down for at least an hour, do some internet research and see what a fool you have been to follow the like of the sociopathic Swaggart Klan. Just look at his huge mansion and start reading article after article about the wealth they have acquired in the name of the Lord. To live a middle class lifestyle is fine, but live an excessive materialistic, never enough lifestyle is sinful and for you to follow such a phony is only reason enough for the Lord to SPIT YOU OUT!. Christ doesn’t want care to surround himself with idiots who should know better.

        • Jon Ciotti says

          The Lord said, your sins will find you out. I live in California and I began watching SBN for a few months but just recently the Holy Spirit started showing me certain things, which are very disturbing to me. I don’t know anyone at JSM or anyone connected to what I’ve just read and seen with my own eyes. The Holy Spirit is well equipped to give us discernment and what I sense in my spirit is she is telling the truth. Continue to allow the Lord to use you to expose the truth, be blessed and may the Lord protect you always.

          • dan says

            Mathew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits… This is all anyone needs to know. Jesus Christ died on Calvary for our sins, He loved everyone and wanted none to die. He will save your soul, just call on His name.

      • Johnnie says

        doesn’t 1 Cor. chapter 6 have something to say about bringing lawsuits against other i believes it speaks against it

  7. Former Swaggart donor says

    Jesus said that if a man love HIM then that man will feed and LOVE His sheep. If a man does not have love, then that same man has not seen the Father.

    Jimmy cries a river of tears, supposedly for the Father. Yet if he cannot cry for the precious souls his own employees have harmed, and if he does not insist that all of these wrongs be made right – as Jesus Himself COMMANDED TO DO – then his tears are merely part of his show.

    If he truly preached Jesus, then He would do the things Jesus did, teach the many INSTRUCTIONS Jesus gave. Jimmy’s obvious goal would be to turn his audience into DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ, rather than DONORS to Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

    I once heard a man come to Jimmy announcing that his father had recently accepted the Lord just before he died. Excitedly this son was reporting it to Jimmy, and Jimmy responded – though unhurried – with absolutely no emotion and no comment except a “Humpf”, and he quickly changed the subject. I was stunned as I caught one of my first glimpses of the OFF camera Jimmy Swaggart that day.

    Did Charlton Heston truly live his life as “Moses”? For those who knew him only by his acting, and unaware of “stage versus real life” would say – “of course!”. For those who knew him off-stage, he most certainly was not “Moses”, Mr. Heston was just a good actor with a well studied part to play.

    So it is with Jimmy Swaggart, as I eventually was led to conclude. The real Jimmy Swaggart is known only by the few who see him close up. It is NOT the man who preaches and projects a “Holy Ghost filled” man on stage.

  8. Ralph Luke says

    First and foremost,empire building ,whether that be the Bakers, Roberts {ORU) ,or ,as exposed in this post, the Swaggarts, is no where sanctioned by Christ nor thee apostles! Such ministerial abuse goes with the territory! Why? God ain’t in it!! Sadly such empire builders carry a high degree of charisma that sadly is mistaken for the anointing which consequently holds those who have such men on a peddle-stool captive,as they’re wrongfully told,’Touch not God’s anointed’! But the so called anointed are free to beat the sheep,well only on this side of heaven;or maybe hell on their part?as God will see to it that such abuse will not pass by at the judgement….. Solemn warning for us all,as church abuse cuts both ways!!

  9. says

    I am very disturbed my this whole JSM thing! I want to believe he is for real, but I have seen and heard so much going on that is not right. Why did the Chacon’s, the Martinez’s, Danny Bishop and BJ leave all of a sudden with no explanation on the Swaggart’s part. They even took Marty M. off the last campmeeting schedule with no explanation as to why. I’m sure there is something terribly wrong with this ministry.

    • John says

      You should be very discerning when it comes to this ministry. The truth is the bible clearly tells us that in the last days there would be a form of Godliness that denies the power…it instructs us that from such we should turn away. Well that’s exactly what the Swaggart ministry is a form. I attended the church for quite a while and I can tell you it is one of the most cold and unloving churches you will go to. They speak against all other Pentecostals ( church of God, Assemblies of God, Foursquare, ect ect.) claiming that they are the great becons of truth. They speak lies and hypocrisy as Peter said of the false teachers. They tell half truths about others to make themselves look good when the reality is the very thing they criticize other for they themselves do. If you question their interpretation of scripture or their teaching you are looked at as a traitor and they will find ways to have you dismissed because they don’t want sincere seekers who want the truth and the Power of God, they want to draw men unto themselves. Read the book of Jude it describes Swaggart and his ministry perfectly. And when you read it please just read the bible and not his bible with his opinions and indoctrination forced into the scripture.

      Test the Spirit and see if you constantly sense the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their attitudes that are broadcasted daily. I assure you that if you go to Baton Rouge and spend a few weeks you will not find much fruit of the spirit but mostly fruit of corruption. There are good and sincere people there that love The Lord but from my experience those that don’t come to the knowledge of the truth about that place either become just like them or they walk around in confusion and oppression.

      I have much first hand experience their and with some of the prominent leaders, they have a Cloak of freedom and liberty to hide their maliciousness. Peter said concerning false teachers Thant they would promise you freedom but they themselves are slaves to corruption.2 Peter 2:19
      This again describes them very well.
      The swaggart ministry puts on a good form with its talented and gifted cast, but it is a true mixture. Leaven is in their doctrine. If you will listen closely they deny the power of God to live holy and instead make you feel comfortable in your sin. After all if you don’t have THEIR Cross message then the Devil made you do it… But keep listening, buy their products and most of all send money to their Sharathon and eventually you will come to their lofty Apostalic revelation. This ignores repentance and brokenness over sin. It is a form of gnostic teaching and anti-nomianism all in one. Please prayerfully seek The Lord if you give your money to these people. There are many good works that you can support but this sadly is not one of them.

      • Zac says

        Roy Chacon, Bj, And Marty are all related. So when Marty let Bro Swaggart know that he wasn’t in agreement with him doctrinally, he left and took his family with him.

        Danny bishop left to start his own ministry. Nothing more

        • Joyce says

          So that’s why we haven’t seen BJ singing. Aww!!! I saw another black female, and wondered what happened to BJ. JS. I for one remembers the word says don’t put your trust in man. As my mom used to say, GOD sits high and looks low. What you sow, you will reap. So disappointed in many Christian t.v. programs, that’s we must study the word for ourselves, pray for wisdom, and discernment. Blessings All. Give it to God

      • says

        Im not very surprised by this because he has always been crocked and very dishonest and i also think that he shouldnt be so judgemental as he was in 1984 with that interview and no i dont aggree with brother swaggart

  10. says

    How very sad that the love we are suppose to have tor Jesus has degenerated this low. Ive been taught that you reap what you sow. I greive for the souls of men who try to deceive God. I pray that he have mercy upon them but he is a jealous God and vengeance is his and will be meted out in their lives.

  11. says

    to check out The Swaggart error Biblically go to tree of life fellowship.net then to the bookstore and check out the book on the Conspiracy of the Prophets. The book deals with the various false doctrines that they perpetuate from his writings and goes directly to the scripture to refute this dangerous wolf and group of wolves that abide in Baton Rouge

  12. says

    Yea, they are wrong to be using NON-profit resources FOR profit ventures! Shame on Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for such conniving misuse and abuse of their employees and generous doner’s money!

    Here’s the website: http://starcomprinting.com/

    Starcom Printing is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are an experienced printing company that has successfully handled the printing needs for many satisfied customers. With the ongoing advances in technology we can now bring high-quallity professional printing to you.

