Jimmy Swaggart Printing Scandal


What if I told you that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, a registered registered non-profit organization had used its MINISTRY print shop to print CD covers for Hip-Hop Bands and area night clubs using non-profit equipment and employees?

They called this side of the business StarCom, but it still operated under the non-profit umbrella of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. StarCom’s invoices plainly stated that checks were to be made payable to Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Furthermore, Caleb Berg, head of the ministry print shop, was the same person who was the head of StarCom printing! They were one and the same! It was the same building, the same employees, the same equipment, the same ink, and the same paper.

The ministry did everything in their power to cover this up. This included firing those who tried to bring it to light and shaking them down to ensure none of them had copies that survived. They missed some.



  1. Mary Ann Riley says

    During the fall of 2010 and all during those next months into 2011, I would be parked in the parking lot most every afternoon at Family Christian Academy to pick up my son from basketball practice. On most days, there was a car parked in the lot that was hard to ignore because It seemed so out of place to be at -not just ANY Christian school- but Family Christian Academy- the school that SHOULD have been the best Christian school in the state with the highest standards spiritually as well as academically! But THAT is a different story! This particular “car” was hard to miss not because it was painted lime green, but because of what was being advertised all over it. Vile, offensive RAP and HIP HOP bands , pictures of scantily clad women in suggestive poses, etc. I and others had wondered if this was an FCA parent vehicle but there was never anyone INSIDE the car. Was it a STUDENT’S car? Why would JSM security ALLOW this vehicle on the premises especially right in the school parking lot where kids regularly walk? We never figured it out, but were confused as to WHY someone driving this offensive vehicle with this garbage advertised on it would be interested in being at JIMMY SWAGGART MINISTRY- over and over and over ? Were they there to get ministry and learn about the Message of the Cross?

    • Mishel says

      Yes I saw that same van there several times- I guess we all know WHY it was there now. Thanks for your input.

    • jessica says

      I know exactly what car you speak of, it has vinyl pictures of a black women hip hop artist on it. I am so disgusted right now I can barely type.

      • Mishel says

        Yes that is precisely the one. Many people have seen it around the ministry in fact dozens and dozens of people have seen it there on countless occasions. However, instead of telling the truth the Swaggarts have chosen to malign the names of those who were appalled over it and keep the ones that actually did it. However, the things you really have to worry about are the things that I DID NOT put in print.

  2. John says

    What is done in the dark will be brought to the light. I know that this did in fact happen. Those that support JSM( I don’t fault you I did at one time) just know things are not as they appear. I don’t have anything against them personally, however wrong is wrong I don’t care how much you may like the man. And from an extremely accurate source I am told Jimmy Swaggart was personally told about this by a disturbed employee. That Employee was fired a few days later.

    • Mary Ann Riley says

      Unfortunately, from what we gathered about the “culture” at JSM, the owners of that vehicle were most likely inside SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS!

  3. John Dixon says

    When Donnie Swaggart went into JSM’s print shop, he made a colossal mistake. He proved beyond any doubt that “Caleb Berg” is a real person who is really over JSM’s print shop. Therefore, I have to conclude that the JSM invoices and emails pictured on your video are not fakes and that JSM is indeed guilty of a printing scandal. One more thing: Your typical heathen is not going to ask a so called “Christian” ministry to print vulgar cd covers and nightclub posters. Therefore, I have to conclude that this idea originated within JSM as a means to increase cash flow. John Dixon

    • John says

      Who knows how they originally got in contact, it is fairly well known many of their Musicians are from night clubs maybe that was their contact.

    • Mishel says

      Of course- it is how they roll! That is why there is so little opposition to them- they bully their employees and they bully those who would speak against them and most crumble under the pressure. They claimed copyright infringement but it was CLEARLY NOT an infringement and its use was covered under Section 107 of Copyright Act of 1976. Allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research.

