Jimmy Swaggart Ministries- Testimony of Mary Ann Riley

Listen to the first hand testimony of Mary Ann Riley as she relates to Susan Puzio her experience at Jimmy Swaggart Ministires. I consider Mary Ann a close friend and her testimony is very much in line with what I personally witnessed and experienced there.

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  1. says

    I love Mary Ann. She and I were friends through Facebook. I was a Family Worship Center Media Church member. We kinda went through what she is speaking about together. However, I was not in the same place as Mary Ann..probably because I didn’t physically attend this church like she did and I didn’t personally witness these things. I ended up separating myself from her. I still miss her to this day. I have had a very difficult time hearing these things and have expressed it to Mishel and others. You have to understand…..the Jimmy Swaggart ministries has changed. It wasn’t always like it is now. I saw the change slowly when the SBN network started…..I have listened and prayed and prayed and prayed…not wanting to believe things I was hearing….I have had to hear from the Lord Himself about these things. I am deeply saddened for JSM ministries….I am separating myself from them, not out of hate or anger or bitterness, but to protect my own soul. Please forgive me for I know at times I have lashed out at you in defense of them….I couldn’t see. I have personally tried to contact JSM and I am met with defensiveness and they are not open to real questions…I don’t believe they desire to be accountable….if you could please forward this to Mary Ann and ask her to contact me. Thank you.

    • Mishel says

      Mary: I am so very thankful that the Lord has opened your eyes. I do understand the pain and confusion of finding out that what you believe to be true is not. It takes courage and character to admit this and I respect you for it. Thank you for your comments above, and yes, I will most certainly forward this to Mary-Ann for you. May this experience only serve to make you stronger in your walk. Mishel.

    • says

      Mary, you are a very bold and humble woman to come out and say these things. It is so hard to believe the wickedness that unfortunately goes on behind the scenes of various “ministries,” especially when the top guy is so “lovable.” Satan certainly does come as an angel of light, as do his ministers. I praise God that you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand. Your testimony is very motivating. I know it is Mishel’s heart to see people come out of the deception that “bites” people who are earnestly trying to serve God.

      Thanks for sharing. Like I said, that takes great courage and humility to post such a comment. God bless you, Sister! You are a free woman. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed. Praise God!

      • says

        Unfortunately, I do not feel very happy right now. I believe I am done with church and ministries, as this is not the first time to believe something only to find out it was never real. My heart cannot take it anymore. I think I will finish out my days alone..just me and the Lord. Please tell Mary Ann I love her. Thank you.

        • Mishel says

          I understand how you feel Mary. I too have had my share of deception. You are right to be skeptical of ministries and ministers, these days are marked with deception. However do not abandon your faith. Please understand that the actions of these wolves have NOTHING to do with the true God. You WILL recover and will be stronger for the struggle. It is a hard path, I understand.

          • says

            Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning my faith…right now I feel physically ill, as if someone slapped me with a two by four. The flags and signs were there, adding up. I feel I was carefully considerate of everything, not quick to judging just because said something. Over two years….and many flags…..and prayer…I have come to the conclusion that something is terribly wrong at JSM. I love them and have prayed for them and will continue to, but I cannot even listen to them anymore, it is that upsetting and the error is that obvious to me now. I just don’t want to be party to anything that crosses over into being slanderous, or gossip. I think you might understand that. That’s all I have to say about it all. I feel I should leave it alone now and move on. Thank you for understanding. Mary


      I noticed Mishel has tons of articles on Jimmy Swaggart….AND I read your abomination of a comment. What’s WRONG??? Are y’all pissed because he picked Debra Murphrey (Murfree is actually correct) instead of YOU???????????????