    How do we do this?
    With the printers we have we can offer the best in digital printing to you the customer. With the various products we offer we can meet the needs that you have and help you to experience growth in your business no matter how large or small.

    Small Business Printing?
    Yes, one of the many benefits available through Starcom Printing is the ability to run a job of 100 – 10,000. We don’t charge you outrageous fees for the small runs either. With our competitive pricing we can offer you the best options for your company.

    As you can see this website is still under construction.
    Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

    • says

      Note the Ministries address on the StarComPrinting website’s CONTACT page:

      Phone: (225) 768-3287
      Fax: (225) 768-3235
      E-Mail: Sales / Customer Service
      Mailing Address:
      8919 World Ministry Ave
      Baton Rouge, LA 70810

      • Jon Ciotti says

        I have a question. It seems to me that all of the associate pastors try to impress JS. When they preach its like seeing JS puppets, I’m not trying to be cruel but I just sense they want his approval so much that they are willing, at any cost, to protect JS. Am I off base at all? The only one I see a little different is Gabriel, its like he’s trying to make his own way but he’s so much influenced by the rest of his family and there are times I sense he’s very frustrated not knowing what to do. I truly sense he loves the Lord and is sincere in working with the youth.

        • dan says

          Gabe is one of the most sincere and Godly person that i know. I worked with him everyday for over a year. he is human like us all, but believe me when I say he truly truly truly cares for souls and has he heart for young people. I don’t trust a lot of people, i’m just one of those people.. I can say with 100% confidence that Gabe is an anointed evangelist. The other pastors are very Godly men who love the Lord in fact Bro. Bob is the most patient kind person you will ever meet. They all have different personalities, but they think for themselves, they are not just trying to impress Bro. Swaggart they believe what they say, and live it day to day. Very dedicated and hard working men of God. When say hard working i mean i have seen them work 18 hours in a day. Of course none of us are perfect, I no longer work there due to family issues that I had. I have every bit of confidence in where the money goes, and where the Bible’s go. I believe they teach the Word of God and are doing more to see people saved than anyone i can think of, that’s just my opinion, but coming from a stingy cynical guy like myself, it’s where i send my money. You can read all the “hersey” comments on this site, but I was there for over a year and worked in almost every aspect of the ministry and still consider it my home! You won’t find love in many churches nowadays, but you will in Baton Rouge. That’s my opinion, and I think Gabe will see many come to the Lord through his work as he is really only beginning. That’s my 2cents!! :)-

        • James says

          Gabriel Swaggart is a daddy clone through and through. You can’t help but realize the only preaching he listens to are those at this ‘ministry’, primarily dad and papa. The delivery is textbook dad with a dash of papa.

  13. Mary says

    These kind of things were going on at JSM when I worked there in the middle 80s. They are not new. My friend drove a truck with equipment to the Crusades, which were the biggest part of the Ministry in the 80s. Jimmy would hold one in a major U.S. city about once a month or couple of months. I do not forget the exact details of the wrong things my friend’s immediate boss was doing, but they were bad, and my friend made the mistake of thinking Jimmy was “unaware” and would surely fix it if he knew. Well, my friend told a higher up, and got himself fired. Jimmy indeed did know everything that was going on. Honesty and integrity are not held high there and never have been. If you work there you soon learn everything is veiled in a cloak of secrecy and run like a dictatorship. No, they have little mercy on their employees trying to eke out a living and supporting a family on their low salaries. And if you do not tithe, you are called on the carpet for it. Never mind there is no New Testament law of tithing.

  14. Sheila Hadley says

    wow, and I just donated money , again…to JSM! This is really hard to believe. It’s like, who can you trust in the Ministry anymore???

    • Mishel says

      You can’t trust anyone unless you are close enough to them and know them well enough to KNOW that they are walking the walk so to speak. You would be far better off to either give you your local congregation or give to those who come across your path who are in need. Jesus clearly warned us that the last days would be marked by deception and apostasy. Unfortunately, we are there.

      • says

        I could not agree with you more
        You are a very courageous person to be a whistle blower so to speak these Charletons will be tossed into hell someday for their phony lives unless they truly repent God bless you Christian

    • Thomas says

      My advice is, stop donating money to organisations, ministries alltogether! If you see someone walking in the streets, searching in rubbish bins for food or empty bottles go to the person and give him five or ten dollars directly in his/her hand, wish them a nice day, gods blessing and leave.

  15. Greta says

    I’m frankly shocked that JSM would print these products.

    All I can figure out is that they are trying to run a separate business to help pay for the printing part of their operation. If they are doing that, then the printing business needs to be totally separate from the Ministry. I do know that many Ministers have to also work in the secular world. I wouldn’t have a problem with just regular printing jobs, but given JSM’s stance on hip-hop & rap, this does surprise me.

  16. betty sosh says

    Does all the singers and preachers there know this is going on Only thing I can say they know what God says about this stuff and where there souls are going. I pray for people who put their faith in man The blood of all those people are on their hands. I have always felt something was wrong.

    • Mishel says

      I can not answer for them as to whether they knew about the printing. Caleb Berg certainly did. The lewd truck with hip hop artists plastered all over it seemed to be outside the printing department constantly. Surely they are choosing to be ignorant if they are not aware of THAT fact. However, despite the fact that the ministry rails against the music many listen to it- sad fact.

  17. john mills says

    I believe this story to be a pure lie and defy you to prove it in a court of law. Otherwise, it is nothing more than slanderous hear say and you should be ashamed !!

    • Mishel says

      I would LOVE to have the opportunity to prove it in a court of law- problem is – it would have to be the Swaggarts who brought the lawsuit. Have you ever wondered why they have not done that? Because they KNOW it is true and they know I have the evidence. I have more I have not written about. They have already threatened me with a lawsuit if I did not take the website down. I laughed. That was about 2 years ago I think. No lawsuit yet. Why did I not comply? Because I KNOW that they do not have a leg to stand on AND SO DO THEY. The truth is though, you do not WANT to know the Truth and you do not love Truth. Admit it, it does not matter if this is true or not- you will still follow him.

      • betty sosh says

        I would post it in the Baton Rouge newspaper or get a reporter from out of town and let him put it on news chanel give it to Bill O”rilly they don”t like him anyway

        • Mishel says

          Well that sounds good until you realize that the Baton Rouge paper is leasing their building from Jimmy Swaggart. Interesting that nothing negative has appeared in their paper since that time. Bill O’Reily would not give this the time of day- he is old news as far as they are concerned. The media is just not interested.

  18. Jeannette Kearney says

    Greetings Mishel,

    Last Spring I stumbled upon SBN and was surprised that Jimmy Swaggart was still on the air; in light of
    his prior sex-capades. The “Frances and Friends” question/answer call-in segment prompted the topic
    of why, and how, was Canaan ( the grandson of Noah) cursed; when the actual offense was committed
    by Ham (his father).

    I could not believe my ears when Donnie suggested that Canaan was a product of incest, between Ham
    and Mrs. Noah (his grandmother). Donnie went on to say that the curse was possibly the turning of
    Canaan’s skin from white to black…..in light of the fact that there weren’t any Black People before
    the antediluvian. His justification for saying this was…the Hebrew word “Adamah” means ‘ruddy’
    complexion, of which Adam’s name was a derivative…hence Adam was ‘White’, and so were the
    Jewish People who genetically produced Jesus.

    Another caller reminded Donnie that this type reasoning perpetrated and justified the Transatlantic
    Slave Trade in many minds. Donny stated that while slavery was unfortunate and wrong, we
    should acknowledge the good that came out of it…..Heathen slaves were taken out of a poor third
    world country, and brought to a better land, where they were able to learn about Christianity.