  4. John Dixon says

    Mishel, keep up the good work. We are living in a time where crooked preachers are doing all that they can to prevent exposure. Some are even having videos removed from Youtube and some have even had entire Youtube channels shut down. John Dixon.

    • Mishel says

      They are bullies- even though clips of their shows are covered under “Fair Use” copyright law they bully YouTube by crying copyright infringement and YouTube caves in. They think this can prevent exposure. It won’t. They tried to bully me with their lawyer into removing my articles about them from my website. It was like a toothless roaring lion- an empty threat. After all, it isn’t defamation of character if the assertations are TRUE! They would not win this case in any court of law and they know it. There are too many witnesses and too much evidence. It was a nice try though.

      • Megagenius says

        Why are you bent on excoriating Jimmy Swaggart Ministries? Can you please show us a photo of yourself where you are smiling?

  5. says

    Mishel –

    I have been a reader of your site for sometime and appreciate your stand. I was a devoted Swaggart-ite from 2010-late 2011, until I realized that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I even swore by the Expositor’s Study Bible, but now, I realized that it perverts God’s word and misinterprets the text. Thank you for being so bold. If many others were like you this wouldn’t be happening. May God bless you richly.

  6. DJ says

    At some point in the last month I was flipping channels and noticed that here in my small town we had a new channel on Comcast. Yes, channel 90 : Sonlife Broadcasting. Of course, just like staring at a bad wreck, I had to see what was going on. There I saw Jimmy Swaggart preaching.
    Then to my horror, and yes, I knew what kind of man he wasn’t, I actually heard him call people that didn’t believe the message of the Cross… “SPIRITUAL RETARDS”! And people were clapping! I couldn’t even fathom what I heard a “MAN of GOD(?)” refer to a person as a “spirtual retard”. And it wasn’t the word spiritual that bothered me, it was the other offensive word. Surely some members of his flock have a child, a cousin, a next door neighbor, even a friend, that has some kind of mental disability that would garner the term “retardation”. And the way Jimmy Swaggart used the word was as the offensive bullying word, not the medical. It was meant to ridicule those who do not believe his “revelation from Christ” about the “Message of the Cross”. I have been trying to go back through the podcasts to find this sermon. If anyone knows when this sermon was preached or if they heard it themselves I would really like to know and would appreciate their help. I feel the last few weeks that I have had that nudge from a Higher Power to write a letter (email) and have it published just to expose this among other things I have heard in these last weeks that have made my stomach turn. I have 2 other BIG things that I have seen that really has me irate and at the same time, one of them is such an irony that it makes you want to just scream. I will share them at an hour that isn’t so early in the morning, or as we people in the midwest say.. “wayyyyy past my bedtime” and when I can gather my thoughts coherently to write them down. 1 has to do with Jimmy pursuing the selling of his and his wife’s books on Catholicism after the resignation of Pope Benedict, and how terrible that faith is. And the other has to do with his persistent ramblings on homosexuality and the surprising way he is right now bilking money out of people with one of his “special offers” that is irony at it’s best. Again, I appreciate your help and your writings!
    And now, it is past my bedtime! lol
    God Bless,
    DJ from Indiana

  7. Miguel Dominguez says

    This is so predictable for today’s world. These men have millstones around their necks. God is just, sovereign, and immutable. He will not be mocked.

  8. Dea James says

    Christians insulting and judging other Christians. This forum is harsh and unkind. Bashing people from behind a pc screen… Casting stones. I no longer watch Swaggarts, and haven’t for many years. But I don’t think Jesus would be so unkind if he had a pc. What, have we forgotten how to pray for others, or is it just easier to point out sins, or wrong doings of others. I won’t join in with this stone throwing discussion. Sad…God Bless you all.