  2. says

    I was a Media member from 2006 and it was so wonderful. I had come out of the Word of Faith. But in 2009 something changed…something I felt I alone had noticed. I hadn’t expressed it to anyone else. It hurt and shocked me and I prayed thinking it was the enemy attacking what God had sent me. But I began to notice numerous comments that suggested a strong disdain for the poor and needy….many times when they speak on scripture they are correct, but when they go off into their own personal opinion about matters..that is where things were revealed to me…what they really believed. I felt they were too political…seeing things the way the political right wing people do instead of how the Lord sees things…I was disturbed by the lack of prayer…..the arrogance..haughtiness…defensiveness to callers…..the impatience with people…disturbed by the spirit I was discerning….and lately..disturbed by severe marital issues with Donnie….and the unwillingness to be accountable…one minute you see one wife at the services….weeks later you see him with the new wife in Europe and acting as if nothing is wrong….??? Just seems they do a lot of damage control and use a lot of energy trying to save face all the time…..bottom line….they don’t seem to genuinely care about people….I even called their prayer line once and the person was impatient with me and just said a quick generic prayer and hurried me off the phone. The excuses to not care for the poor is that if you do…you are then accused by them of being involved in the Social Gospel…so they do nothing. They claim they used to but most who came for help were using them. That is the same thinking and reasoning I hear out here in the world…has nothing to do with being a Christian….there is no heart for the needy and down and out. Our society is filled with hurting people…losing jobs and homes and everything…the last thing they need is someone in the pulpit judging them now….it’s wrong. Well…I have said enough. Thank you for allowing me to speak. Mary

    • John says

      Very true, you are probably one of many to experience this, and as the brother above previously said the lies and hypocritical action can’t hurt you unless you allow bitterness.

  3. says

    I am sure many come to this page. Some I may even know. I’m sure they are very angry with Mishel and Mary Ann. I was too..very angry. I thought what they were doing was evil. I was convinced of it and I was very, very hurt because I really cared for Mary Ann. But also, having been a victim of malicious gossip myself, I understand how destructive it can be to a person, so I just couldn’t believe anything just because someone said it. Trust me, I prayed about it all, many times. Over time, things started being revealed. Things I could no longer simply dismiss. Things that were obviously wrong. So I had to make a choice at that point. Either deliberately close my eyes to it and risk being even more deceived or face it and call it for what it is. This is not easy. I’m saying all of this to say this: My heart never was, nor is it now angry toward JSM. My heart is broken and sad about it. But I can no longer link myself to it out of plain loyalty or nostalgia….I do promise to pray for them, as I believe they need it very desperately now.

  4. says

    I have been reading the comments of you all….and I am moved to say that what you all are doing is right. Do not allow bitterness and anger come between yourself and the Lord…I know you won’t. Sadly many people allow this sort of thing to cloud their spiritual mind and eyes. In the end it does much damage to the individual. That said, the JSM is under strong delusion for they cannot see the damage they have done to countless of their employees and flock. I’m sure many of these folks have totally turned their backs on the Lord and no longer serve Him. That is so very sad. Over the years I too have correseponded with many of these former church-members who have read my messages at http://www.truthlifewayministries.co.za. Believe it or not a nephew [also a former employee] of Frances Swaggart had a converstaion with me over telephone….and I tell you the things he told me is shocking. That said also, to all of you who have had these bad experiences I want to encourage you to serve the Lord….taking your hurts and disappointments to Him.He is the only One who can heal you. I know because I went through 2 similar experiences where I lived for what the Lord anointed me to do….lead the Praise and Worship and on both occasions I was subtly worked out because “they” did not need the “old Penetecost anointing” anymore because God was doing a “new thing”. I and my wife are no longer involved with any church affiliation because the church is the only institution that shoots it’s wounded. We are now a small group who minister to the poor farm-labourers and old age homes. I tell you this is a blessing as God is opening doors in this harvest. God bless you all and be of good courage.

    • Mishel says

      Thank you for that thoughful post. You are correct in saying that so many have turned their backs on God because of the actions of such evil men. I am blessed in some respects because this has made my faith stronger and driven me into a deeper relationship with the Lord. However, I think many have difficulty understanding the duplicity of men like Swaggart and come to the conclusion that God must be the same way. I appreciate your comments and you insight.

  5. OLA says

    There’re so many Ministries like Jimmy Swaggart Ministries that have disaqualified themselves from being included in the Rapture. The following is why:

    We are continually receiving the free gift of life eternal, because we acknowledge Jesus Christ

    as our Lord and God.

    This gift, however, must be lived out daily.

    We do this by living in holiness [abstinence or marriage] and practising righteousness [doing good to others].