    Needless to say, I wrote to the JSM ministry that very day. I expressed my dismay with Donnie’s
    answers, and what they signified. I also supplied them with information concerning genetic
    phenotypes, and the actual definition of the Hebrew Word “Adamah”; meaning ground/earth
    of which Adam was taken.
    I did not receive a response/acknowledgment to that letter, so I sent another…regarding the same
    topic of Race, and why couldn’t Adam have had Asian or African skin tones. This time I received a response…well, sort of.
    Someone named Maryanne Tracy (I assume she is a secretary) wrote an e-mail stating she hoped the ministry
    has helped me…..(huh)????? None of my questions or statements were addressed. She then thanked me
    for taking the time to write to the ministry.

    This type of shenanigan should not be practiced within a Christian Ministry. Now, I periodically listen to
    their programming and have caught them in additional lies and infractions of God’s Word.
    I too am trying to figure out their ‘new revelation’ of “The Message of The Cross”. Somehow I get
    the feeling that it is Catholic/Anti-Christ inspired…without them realizing it. After all, this New Age
    kingdom that controls the airwaves seldom allows true Christian doctrine to have airtime.
    What are your thoughts?

    Your Sister In Christ

    • Mishel says

      You are right on with your assessment of the situation. I shook my head when I was reading your comment, it boggles my mind how anyone claiming to be a minister of the Gospel could be that Biblically illiterate. As far as you writing the ministry, your experience is no different that hundreds of others who write in. The Swaggarts never see those letters and they are just replied to with standard replies by the secretaries. MaryAnne Tracy is the Sister in Law to Nicky Tracy who is Jimmy’s secretary. I feel bad for people that waste their time writing in, truth is, they do not care what people have to say (although they do care if there is a check enclosed). They have veered so far off course now that they believe they are the only ones who are right and make fun and mock people who say otherwise. The sad thing is that most people do not love Truth enough to study out what they are saying- they will take their word for it. I am so glad you can see beyond it!

  19. Dave says

    I was a Swaggerite addicted to the teaching of the cross, the energy of the music and the constant flow of emotions exhibited by each of the Swaggerts. I was drawn by my own lusts to respond to his deceptions through my dependance upon him and his “Secret” understanding of the cross to get me closer to Jesus. It took a long time for me to realize that all that was done was carefully crafted not to bring me closer to Jesus but rather to keep me as a follower and supporter of his ministry using Jesus and the cross as the draw card. Really I don’t think the Swaggarts are really that much different than other high profile ministries, they market their wares with a unique trade marks as well and will do what they must do to keep their share of the gullible Christians market.
    I’m glad that you have spoken up, thanks.

    Oh…Why did God curse Cannan for Ham’s actions…ask Gabriel…his course is set because of grandpa’s example and expectations if he doesn’t seek Jesus on his own.

    • betty sosh says

      You are right on brother ,if you don”t believe like them then your wrong,but yet they never listen to any other preachers on tv but good if someone says something about them they dismiss them I have wrote to them and they never reply I believe in the trinity but I believe in babtizing in the name of Jesus they call you oneless right off the bat, Francis and Donnie have a mean spirit on them and ive told them that and Bob the sax player use to talk to me but when I ask him were soandso went he said I dont know and dont care I said they hired your sister to sing and knew she wasnt a christian and she told about them I guess your sister is a liarer too I said the love of money will put you in hell he said if you dont like us then turn the channel I said i do most of the time but I do pray for all of yall I also told Loren Larson how can a man be so smart but yet buy in to this foolish didnt get a reply but I got news for them they might make it to heaven Im not a judge only God knows but I can judge them by their fruits and the sow some pretty bad ones

      • James says

        Are you texting or typing. How about some commars and full stops. Small mercy. At least you began with a capital letter!

  20. Mary Nixon says

    This is so upsetting. I had so much faith in the Swaggarts. I tithe and watch them every time I get a chance. I might not tithe thousands but what I did was from the heart. I would watch Ms Frances on Frances and Friends every day.( Monday-Friday). How much their house cost which is their own business but then they buy it with church money and tithe well thats just too much and when Pastor Swaggart says his cars were given to him and it turns out it was taken out of church money. So I say it is so sad. I will not tithe there no longer-even though my tithe was small. I have chosen to give to a small church that’s not trying to make a empire. I’m sorry it came to this.
    God Bless

    • dan says

      You can’t believe all this gossip. I know first hand they are Godly people. Some of the commenters on this site are full of hate, and saying lies about people who are winning should for the Lord. Judge by the fruit. This gossip site or the Fruits of seeing people saved. I stand by my comments my name is Dan 404-409-8740. Any questions i’ll be glad to answer, I won’t hide behind a website. Praise the Lord for the should saved from people as the Swaggarts.

    • says

      Mary Nixon, please reconsider the reason you worship at JSM. Make sure that the object of your faith is God and not “so much faith in the swaggarts.” Many people make the error of worshiping the pastor for the Word that he preaching instead of the what the Word truly says out of the original bible to you. Do not make the music nor the pastors their the idols of your faith or worship. God alone is worthy of that. And this advise goes for any other place or church of ‘worship.’ God bless you.

  21. Mrs L says

    I don’t not want to touch the Lord’s anointed. I will leave that to the Lord. However, I was very disappointed when B.J left. I try to contribute to the share-a-ton, and I have requested a song by BJ, I notice that they will read my name, the amount, I can see them reading the request silently and ignore the request. It seems as if most of the songs that BJ did are now re-recorded. I cannot imagine what BJ could have done that they can’t even play the songs of praise to God. Yet, they play songs from former employees. I feel for BJ, she spent over 20 years there. I will continue to watch and support (because it is still the work of the Lord). I will not send my tithes, for I do not believe in being a member of a church so far away. I’m sure if I am in the hospital, they will not be visiting me, but my local pastor will!

  22. betty sosh says

    well I noticed dr.Jarret Flood and his wife no longer attend there and also Randy Knapps wasnt there at the campmeeting.I have noticed that during regular services they seem to have everone sat closer together because the back of the church has no one there Ive noticed alot of people that you use to see in the audience is not there ,Also they never say why or where people go Like the Holly guy that used to sing and the guitar player that use to play there and boo the drummer and Bob the sax Player and Randy all were from out of the clubs and that Bob was seen plying at a jazz club recently It burdens my heart for the sin they are doing I said if I lived there I couldnt go to church there because always wanting money.If God was in it they wouldnt have to have so many telethons,and on Frances and Friends they are so rude to people they call them ignort and stupid and Johnny Clary over there laughing and he his self as been degrated about his clothes from Francis and what gets me in the campmettings Donnies up there like a game show host come on we got 5 thousand lets get 6 and then wait wait wait we just got 50,000 praise the lord that is so stupid and like money changers in the temple and Jesus whipped them the love of money and you notice Ive never seen Frances in the same outfit and Jill acts so much like Frances with that stiff hair do and she don”t smile unless shes leading the service and Robin Herd is the worst singer they have Im sorry but his voice is irratating to me. I ask one of the singers where was randy at and they said ask Robin well he dont have a facebook. Im praying for these souls Martha,Tara,and Donna and Brian are the most annointed singers up there the new lady use to be a singer on there years ago, they may have built there church headed to the eastern skies but Im sorry I dont think that will help them out of the mess they got there self into.For one thing I think you can be forgiven from God for having the affair but I don”t think he should be leading the church just saying

  23. Norma says

    Today,Sun.April 27,2014 I amwatchingmorning service and heard J.S.talk about how bad hewastreated in the fifties when he worked for a plumber.I thought,that is how you all treat your employees.Why talk about people doing the same things you are doing?God help them.