    • Mishel says

      Why is it that Christians and atheists alike always throw out the ole “judge not” thing. It is because they do not want to be responsible for their sins so they want us to turn a blind eye to sins of others. The liar does not want to be responsible for his lies, the fornicator for his fornicating, the adulterer for his adultery, and so on. The next time you have a speeding ticket tell the judge to stop judging you! Then, you can come back here and tell me how it worked out for you. We ARE to judge- anyone who says otherwise is either, mistaken, deceived, trying to deceive, or just not Biblically literate. Tell me something, if a minister of the Gospel was committing adultery with your wife would you say, “Hey, no problem, I don’t want to judge ya man!” I think not. Here is an excellent article on BIBLICAL vrs HYPOCRITICAL judging- it will lay out what the SCRIPTURE has to say about this. http://richvermillion.com/2012/05/14/judging-hypocritical-vs-biblical/

      Now, in terms of Jesus not saying things like this–you are right- He was MUCH harsher! After all, I have not called Swaggarts white washed tombs or a brood of vipers (yet). I think you might be talking about another Jesus.

      • Dave Stockhover says

        Amen, sister. Well said.

        It continues to amaze me how many professing Christians have no clue about how to read their bibles, if they read them at all. Matthew 7:1-2… my paraphrase…”Don’t judge so you won’t be judged. You will be judged the way you judge and the standard you set will be used against you”…has nothing to do with calling out wolves in sheep’s clothing. In context, it is talking about passing self-righteous, hypocritical judgement on someone….playing God in a sense judging the soul of a person.

        We are commanded, by Paul in 1 Corinthians 5, to judge those inside the church. That would be anyone professing Christ. It is OUR JOB to warn our brothers and sisters of deception. If we bury our head in the sand, we are as guilty as the false teacher delivering the lie.

    • darlene says

      They have the right to expose preachers who are not preaching the Gospel of Jesus! The bible says to expose those who preach another Gospel! Judging someone means that you are saying that you are going to hell. The Lord Jesus only knows the heart and Christians don’t have that right to judge someone to hell! Read your bible!

  9. Norma says

    This is awful.I have had an empty,cold feeling when I watch the Francis and DONNIE show.To me she has an evil look and how can she wear all of the shiny jewelry and beg for money?I just don’t understand.I. could not wear a thousand dollar piece of gold and tell people they can’t pay their bills.

  10. says

    Can I simply say what a relief to find a person that actally understands what they’re talking about on the web.
    You actually know howw to bring a problem to light and make
    it important. A lot moree people need too
    read this and understand this side of the story.
    I was surprised that you aren’t more popular because
    you certainly possess a gift.

    • Mishel says

      That is not true. Caleb is NOT Jimmy’s grandson and NOT Donnie’s son. Donny has three children, Gabriel, Mathew and Jennifer. Gabriel is in charge of the youth ministry and Mathew is a photographer from Tulsa. Jennifer does not have much if anything to do with the ministry and is a teacher, I believe. Caleb’s last name is Berg. Please do not spread disinformation.

  11. Carole Severson says

    Shame on all of u for talking about Jimmy, Donnie and Frances Swaggart: I live in California and I watch their service: I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit come right n2 my living room: these r Godly Ppl: Be careful Jesus says touch not mine anointed: never have I been so blessed than by their anointed music and singers: be careful u haters: God is not happy with u bashing that ministry

    • Jean Hart says

      I thought you were talking about the Swaggart ministry! Donnie is the worst at name calling any one who disagrees with him. H9is mother is also very harsh. As I am fond of repeating, “Namecalling doesn’t prove anything except a limited vocabulary.” Is God pleased by them bashing other ministries? One reason they provoke my criticism is because they’re so critical.