    Since we have this gift of life eternal flowing into bodies that delight in sin, we will struggle.

    This is to be expected!

    We are actually suppose to battle with our flesh in order to bring forth the Lord’s holiness and righteousness.

    This is what denying self and taking up the cross is all about.

    Overtime, living in holiness and practising righteousness becomes more spontaneous.

    Note these Holy Spirit inspired Words,

    “…Zacharias was filled with the Holy Spirit, and prophesied. saying:
    “Blessed is the Lord God of Israel [the Church], For he has visited and redeemed His people…to grant us that we being delivered from the hand [control] of our enemies [evil spirits],

    “Might serve Him without fear, in holiness and righteousness before Him all the days of our life.”(Luke 1:67,68,74,75)

    It’s important we understand that our holiness IS His holiness because it originate from His life in us.

    Also our righteousness IS His righteousness because it originates from His life in us.

    How else can we express love for our Heavenly Father?

    Is it not by make sure we are profitable stewards of the life He has given us?

    If we fail to take responsibility and crucify our own flesh,THEN the Lord’s chastisement kicks in.
    What’s happened over the years, is that many have been told they don’t need to subdue the flesh

    and live in holiness and righteousness.

    That’s considered trying earn salvation!

    All they need to do is claim by faith the holiness and righteousness of Christ.

    And that all sins, past, present and future are covered by the blood.

    This is false doctrine!

    This is why so many Christians are being seduced into a life of complacency.

    Those who are single live in fornication. While those who are married end up divorced.And then go on to remarry.This is adultery period.

    “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her.
    “And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.”[Mark 10:11,12]

    On this one issue alone, millions of Christians have already disqualified themselves from being raptured!

    Also hatred, greed, wickedness and selfishness abound in the lives of so many Christians,
    As they continue to claim they have the holiness and righteousness of Christ credited to them.

    This type of Christianity gives of a stench before God He will not tolerate.

    That’s why so many Christians are being Chastised.

    Unfortunately, many Christians, when they are being chastised, think they are being attacked

    by the Devil!

    This is the delusion that abounds in Christianity today.

    The Lord’s chastisements we all experience, are quiet moderate compared to what many left-behind Christians will experience during the Great Tribulation!

    None of the Lord’s children can lose the free gift of eternal life!

    However, because for some Christians, the moderate chastisements of today are not bringing out a life of holiness and righteousness, due to false doctrines believed and practised in the Church, many Christians will left behind!

    Eternal life is a free gift, the translation of the body, however, has to be worked for!

    We have the Holy Spirit in us to empower us to do this work.

    This is the only way we can attain “translation status” on the Day of the rapture!

    “…But those who are counted worthy to attain that age and the resurrection from the dead…” (Luke 20:35)

    This is why Paul said,

    “…If by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead. Not that I have already

    attained, or am already perfect; but I press on…” (Phil.3:11,12)

    We also must press on each day, crucifying our flesh by living in holiness and practising His righteousness.


  6. MARY RUNGE says

    Thank you for letting me speak on here. Since my last post I have doing a lot of praying about all of this. All I can say is some of the things people are testifying too is very disturbing, heartbreaking. If it is true, these things should not be. But I’d also like to say that as believers, we are commanded to forgive and to pray for others, especially other believers. I’ve heard and read a lot of things on here but I have not heard anyone calling for genuine, heartfelt prayer for this man and his ministry. This is the position I am choosing to take and will not be reading anymore of what is said. I’ve heard enough to know that this gentleman and his family and church need prayer and that is what I will do. Thank you.

    • John says

      I agree, we certainly should pray for them and ask the Christ to fill our hearts with his love for these people. However there is also a biblical call to expose decievers and Heretics. The Balance we must find is to do so with Love, Love for the Body of Christ. Love for the church that He shed His blood for. It can be a difficult balance to find and can only be done by yielding to the Holy Spirit. I don’t fault you at all, at times it can be all consuming our desire to reprove unfruitful works of darkness. We must rue consumed with the Love of Christ and nothing else. I have repented even this week before The Lord for resentment and anger that I have had in my heart toward the Swaggart ministry. I am certainly with you in hoping and sincerely praying that they will repent and receive the restoration that they have so badly needed for years.