  24. betty sosh says

    I ask Martha Borg where Randy went they sure keep there mouths shut if It was me I woulkdnt work for them at all they act like they are scared to death to say anything about any one they let go and its like they got a hold over the ones that leave whats uo with that?

    • Marie Woodruff says

      Frances and Friends is a ministry of hate. They’ve named almost every religion as something wrong with it, especially the Catholic church which they don’t even consider as Christian. They’ve written many books criticizing other religions. Most of the incoming inquiring emails are designed to criticize the Catholic church, which gives them the platform to spew off their hatred. The remaining incoming emails are designed to brag about their “great” ministry, or to say how good Frances looks. This is NOT a ministry of God.

      • betty says

        Im not a catholic but you are right they even put pentecostal people down they think they are the only one going to heaven all u can do is turn them off and pray for them

      • Johnny says

        Sorry but they are right about the Catholic Church, it is not Christian. Jesus Christ is the head of the church not the Pope. We don’t pray to idols only to God.

  25. says

    My glad I found your site,I have read my things about jsm and I am agreeing with most of the replies..if God was in why are they always asking for money .i do enjoy the the music I try not listen to the message but listen to the message.how can the preachers give a one bible verse for a whole if notice in the sermon Sunday when Donnie said the psalm was was not written by David I looked in uo in 3 commertries and they all it written by David when was dedicating this house to The Lord.they selling God for their on lifestyle .i was glad to see Randy back.

  26. sandra D. says

    Shame on you, all of you. I doubt if any of you even know what the moving of the holy spirit is. I think if you put trash like this out for new babes in the faith to read and get discouraged and it’s possible some may go back into the world and give up their faith simply because you write lies and trash like this. I fear for you and I pray you see the error of your ways. Pastors Jimmy and Frances have been the ministry for over 50 years. I remember how the Holy Spirit would be in those meeting back in those days and I feel the same flowing .now. I pray all of you who wrote these comments will fall on your face before God and ask.Him to forgive you and He will if you are sincere. When God calls a minister He never removes that calling. God uses People who were born in sin We are not perfect and Pastor Jimmy would be the first to say so, and another thing how would you manage a ministry a world focus. I don’t know how they keep going they work 7 days a week and are in there late 70’s. So be careful what you say . You are to be walking in love and none of you on this site are surely not doing that. How could you trash a Woman of God like Frances Swaggart. she isn’t afraid of speaking out about any thing. She works like Jesus was coming tomorrow. SELA
    Sandra Dragg
    Media member

    • JSRose says

      “I fear for you… “??? There’s no reason to “fear” for a believer who speaks truth! If you love the swaggart clan, like you say you do, you would “fear” for them. You really need to read a Bible… FOR YOURSELF. Don’t listen to the swaggarts read it to you. Don’t listen to lucifer’s “touch not God’s anointed… “, Scripture-twisting scam… and study out… IN CONTEXT, what that Scripture (“touch not… “) is actually all about. BTW- Does that “50 years of ministry” include the years he was feeding his extreme perversion… which included asking for the hooker to have her daughter “participate”? And you’re going to question Mishel’s credibility or be concerned about HER safety? That’s laughable.

      • Mitch says

        You people really are a trip,, this is a bunch of self righteous nonsense. If Jimmy Swaggart doesn’t make Heaven then NONE of us are going! You people are the same bunch that caused Christ to draw in the dirt; He probably had to do that to keep from killing all of you morons…What was He writing? Maybe the words “self righteous FOOLS”…..

        • Hector says

          This site is a work of the enemy. If all this is true, God have mercy on the Swaggarts and the person who started this whole scandal because they both are hurting God’s children by disappointing them and turning them away from God..

    • dan says

      Sandra D.Your 100% correct. This seems to be some kind of “hate” or “gossip” site. So much of it is so far from the truth it’s almost funny, if it were not so sad. I know the Swaggarts and they are nothing like they are being gossiped about on this site. It’s America so were all free to be 100% wrong and have a website about it. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ!!!

  27. Brigid Vidrio-Zapata says

    Hello, I just happened to stumble unto your Website. Or should I say, “Holy Spirit led”! I’m very interested in finding out more of the JSM current post. My husband & I are current “Media” members, we don’t attend a local church so we watch SBN. I have recently been convicted by the verse, Hebrews 10:25, thinking that we should be attending a church that is a “part of the body of Christ”. I believe if God’s all-knowing wisdom would have told the “body of Christ” that a end-time prophecy would be to become a “media” member of the Church. I clumsily said that I’m having serious doubts about the JSM dynasty. I’m going to pray for the Holy Spirit’s revelation for the truth. Thank you for having the courage to stand for the truth. Sincerely, Brigid Vidrio-Zapata

  28. Paul C. says

    I would like for you to explain this to me regarding JSM. How is it that you see the Holy Spirit working in this ministry, yet you condemn their ministry so? How do you explain the messages in tongues and speaking in tongues if their ministry is un-Godly? I may be wrong, but I don’t think the Holy Spirit would anoint the preaching and music if it were not of GOD. I don’t think the messages in tongues would happen if their ministry were as corrupt as you say it is. They deliver Bibles to people all over the world as well as preaching the word of GOD to everywhere they are allowed in order to reach the world with the saving Grace of JESUS CHRIST. Their main concern is salvation for the lost. If not, then prove me wrong. If in fact what you and others say is really going on, then I would think GOD would allow wrath to consume their ministry. Yet, they continue to expand their air time to reach a dying world. I don’t think GOD would continue to bless their ministry with increased air time and Bibles sent to remote parts of the world so people can hear the word of GOD possibly for the first time. Does the Bible not say to “go unto all the world and preach the Gospel”? Satan is a slick as they come, especially when it comes to discrediting those who preach the truth.

    • Mishel says

      oh if I had a dime for every time I have heard this argument. I know it is a confusing thing when you see God supposedly using someone who is actually living a very wicked life. It sets up what Psychologists call cognitive dissonance. It causes the mind distress to think of someone evil actually speaking (some) truth, speaking in tongues, and supposedly furthering the Gospel. In order to reconcile it the person attacks the messenger as the one being from Satan because then it makes it all make sense and fit neatly in a nice little box. Well you are fundamentally mistaken on a few points.
      First- the gifts and calling are without repentance- Baalam comes to mind. He still had the gift to prophesy but he most CERTAINLY was not doing so out of the right motivation.
      Second- there are some who may sound legit but are actually controlled by Satan- as in Simon the Sorcerer.
      Thirdly- there are some that are just outright duplicitous. Duplicity is the nature of evil as it is the nature of Satan himself. Duplicitous people are capable of the deepest of deception. They present to the world one face but deep inside they are someone completely different.
      Fourthly you assume that only people filled with the HOLY spirit can speak in tongues. Not true. Satanists can speak in tongues and so can those of many Eastern Religions. Surely you are not saying that THEY have the Holy Ghost? You can not simply equate speaking in tongues with holiness- that is foolishness.
      Fifthly, lets talk about those Bibles. The Swaggarts ONLY give Bibles that have been paid for by someone else’s donation. They give NOTHING for free to ANYONE- ask people who have worked there and they will confirm this. If someone sends in 80.00 and says they want to donate a bible to someone in need then the Swaggarts do that- they donate a Bible. But let’s take a closer look. That Bible only COST them 14.00 to have made- that’s right. they pay between 14 and 15 dollars to the manufacturer. So in my estimation the Swaggarts have taken a donation for 80.00- sent a Bible and pocketed 65.00. Not only do Swaggarts look like wonderful Christian people by claiming they sent the Bible but they also get to pocket a good portion of the donation. How exactly is this GIVING AWAY Bibles?