  12. renee says

    When someone takes the WORD of GOD that is in red and replaces it with their interpretation
    and puts their view in red and replace the WORD OF GOD…….something arose in my spirit that angered me and knew that this man must be off track……

  13. Satan himself says

    Funny you show everything close but invoices are far away,,, ! Thought I saw google as well like u copied off goggle ,,, u show no proof of any material being in shop , no material but covers that who knows who printed them ,, you all are haters off the light , the true light, do u know the word of god ? The fact that u claim this print shop stuff ,, and over look what they are really doing and that is preaching the word of god and the souls that are being saved not by them but by The Lord Jesus Christ,,, that’s what is important, but , no , u and however else are more worried about scandals than the good they try to do,,, explain the souls that have came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ compared to ur truths or untruths come on man can’t u do better than hide behind a computer and if there was truth to this I think authorities would have jumped on the band wagon,,, glory glory glory to god

  14. Jo says

    Where is your proof of all this stuff?
    If you have proof, show it, back up
    your story with proof…like pictures..

  15. koos swart says

    Watch what you say against an anointed man of God. are you yourself perfect and without any wrong ? Jimmy Swaggart has proved to the world that of he is a servant of God for more than fifty years, just think about that.

  16. darlene says

    Please tell me how to really research this. My husband and I are devistated that this printing scandel could be true. Why wasn’t national news involved with this? I’m sure if it was true,they would be all over this one as was the sex scandel. I tried looking up all the posters,CD covers and none give referance to who was the printing company. How could the Swaggarts be so powerful that they could cover this up? Furthermore I have never heard the news reporting this so how did you get all this information? Expose them if you really have something here. I can’t believe this unless I see full proof. Photo shop is pretty convincing and you could have fixed the invoices with their address easily. Thanks,just don’t want to be quick to believe this. I need more proof.

  17. says

    If all the info you have on the printing scandal is infact true, which I must admit seems to be true. The year would have been 2011. There is a picture of Jill,Gabrielle’s wife,and sister-in-law and Grace, Loren Larson’s daughter etc at the Hard Rock Cafe doing gang signs and a bottle of wine. I’m sure you have seen the picture. It was at Jill’s sisters party before her wedding.
    The printing scandal is the only thing I have seen that would explain their making that picture.
    The question is WHY would the Swaggarts risk all they have done and their reputations …IS IT JUST THE MONEY?..

    • John Galyon says

      Doris, I just happened upon your post from today. It sounds as though you might be having second thoughts about the Swaggarts… (?)

      • John Galyon says

        One more thing. You question why the Swaggarts would risk their reputation…but the fact is, outside of their loyal, blinded by deception followers, their reputation is horrible within…and without the church. I’d bet the risk is ALL about the money…

      • says

        I am not having second thoughts about the Grace of God. I see that the woman was a previous employee and she may have had access to blank invoice and would have known the employees name to put on the invoice. I have to look at this as if I were on a jury weighing the evidence.I am in the legal field. It is difficult to decide if she is just an employee with sour grapes.
        It is also difficult to believe that a man that knows the WORD of God as Jimmy Swaggart does and believe he doesn’t Fear God anymore than what the female said about the printing deal ETC
        He will reap what he has sown …he and Frances….I wrote her an email today about the matter.

        • John Galyon says

          And still…you continue to fail/refuse to say what you mean about “the Grace of God”. I’ll quit asking, as it’s becoming obvious you have no intention of explaining the use of the phrase in the context of what we’re discussing. I didn’t ask you if you were having second thoughts about “the Grace of God”…I asked if you were having second thoughts about the Swaggarts, remember?

          As for it being difficult to believe that a man that knows the WORD of God as Jimmy Swaggart does and believe he doesn’t fear God any more…”, I’m not sure what’s difficult to believe…considering his past track record.

          You say that you’re in the legal field…though you don’t specify if you’re an attorney, a paralegal or what, but with all respect, you don’t express your views like someone who is trained in that profession. What I mean is that you contradict yourself quite often and you express yourself in a very unorganized fashion. On one hand, you say that you’re unwilling to even consider the notion that the Swaggarts are continuing in their sin…and now, you speak of “looking at this as if (you) were on a jury weighing the evidence”.