      Please do not assume that you are incapable of being deceived.

      • C. M. P. says

        I believe you are absolutely right. I used to watch JS in the seventies, bought his books, etc., and always believed my money was going to help people- but I always had this feeling I was getting “fleeced.” Recently I watched their “Shows” and I did notice how they put down other churches. This is just wrong! We are going to be together in Heaven someday, so we’d better get along down here first! People have also commented on they’re botoxed faces, and how people their age normally have lines! I can only think, is this where peoples offerings are going? What a shame.

    • E. J. says

      I have a VHS tape of one of their old services from several years ago. It was a Home Church tape that they duplicated and sold without any editing whatsoever. At one point in the service someone starts speaking in tongues, and Donnie starts getting all emotional. Before you know it he is lying on the floor crying and saying “Yes, Lord”, etc. Then comes the interpretation of the tongues into English. A woman is giving the interpretation, and they put the camera on her and left it on her. Unfortunately, they zoomed in just a little bit too close and left it on her for too long, because you could VERY CLEARLY see her turn the page of the script that she was reading to interpret the tongues that had just been spoken. That was all the proof I needed to see how fake everything was.

      • Mishel says

        Wow- that would be worth its weight in gold if you could get it changed over to digital format- I would certainly put it on this site.

    • Thomas says

      You can go to any bookstore and buy yourself a bible. In our churchcommunity(Christusgemeinde- i am writing from germany) you can even get a used bible for free- no problem)
      you don´t need a hand signed copy of mr. swaggerts own bible for a donation of 500 dollars ….

  29. Jennifer says

    I just wanted to say that since I have understood the Message of the Cross, my life has never been the same again. I have read all that has been said that goes on behind the scenes. If it is true, it is unbelievable! It seems that some things happened a few years ago to many years ago. Is this stuff still going on in 2014? Does anyone know? I have friends who work there and they say it is very secretive, but have not mentioned anything on the scale of employer abuse. Is it possible things have improved there? I have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit through listening to the singing and preaching, and He has moved in my family in a very big way since I began understanding the Message of the Cross. I wanted to mention that they hired two people I know about a year ago who were practically homeless, on the spot, and helped them with housing, and those people are happily employed there. I am only sincerely asking if it’s possible that conditions are better. Apparently I’m having a hard time understanding how my life has changed dramatically, people saved, financial blessing, a closer walk with Jesus than ever before, countless answered prayers and miracles happening in my and my family’s life, since I opened my heart to the Message they preach, yet this stuff is going on behind the scenes. This boggles my mind.

    • John says

      If you have understood ” the message of the cross” I assume that you have come to the understanding that faith is all you need to live for God. This is a simple truth and can be quite liberating to Christians that have struggled thinking that they just don’t measure up. I’m not going to try to throw a bunch of technical things at you I would just ask you to be discerning with what JSM teaches. There is some truth but they fall short in many areas teaching that ” faith in the cross” is all you need. While I understand this appeal the truth is Jesus died on the cross and rose again, while the cross is important the resurrection is always mentioned by Paul in connection with the cross. JSM fails in this area as well as giving the believer very little personal responsibility and even teaching that ” satan can override your will”. I’m glad you are getting closer to The Lord but don’t make the mistake of attributing this to JSM, there are Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodist ect,ect that get closer to The Lord every day. God draws anyone that desires him not those with perfect doctrine. The swaggarts doctrine certainly has many holes and is muddled by their own bitterness. Instead of loving the body of Christ they daily divide the body out of their own hurt and bitterness. This is sad.

  30. Mwill says

    Hello, I will be the first to say I KNOW nothing about their current spiritual state. They Preach The Cross of Jesus Christ and are gifted singers. I am not going to make assumptions based on their past, if they are currently doing sinful things God will reveal it to those who really want to know…. We must remember Gods word will get out and do what it’s meant to do. Some believe just because God uses people in a mighty way to bring the message of salvation means they are living in accordance with scripture. We must NOT forget the scripture that says,”Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”-Matt 7:22-23 . If the ministry is blessing you and you don’t know for a FACT that they are indulging in sinful acts then There is Nothing wrong with you feeding off the word but if you KNOW they are doing things against God and continue to support them , then will you be held accountable . To know right and not do it is sin…. I hoped I helped! Blessings

  31. Mary Scott says

    Does anyone know what Johnny Lee Clary did to get thrown off of Frances and Friends?
    He always seemed so sincere, and innocent, but I know he is devoted to the Swaggarts,
    even now in spite of their shoddy treatment of him.
    Donnie, when asked on air if Johnny Lee would be returning, offered a curt reply, “No.”
    I’ve heard over the years that it doesn’t take much to incur their wrath.
    Any idea what happened?

    • Jo-Ann says

      Very Interesting, I saw him on the platform this Sunday and last Sunday, seemed to be friendly with the other pastors, however yes on that same boradcast with Donnie another caller asked him that same question, Where is johhny Lee Clary? and he answered with a laugh, and mike mullagan laughed too, Donnie said ” Well we needed to make some changes.”
      So I don’t know what the laugh or what changes needed to be made.
      Mary your guess is as good as mine…. In the long run things that are hidden always come to light sooner or later.

      • Mary Scott says

        Found this on Johhny Lee’s Facebook page:

        First I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, love and encouragement that I have been receiving. Melissa and I are overwhelmed by the amount of phone calls, emails, and social media posts you have made to us on Facebook and Twitter and we love you all dearly. To answer the question, yes there was a decision that there is no need for me to continue as a regular on SBN Shows at this time. However, there is no ill-will, bad blood or any ruckus. I am still very much a part of SBN, and am sitting on the platform with my pastors, Jimmy and Frances Swaggart every Wednesday and Sunday when I am not traveling. Melissa and I love the Swaggart Family with all of our hearts. I am grateful for the year and a half Pastor Frances Swaggart had me on her program and I enjoyed being on Share-A-Thons with Donnie Swaggart Ministries. Yes I will miss being on the programs but now I am anxious to see what God has for me in the next phase of my ministry. I still support SBN and Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. They are still running my advertisements on SBN for my meetings. I personally felt to make this statement to stop all the rumors that are flying around.

        • Jo-Ann says

          That’s how they do, when they have NO use for you and proberly not giving the money they want, they through you away like dirty dish rag, I really liked Johnny he brought a humble sincere perpective to the program, what a shame, he’ll be missed.

          • Mary Smith says

            Johnny Lee is so innocent and naive he probably doesn’t even realize he’s being
            treated like dirt. He may have said something that tweaked one of the Swaggarts,
            or they may have gotten a call from some big donor who didn’t care for Johnny’s past.
            Who knows?
            The point is he’s dispensible, and the viewers get a phony excuse about changing
            the show’s direction, which is a bald-faced lie.
            That LIE says a lot to me about Frances, who I really didn’t know much about,
            and didn’t lump her in with Jimmy.
            She was ALWAYS so friendly and chummy with Johnny Lee Clary.
            I guess it was all just show biz.

          • RUTH ZIMMERMAN says

            You go, Sandra!!!!!!!! There is NO way all this garbage is true! God told us of persecution in the last days. Who are ‘they’ going to go after 1st??? Of course one of the Godliest men to ever stand behind the pulpit!! If I was running from God, but yet wanted to ‘appear’ Godly…..Jimmy Swaggart Ministries would be the FIRST one I would attack!!!!

          • RUTH ZIMMERMAN says

            #1-Y’all are so off base about Johnny & the Swaggarts! My sister was married to Johnny’s brother for years. Out of that union came 3 beautiful children who we both love!
            Him & I didn’t click back in the 80’s when we 1st met. But I got saved June 1st, 2012. Thru the grapevine….I heard Johnny had gotten saved. Him & I reconnected & became very, very close!
            I know the story! I know the TRUTH! And Jo-Ann….they didn’t through him away nor did they THROW him away. He was still involved & still was friends with the Swaggarts.
            Johnny Lee Clary passed away yesterday from a heart attack! It wasn’t the Swaggart Family he was battling…..it was idiots like you!!!!!!!! Don’t mention his name on here again!! Y’all are not worthy! Of course….I will be expecting a “Swaggart broke the heart of Johnny Lee Clary….LITERALLY” from this hell-ish site I unfortunately came across!!!!
            BTW Jo-Ann…..you might want to see if you can go back to school!!

  32. says

    I had to laugh! If you think Francis never wears the same clothes twice apparently you hav’nt taken a good look at “Little Lord Fauntleroy”, (Donnie) lately!!! The man must have a closet the size of a football field. And, jewelry, he wears more “Bling” than the “Rap” artists he does CD covers for. Prediction: It is well known that Queen Elizabeth will bypass her son Prince Phillip and instead pass the Crown to his son William instead. It would not surprise to see King Jimmie Lee do the same thing !!!!! Finally, I have a question. We always hear about how many countries around the world now receive SBN yet, during Sharathons/Bibletons we only hear about a small percentage of foriegn donations. Where’s all the money from Central and South America, Eastern and Southern Europe, Russia, China, and all the Islands of the Sea? Does it exist? Maybe there does need to be (like another writer said) a Bill O’Reilly type of investigation.

  33. Lorena Aguilar says

    My husband and myself are Media members. I came across this site in trying to find out why Johnny Lee Clary, all of a sudden was no longer on Frances and Friends. I thought it was a bit strange the way things were handled. At least they should of said that he will no longer be on for he is moving on now to new and bigger things, or the like of it. The part of Donnie and his marriage difficulties has bothered me. Especially when he speaks on marriage. I feel they all should have been honest with the public and not be so secretive with everything. What ever, I do pray that God will deal with them all and have them to truly repent of all their wrong doings.

    • Jo-Ann says

      Sister, I agree with you and I had those same questions, yes, they all are very secretive, they are not transparent at all with their walk/life with Christ, Isn’t your life supposed to be a testimony?? They act as if they are perfect and when they do talk about life’s issues it’s always about what someone else is going through, a story they heard, or someone else’s testimony, they don’t ever talk about what they are going through, their hurts, pains and habits., Theirs NO transparency or any accountability whatsoever.
      Sister if you have issues with them, call them out on them, as one brother said on here “Question them, point out their errors and incorrect statements, They won’t ever acknowledge them, but at least they will be seen, and they will know that many parts of the Body of Christ disagrees with them.”

      • Patricia M. says

        AMEN!! You both have touched on the subjects I have been concerned about!!!

        Donnie Swaggart LIED about being married to Debbie for 40 years. He must have been brain dead during the time he was married to another woman. SonLife use to replay the older shows that featured all the previous singers. During one of these programs there was a blond woman sitting beside Donnie on the stage. It made me curious because she did NOT look like Debbie. I went online and found out that Donnie was married to a woman named Judy for a short time. Personally I really did not care that he was divorced. What bothered me is that Donnie NEVER said anything!! I think he is a pompous jerk!! I tried liking him, but there is something about him that makes me uncomfortable. He should have given GOD the GLORY for restoring his marriage! Instead he conveniently acts as though Judy never existed. It’s very familiar to how things were done with Jimmy. I hold nothing against Jimmy and I believe God forgives and forgets, but to act as though he never did anything feels wrong to me. God will be his final judge.

        I agree, the Swaggarts act as though they are perfect and DO NOT have accountability. On Thursdays Francis and Friends Donnie became frustrated/angry with a caller that told him that he had stopped supporting Jimmy because of “Jimmie’s troubles” in the 80s.

        I no longer support them and will not in the future because of the concerns that you both mentioned. I financially supported them in the past, but I will admit I always felt a “twinge” in my spirit. At first I blamed the devil and continued supporting them until that “twinge” became a SCREAM. I knew then that I needed to take a step back and reevaluate.

        Thank you for publishing this website. Now I know I was not alone in my concerns!!

        God Bless!!!!

        • Jo-Ann says

          I’m so glad sister you realized the falsity of Jimmy, Donnie, and Frances. They do need our prayers, but I’m glad Mishel website helped you; it seems we are all on one accord here, thank God for discernment.

  34. Mary Scott says

    There were people on this thread who said they were from Louisianna, and KNEW
    what was going on inside the “ministry”.
    I was hoping SOMEONE would come forward and explain why they dumped Johnny Lee Clary.
    They said they were changing the format, but as of today 8/26/14, it hasn’t changed one iota.
    Either that was a bald faced lie, or they haven’t gotten around to the “New Frances and Friends”, yet.

    When people who profess to be ministers of the gospel prevaricate or outright lie,
    they should be called on it. The people who support the “ministry”, and up until Johnny’s dismissal,
    I was one, have a RIGHT to know what’s going on, since WE BANKROLL the whole enterprise,
    including Donnie’s BLING, and Frances’ beautiful wardrobe, and their mansions, and wonderful; vehicles.

    Jimmy and Frances are quick to attack others who abuse the gospel, and I can appreciate that,
    but they apparently do NOT hold themselves to the same hign standard.

    • Dave says

      Everyone should pray that all this will be revealed on national tv. Pray that they will be seen as who they are. If we pray with a loving heart and not a deceitful heart, god will hear from his people. If all that you say that they are doing, then it will be revealed. If this is prayed about as much as it’s talked about then god will hear

    • Elaine says

      Mary, It is wrong to misrepresent a brother or sister in Christ. Jimmy Lee DIED. He didn’t get dumped. It is important that you make that right.

      • says

        First his name is Johnnie. Secondly he died way after being removed from F&F. Donnie treated him horribly. They were doing a shar–athon and both being tired starting joking around. I guess Johniie got “out of line” as did Donnie. So since he won’t fire himself, they did Johnnie. Johnnie did a have a heart attack, but it was also broken.

  35. John says

    Jimmy and Frances are quick to attack others who abuse the gospel, and I can appreciate that,
    but they apparently do NOT hold themselves to the same hign standard.

    This is the little prick in your conscience thats exposes whats going on at JSM. The speak some truth but in reality they are very hypocritical

  36. stanley says

    Greetings everyone my name is stanley & i am from Nigeria. I just want 2 say that Sbn(Jsm) is a blessing to me & i love this ministry just like i love other ministries that preach jesus & his victorious work on the cross not a wooden beam. I disagree with them on some certain subjects which i believe the Bible does not support or give an answer to, which sometimes they put in their own assumptions but ín general they are a Godly ministry. I might not live in the U.S.A but guys u shouldn’t be trashing their names or ministry but pray for them, forgive them & if the preach error Point it out & back it üp with scripture not with insults we are the Light of the world.
    Thank you

  37. Brian D says

    In reading this post, I now have confirmation on the word from the Lord. When I came across JSM on Dish network, I was rather surprised that he was still going after all these years, and back on TV. I do enjoy his services, mainly the worship time. I asked the Lord if I should begin to send money to support them. The answer I got was a definite “No”. Why? The answer was “pride”. The sin of pride is entrenched with this ministry.

    When we look at verses such as Philippians 1:15-18, or Mark 9:38-40, or even Matt 7:21-23, you will notice that the Gospel will go out even from those who are doing so while still living in sin, wrong motives, etc. The Word of God, and His Spirit will still do Their work even from questionable sources. But those sources are going to be judged, just like us. No favoritism, period.