          As for “the female”…and for that matter, “the printing scandal”…if we could assume for a moment for the sake of discussion that the Swaggarts are guilty of nothing, if you really want to look at the evidence, spend a few hours…or as Teresa did, spend a few days researching the Swaggarts exploits and then spend a few week before the Holy Spirit, praying and reading the scriptures….and maybe the picture will become more clear for you.

          • says

            What I MEAN by the grace of God is as follows: …That the Lord is waiting on 1 thing. Repentance. The unmerited favor of the Almighty will be there and is there NOW for Swaggart or you or anyone .
            I am a paralegal. I am in a hurry. U are probably out of work and just sit home waiting on an email. Whatever. You are rude and I do not want to correspond with you .

          • John Galyon says

            I was speaking of Teresa who posted on November 17th. I thought I’d mentioned her name to you before, but perhaps I didn’t. If you’d like to see how a woman who was just as skeptical about the allegations about the Swaggarts chose to deal with them, I’d encourage you to read what she had to say. If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

          • John Galyon says

            It actually in the “Jimmy Swaggart: Straying and Preying” article. Glad to see that you’re interested in reading it.

  18. says

    On Thursday Feb. 19,2015 I wrote an email to jsm to ask about the printing scandal. I received a long reply. This is in the middle of the email. A local design company with whom we had worked on several print jobs before without incident,submitted the objectionable work now being bandied about on the Internet. Our print shop manager,unfortunately printed the material without asking for specific permission from the Ministry to do so. Since we had worked with the design company misunderstood StarCom and thought it was just another print. Shop. He made a mistake by assuming it was okay to print these materials simply because this was a repeat client. Immediately after learning of the unfortunate mistake,Brother Swaggart stopped all outside printing work to prevent any such mistakes from ever happening again.StarCom now only works for the Ministry.
    Our manager & his wife are dependable employees of the Ministry and faithful member of FWCC. They love the Lord,& would never think of doing anything intentionally to hurt this organization .
    As humans we make mistakes. As Christians we are to forgive and that is what the Ministry has done. The matter is over and done, and we have moved on with work the Lord has entrusted to us.
    Unfortunately, there are those who do seek to do all they can to hurt this ministry,to hinder or destroy the work we are endeavoring to perform for the Lord. At HIS expense, they are attempting to exploit this mistake. But we cannot allow such foolishness to distract us from the work we must get done….they go on to thank me for my email asking the question in order for them to give an answer to charges made on the internet.

    • John Galyon says

      I knew there had to be a hitch to the story. I couldn’t have imagined that the Swaggarts would have simply taken responsibility for this matter…and they certainly didn’t disappoint! They blame the printing of these materials (that obviously went on for several months) on JSM’s print shop manager and his wife…calling it a “mistake”…and say that they have “forgiven” them. How Christ-like! And of course, they go on to accuse others who have exposed this perpetual sin that they perpetrated as being nothing less than enemies of the cross of Christ.

      This failure to take responsibility for sin, instead…accusing others is so typical of the Swaggart ministry.

      If the intent behind Doris having posted this portion of the letter she received from JSM is to vindicate them…then I would insist it falls far short. In fact, it serves only to add yet another layer of deception to the mountain of outright lies and half-truths they’ve already perpetrated against the body of Christ for at least the past three decades.

      For anyone who has read the many accounts of this deception, not just from this site, but from the literally hundreds of other sources that are easily accessible for anyone who owns a computer…to continue to have faith in the integrity of JSM is to purposely close one’s eyes and ears to the truth and to purposely…choose to believe a lie.

    • I was there says

      I can assure you that Jimmy Swaggart, Caleb Borg, and Nikki Tracy, and many Swaggart loyalists who worked there all knew what was going on with the “outside printing” materials. That is why at the time they were actually outsourcing the printing on various of their Study Guides – I was there working at the time and I saw this personally. Many of those outsourced study guides could not be sold as new/first quality. The scandalous printing had been going on for a long time, and a Godly man who was working in the print shop expressed to me the concern about it. Knowing that it was concerted, deliberate, and ongoing, Alfredo managed to put the proofs on these jobs on a top shelf rather than throwing them away. He felt he had to save evidence that it was going on, thinking that surely Jimmy did not know about it. However, being the Godly man that he was, he did not want to even store these in his own home as they were so filthy spiritually.