    The next word from the Lord concerning this ministry, if I’m truly hearing from Him on this, is that when Jimmy passes, JSM will fall apart. I don’t know how fast that’ll happen, but it will.

    Eph 5: 8-13 says we are children of the light and are to walk as such. We are not to have fellowship with darkness, but are to expose it. So thank you for exposing this darkness, the apostles sure would have. This ministry needs accountability apart from the family, but pride will not allow that to happen here I’m afraid.

  38. Jo-Ann says

    I have to say, as far as this printing situation: I bet and I guarantee the swaggerts will tell you it is all about business, they will say we signed and are in contract with this company that is giving them the material to print their stuff and it is nothing personal but business.
    My thing is jimmy swaggart, since that is the case, why do you have your grandson up on the platform preaching against the very thing that as say you are in business with??? It would have been better that Gabriel keep his mouth shut and not talk about the MUSIC of the world, rap and etc.
    The swaggarts are completely hypocrites and just plain ignorant.

  39. says

    I am very upset that Johnny has been removed from Frances and Friends. I have known Johnny for many, many years and a more honest and sincere person you will not find. I was unaware when I first met Johnny in the 1980s that he was in the KKK. When I found out about his past, I was shocked. However, the Johnny I knew then was caring, friendly and kept a promise. Following Johnny’s transformation through the years was not a surprise as the real Johnny was a good and decent person. This proved to be true as his ministry grew and his field of influence grew. One thing I know about Johnny Lee Clary is that he is not a hypocrite. As I watched that panel on Frances and Friends, I felt that he was the only real and honest person there. To see the Swaggarts preach and judge others after their own house continues to be in disrepair sickens me and only reinforces my belief about television ministries. I know Johnny will continue to be who he is and continue to grow in God. He has made a difference in many people’s lives and will continue to do so. The Swaggarts have cried tears over family issues however they are surely crocodile tears which is appropriate since their confessions are always about the green anyway. Johnny is real and the Swaggarts steal.

  40. JohnBoy says

    What are you people doing to spread the gospel of Christ? Not one of you actually stated what you believe and how much time and money you spend to inform people of your personal beliefs. If I really look into each individual who has criticized the Swaggarts I think I would find that I would discover that most of you that hate the Swaggarts actually despise any ministry that teaches biblical truth.

    • John Galyon says

      “Not one of you actually stated what you believe and how much time and money you spend to inform people of your personal beliefs.” – Johnboy

      Well…neither have you, Johnboy! There’s an old saying here in the South; something about “the pot calling the kettle black…”. Ever heard that?

      “If I really look into each individual who has criticized the Swaggarts I think I would find that I would discover that most of you that hate the Swaggarts actually despise any ministry that teaches biblical truth.”. – Johnboy

      There’s another saying about people who make assumptions. Ever hear that one? 😉

  41. Mitch Baria says

    Unbelievable! I just don’t know what to say…I had no idea that Johnny Lee Clary was dismissed, that’s a shock as well as hearing of his passing the other day.
    I cant believe all of the hate and animosity towards the Swaggarts but I guess it’s always been around and mainly from supposed Christians. If the Swaggarts bring this out in most of you then maybe some spiritual porch sweeping is in order in your own lives. I was led to the Lord by Brother Swaggart about ten months ago and I’m probably one of the MILLIONS. It seems pretty amazing to me that out of seventy nine years Brother Swaggart has had on this earth that seventy one of them have certainly not been waisted. In fact, during much of the last 25 or so years while it would seemingly have been more easy for him to have just quit, a winner by the worlds standards, and not subjected himself to all the public ridicule that he suffered for his personal failures, he just continued to lead people to the Lord. Thank God he didn’t just quit and sit in his big house with his money, instead he goes out everyday and continues to lead people to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior. So I have to ask all of you that spend your time hating the Prophet of God, how many people have you led to the Lord in your time here on this rock(especially you Bruce)?

  42. Samantha says

    With all respect, I thank the Lord for sbn. Most of my Christian life ive struggle on living a life for God. Ive turned to many well known “Christian leaders” for help, but I was always given the “what to do” instead of the “how to do” which resulted in many failures. For a whole week the Lord had placed it in my heart to Read Romans 5,6,7 and 1Corinthians 1. There was something the Lord wanted me to understand but then for some reason the Lord placed it in my heart to turn on the TV. And randomly ive came across SBN, never heard of it nor of jimmy swaggart my whole life and im 20 years of age. But coming across the channel, they where teaching exactly what I was reading. I knew that it was the Lord. I now realize that every answer is found at the Cross of Christ. Since then Ive now truly understood ABUNDANT LIFE, PEACE, JOY, VICTORY, is now everyday of my life because of the Cross of Christ.
    As Paul would say in Romans7, he wish to do but he always failed. He lived a miserable Christian life until God revealed to him How to walk in VICTORY, Joy, Peace, and ect. And that is by Faith alone in the Finished work on the Cross. I now wake up with a shout, with praise, with abundant life, with peace as a believer.
    And ever since learning from sbn ive gotten many who came and said did you know this ministry did this in the past, and that so and so did this and that in the past, many times ive been called a fool for listening, but God always tells me be still. The Lord continues to teach me His Mercy, His Humility, and His Patients within His Grace. He reminds me that while others may think we as a ministry is finish, God says He is not done with us yet, not until that trumpet sounds. Though we may look like a minority in the Christian world, but with the message of the Cross, God sees us as the majority within His Son. This ministry has been through many things than any others out there today and I believe its because the devil knows that the message of the Cross is saving souls, and God knows that our Faith is being tested through this wilderness.
    Ive learned soo much about my Lord by the Spirit of God moving in the ministry that even my love ones getting saved and edified by watching. People I would never think that would talk about Jesus, even myself, now wakes up hungry for the Word of God EVERYDAY. Its not about who’s on whose side, it’s not about how much failures one did in the past. It’s ALL about enduring to the end as the body of Christ that when one falls, we don’t be like the devil and tell them of their past, but we point of them towards the one who holds the future no matter who they may be!

    • says

      Praise God for your testimony! And despite all you have heard of the JSM you have been faithful in desiring to learn of the Lord and not of the man at JSM. And be assured that the reason that you are growing and learning in the Lord is not because of man but because you are following,desiring, and obeying the Holy Spirit’s guiding. And you should always follow His guidance into where He leads you to learn Truth. However, this does not negate truths that has been exposed and may still remain at the JSM. Truth is truth. We were all born in sin and sin remains (though it is not our Master) in life and this includes the JSM’s. And I would be the first to encourage grown and maturity in God by studying yourself the Word. JSM does indeed preach the Word correctly and soundly, albeit some of their activities and actions might not be so righteous but hey, none of us are righteous in the flesh. Keep on following Jesus and if and when He moves you to another source of learning or different site, then go with His blessings that your learning is complete at JSM. And many blessings to you on your journey to new revealed knowledge in the joy of the Lord. T.

      • Rob says

        What you said is correct. I agree that we are not perfect and jsm does speak the truth about the bible. Are they setting good examples off the camera that’s for the Lord to handle because im not there and I’m not there condemner I have heard a lot of hearsay and honestly didn’t the word say not to gossip. Judge yourself(examine) if you be of Faith. You don’t have to donate. You don’t have participate. Its who shall ever will. I’m there to learn the word of God not to make them rich. Less I even know how to run a ministry that has grown worldwide.let there own sin be for the lord to judge not you. Excuse my spelling I’m terrible at it.