      One day when Alfredo and I were taking the same elevator at the Tower Apartments, told me about the print jobs that they were doing. He did not tell me about the many proofs he had been keeping, so I asked him if he could get one for me. He said that he would.

      One day at work I had clocked out for the day and for some reason decided to get a snack. Near the snack area were the print shop “machines” and I saw Alfredo working. He had paused by something on one of the counters. I looked at him and said, “Is that one of those printing items you told me about?” He knodded, “Yes”. Knowing that it was destined for the trash, I asked him if he could roll it up for me and I put it in a discarded “Little Debbie” box and took it home.

      Later that day from my apartment at the Towers, I scanned the item and subsequently sent it to Mishel. That is the email that the Swaggarts intersected from Mishel’s email, and over which Frances later fired me, Mishel, and right afterwards Alfredo and another individual who had been receiving unending harassment since a take-over in the TV building. Since I had referenced the TV woman in my email about something else, they used that as an opportunity to finally fire her as well. However, none of us had ever done anything wrong, nor were our intentions anything but those of faithfulness to the Lord and faithfulness to the Swaggarts.

      Once we were all “fired” (i.e. “delivered” from the harassment we had all been under), Alfredo wanted to double-check to see if Jimmy even knew what was taking place with the printing materials. Did he know that they were printing such vile materials? Did he know that four innocent hardworking individuals – two of us with children – were fired over it?

      Alfredo had managed to leave on his last day with those “proofs” he had been saving, and one of the things he did with them was to make copies of several of them to attach to a letter to Jimmy. That is how he would find out once and for all the full truth about what Jimmy knew and what he didn’t know.

      The only place you can really find Jimmy to talk to is at their Saturday morning prayer “shows”. Alfredo knew that and he got up early one Saturday morning a week later to deliver to Jimmy a letter describing 1) the materials they were printing at the print shop there for many months, and 2) how he had been fired because of his concern over those materials. He, again, included the “evidence” by attaching copies of the proofs themselves, which could only have been acquired in the print shop itself.

      Alfredo had three children, two of them twins under the age of two and his wife was pregnant. He waited several days for Jimmy to “intervene” on the “mistake”, waiting for Jimmy to “correct” the error of Alfredo being fired over his concern for purity and righteousness. But that never took place. It was obvious that the “travesty of justice” was simply a matter of course for an organization that makes its own rules and in fact cares nothing about true righteousness, true purity, or authentic believers who care about them.

      There is no doubt that Jimmy and Frances knew about it. Otherwise, they would have looked into the information I sent to Mishel and “corrected” what was going on with the printing. Instead, I was chastised for sharing my concern along with Mishel and Alfredo, and the three of us were fired (along with a wonderful TV employee) because we all now knew about it.

      I had left everything in obedience to the Lord to move to Baton Rouge in 2010. I had been living my life for the Lord and serving Him for over 45 years when I did so. The experience was an adventure for me to say the least. I learned that not everyone who says they are a “Christian” truly is one. I learned that not everyone who stands on a “pulpit” is there for the Lord or for people.

      The foul printing that was going on at JSM for a long period of time and how I was fired over my concern is just one story that I have to tell. But I thought this was a good place and time to tell that story.

      If you want to find out for yourself what the powers in charge there are truly like, then go apply for a job there. But be ready to either 1) compromise your faith, 2) abandon your faith, or 3) learn to tolerate unrighteousness in a place that embraces wickedness on the backside while putting on stage shows in public.

      • says

        I really do not care. I am saved 24yrs and so is my husband ..Our daughter is 27 and saved and 2of she and her husband’s children. Praise the Lord. I am not going to dish on a man like Jimmy Swaggart…The Lord handles things like that. If he’s out of line …he knows what his BARLEY FIELD is..don’t you fret

  19. Vivian Cheston says

    I am not here to pass judgment on any one. I can only express, how I enjoy the singing. I can also say that I admire the fact that his choir and church has all nationalities. Most southern white churches wouldn’t welcome Afro Americans. You will find dirt in all churches. Pastors, preachers, ministers and etc are only human, and not perfect. There are none perfect, but the Father, who is in Heaven. We need to stop putting these people on pedestals.

    • says

      We do not …We just like them. We like them all. We know that he’s and his entire operation isn’t perfect. My lord if they were, none of us would need Jesus.

    • I was there says

      Yes, and furthermore, we need to do what Paul did, what Jesus did, what Jude did, and what all the prophets of old did. We need to examine ourselves as a group of believers with scrutiny and be ready to call sin sin. We need to make a righteous judgement. We need to test for the fruits. We need to put out the wicked ones among us, because “us” represents the one who died – Jesus Himself. When we tolerate patterned sin among those claiming to be of the Lord, the Bible says we endanger ourselves and actually anger the Lord.

      There is most definitely a difference between gossip and the Gospel. No doubt Jesus, Paul, and Elijah too would be scolded for “passing judgment” on “the anointed ones” and would find themselves whip-lashed by modern feel good “Christians” as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E9IuE5VDw4

      • says

        Oh yes…hahaha! I have spoken up before and it is bad . Testing the fruit is for the preacher/pastor. I listed to the youtube you linked. It is good. I have experienced exactly what she is speaking about.
        I have forgiven Jimmy Swaggart .

  20. lisa says

    We used to give to this ministry tithes. The last time, (litterally the last time) I gave, I asked the person on the other line who was taking the donation if he would’nt mind praying over my tithe. I was appaulled by what he told me. He said we are not allowed to pray over your tithe, and if you want prayer, you need to call the prayer line.. My mouth droped. I feel that anyone who answers the phone at any ministry should have the right to pray over that person or a tithe. That was just wrong. We no longer support this ministry, nor look at any of the programs

    • says

      I know…I wrote them and asked them about that matter. They answered the letter I posted it or part of it on this so called website.
      I also sent a copy at her request to T. Heilm (sp)

  21. Robert says

    I attended college and worked as security at JSM for over 3 years. I did Prison ministry 3 times a week at the largest prison in LA.
    I was fired by Frances brother Bob because I would not lie about Jimmys sex scandals.
    The comments you see on here are either by ministry employees or JSM supporters. It happens every time Jimmy gets into trouble, they come out of the woodwork.
    Jimmy Swaggart is not anointed as God has removed His hand from for his rebellion. While I was there God gave me a Prophetic Vision, I was seated in FWC after school, I saw the chuch empty and people crying. This was in 1987. I did not understand it until the sex scandals broke.
    Jimmy will pay dearly for his sins, look at how many christian’s are disillusioned and have fallen. The workers of inequity have a place reserved at Gods Judgement.
    God Bless and Peace

  22. Jaymer says

    I’m sorry, but Doris Early is an idiot.
    She’s the type of person who, if her pastor committed adultery, would forgive him and let him stay in the pulpit rather than make him leave and make up with his wife. He would be unfit. Love him all you want, but open your eyes.
    She’s also the type of person who would probably allow a PILL MILL to illegally sell pain killing drugs in her area SO LONG AS they were doing a good work with the other poor patients (by offering cheap medical services). They [the pill mill] did good in the community, so the good outweighs the bad. Lets just let them keep operating (and thereby keeping ppl addicted to pain meds, lining their own pockets, etc.)

    She can justify anything… Oh well, no one is perfect. I like the singing. I’ve forgiven JSM. Lets move on.
    You make me sick.


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