  43. Mable Sue Cox says

    I love Frances and Friends , I think they dress very pretty, I happy they can. And they do teach and preach the truth. I agree with there teachings, I live in Kentucky and grew up poor and with no teaching about God and l got saved at a little church. And my husband found SBN about four years ago and I have learn so much and been bless. God Bless The Swaggart Family!!

  44. Will says

    I was employed for Pat Robertson’s CBN for some time. During my time there I noticed that the majority of ministry involved little more than fundraising. They do have Operation Blessing, an orphan ministry and such that of course are very good charitable programs. However, the major thrust was fundraising.

    Every call we received was recorded, a computer kept count of money raised during each call. A log was kept giving a percentage of money raised per call taken. Unless it was a distressed caller you had to hit them up for money every time!

    When taking suicide calls you were timed and encouraged to end the call quickly because a donor may be waiting to get a call through. Salvation calls were to be sped along because potential donors were perhaps waiting. If you tarried too long leading someone to Christ, or talking someone out of suicide several potential donors may have become impatient and hung up, therefore costing CBN much needed funds!

    We made outbound calls to people who were kept in our data base who had called in in the past, and current 700 club members. In these scripted outbound calls we were instructed to say that either Pat or Gordon Robertson had personally asked us to call this individual and say so forth and so on, and of course ask for more funds. Now of course we never saw or heard from either Pat or Gordon, and I’m sure they had no idea that the individual we were calling even existed. lol

    Every so often product offers were made to be “freely” given. When the healing DVD by Pat came out it was discouraging when obviously very, very sick people called in to ask for the DVD only to be told, “Yes, the DVD is free….with your $25 a month 700 Club membership….if youre already a member, you can receive it if you upgrade your membership to $40 or more a month!” Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising!

    • Michele says


      This is disturbing on so many levels.
      How is this “Christian” in any way? Mind you, I’m not blaming you personally, but this is criminal!
      And were you given any training (by mental health professionals) in how to handle these calls? Did you have any referral numbers/resources you gave these callers? I’m just beyond….

  45. Sandi says

    I stopped supporting JSM after watching a broadcast of “Frances and Friends” condemning people who receive help from welfare ,
    Medicaid or Medicare as if they were nobodies! Then during their SharaThons they would gladly take $2 to $5 from some poor widow or someone with a disability assuring them that they would receive an abundant blessing from God because they gave the widow’s mite! I was one of those poor people. I don’t know what it was but I never felt right about giving to JSM until I read Matthew 21:12-13. These huge televangelists such as JSM, TBN, Daystar, CBN and other Mega Churches remind me so much of the money changers that Jesus overthrew in the Temple to cleanse it. I’m not saying that this verse specifically is referring to them but what I am saying is it reminds me of what our Lord and Savior did and what he said “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves!” Are churches really suppose to put this much focus on fundraising and selling their products to become as wealthy as these people do? As for JSM, the advertising sounds just like a bunch of car sells men to me. I personally asked for help from one of these Christian networks for a device that would help me regain my balance and walk right again. I wrote to one specific church for help and my answer came back in less than 1/2 an hour telling me “no!” I have no use for any of these large money making business organizations aka Mega Churches….thank God for the small, true Bible believing churches that are really doing the will of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It’s time to wake up to these preachers that sell snake oil especially if you live on a fixed income like me. Help the poor and needy in your own community or in a poverty nation and receive a true blessing from God instead of furnishing all these crooks with the materialistic things of this world. I know for a fact that I’ve been blessed by the Lord since I’ve stopped giving to them!

  46. T.B. says

    I am very sad reading about the Swaggarts, and how not to trust what they say, or preach,

    Must be we are very, very close to End Times.



      You cannot believe these self righteous idiots that have made it their personal mission to constantly attack the Swaggarts for being humans…freaking unbelievable! I don’t agree with everything the Swaggarts teach but Jimmy Seaggart and his family have led more people to our Lord than anyone that’s ever lived except for Christ himself…This site is total GARBAGE and should be taken down IMMEDIATELY!

  47. EM says

    Thank You for coming forward with truth! I believe the Lord is separating the sheep and goats now. Sheep eat grass, goats eat anything. What part of truth does Jimmy teach? He says in his expositor bible that the falling away is the rapture. What? The Greek word for falling away is Apostasia or Apostasy. Lol.. He has changed the word completely to suit his doctrine. Read the KJV yourself without his red letter comments . He is wrong all over the place. Another thing, neither he or Donnie qualify to be a preacher according to the bible standards of qualification for bishops or teachers in the bible. 1 Timothy 3:2 Titus 1:7. The word must be in Greek is ” binding”. So then, the Lord has lowered his standard for this position? I don’t think so. They are fleecing the sheep again and if you don’t see the truth, then you support the lie. Rev2:18 How many times have they been caught in a lie? Truth is truth whether people like it or not. Thanks again for being brave enough to expose them. I am greatful many eyes we’re opened on this site. This stuff has got to stop with them sooner or later.

    • carl phelps says

      The expositor bible, (notice NO caps) is total crap and heresy! Read your KJV without Jimmy’s red; Christ-like comments and learn the REAL TRUTH about Jesus. Who does this man, Swaggart think he is? All he can do is speak in tongues, “yaba daba do, yea ha” while screwing a hooker. The apple does NOT fall far from the tree!

    • carl phelps says

      The Bible says, BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEP’s clothing! The Swaggarts ARE the WOLVES and scam artists!!

  48. Frank Rizzo says

    This low life Charlatan and Grifter Swaggart and his entire family take advantage of uneducated, poor people who forget what evil these people have a proven track record of being and continue to be to this day!!!

    Wake up people!! Karma will catch up with this trash family, its just a matter of time!

    Someone need to track all of the donors money that flows into the property, luxury car, private jet trips and other fleecing of these poor sheep and their hard earned money into this dirt bags personal and family use!!

  49. Darin Pannell says

    Thank you so much for opening my eyes to JSM. I am a believer in the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON of GOD, JESUS. I was very close at being drawn into his “flock” and donate large amounts of money to his ministry but something stopped me. I started researching and came across your page and some of your interviews on the Swaggarts and I can’t thank you enough. God bless you and thank you.

  50. randy says

    Brother David Wilkerson wept and told J.S. to shut it all down years ago AND REPENT- according to Jim Cymbala
    there is definitely something rotten in Baton Rouge, and yes! judgment begins at God’s house!
    woe to those who do the work of The Lord deceitfully! Woe to those who love to have it so by omission and commission of financial support slothful wasteful stewards of wretchedness
    the church apostate has no ability to blush much less weep over sin anymore, The church should
    cleanse this filth out of it’s body turn this man’s flesh and his co horts over to the destruction of
    Satan that his soul might be saved in the repentant end- Remember Ananias and his wife? Remember Lots wife!
    all ye liars that shall have your part with them and their kind- some men’s sins are open before hand
    and some follow after when it will be to late repent beloved, There is a River Mr. Swaggart and their is a judgment for those who teach God’s word a greater condemnation James 3- there is a
    pit where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched you evidently can dish it out but
    can ye endure it? you told David Wilkerson he was out in left field…as he mourned for your arrogant
    soul the body of Christ should judge this as Apostle Paul outlined in 1 Corinthians 6
    but Jimmy is smarter than the Apostle Paul is he not?- as his Blasphemous expositor bible with words
    in Red states Jimmy has revelation knowledge Paul did not have you add damnation to your soul by adding to The Lord Jesus’s holy Word- Swaggart you give the enemies of God occasion to blaspheme,PLEASE God help your people
    to wake up and repent and give you Their devotion that the Lamb that was slain- may receive
    the reward of his sufferings the souls he paid for…Fear God and love the brethren…

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