  7. Betty says

    Pictures can be photo shopped and anything added or taken away. It is done all the time. A picture these days is not worth a thousand words.

    • Mishel says

      Betty while I can appreciate that in your mind, believing they have been photo-shopped gives you a measure of comfort- nothing could be further from the truth. I would encourage you to do some research on this ministry. Remember, the world of God does not return void- it does not necessarily mean that those who are speaking it follow, or even believe it. If you are just watching them on TV or part of the ministry church you DO NOT know what goes on there- please research.

  8. says

    All I can say is that I was saved like a miracle, by the Swaggart Ministry and 6 months later filled with the Holy Spirit. I have gained much from “The Message Of The Cross” and the expositors Bible. While I am not at all stupid and have done much research on the Swaggarts and decerned everything are you saying mid-course jumps ship, with the message of the cross? Satan has hit me hard on every avenue, and the belief from his revelatory message has literally saved my back. As a new-born believer I’m scared to death as to who to believe (and yes I do lay it at the feet of the cross…..EVERYTHING! And although I don’t know all the details but perhaps some, I haven’t been looking for any dirt, I don’t miss a shot and have been very decerning. I can’t believe someone like Dave Smith would lay his neck on the line..and eternal security, as well. Satan has done everything in his power to keep me from the word, the program etc. I even have things like coming accross this web-site, as constant deterrants to my walk. Although I’m certainly a realist, and can call a spade a spade, this only adds fuel to my fire. If you can’t trust local ministries, national televised ministries, and man in general (yes I know you take it to Jesus and I do) where do you go for guidance, fellowship and trust? This has been quite upsetting for me as a fairly, slow in my walk, but very sincere believer. How do I know this isn’t of Satan? I’m not trying to be in anyway beligerant, but such a set-back this has been for me and although I question everything and everybody, something in my spirit doesn’t trust some of this. Where are the people who do know what their doing? And what about Brother Swaggarts constant teaching, as well as Brother Larsons that if you turn your back on this revealed truth, you will be on a downward spiral?

  9. Rhea says

    Just found your site…I’ve been watching SBN for a couple of years.I followed him before his fall.
    I have tried to understand the difference in the message he used to preach and the Message of the Cross now. My Spirit does not agree with everything they do…I’ve heard him say that this message is the one that God will use. In the last campmeeting…Donnie called Gabriel a Prophet for the youth. .I just pray God will help them to humble themselves…. and help me Lord….

    • John says

      You seem be sincerely seeking truth. You have a Holy anointing within you, John told us that. The Spirit will lead you into all truth.

  10. says

    I believe this is a bunch of hogwash because jsm is speaking the truth it is causing others to lash back at the brother.. Only in christianity does those who are wounded left to care for themselves pray for the ministry instead of setting up those to lie. How much money do you get for spewing venom on another brother or sister your heretic hunting makes me want to puke. Godhave mercy on those who will try to destroy a brother who is speaking truth.Who gave you the authority to do such someone who has lined your pockets i’m sure. your no different then any so called professed christian if you are christian at all.

    • Mishel says

      In answer to your question, no one has lined my pocket and I have not gained one penny from what I have spoken out against, not one. In fact, the opposite is true. The evidence is self substantiating and would stand up in any court of law. I have CONTINUALY said I am willing to take a lie detector test if someone else will foot the cost. I have even suggested a group of JSM fans get together to defray the cost so they can PROVE me a liar. Perhaps we could even have the press there so I could publically apologize if found to be lying. I think you and I both know the reason no one has taken me up on this. While it may seem to you that I am spewing lies, the truth is that I have NOT SAID far more than I have said…far FAR more.

  11. Charles says

    Mary Ann, I think that you should question who appeard to you and who reveal this stuff to you. It certainly sounds to me like this stuff that you spreading is straight from the devil. I just don’t believe in what you are doing. If you claim to be a preacher then you are to spread the true about Jesus Christ our risen Lord. I haven’t seen one thing in your writing to makes me think that you are a born again child of God. How very sad. If JSM fired you I can sure see why. If you think that you are getting vengeance on them for some thing then you need to let The Lord handle it. The Lord said that vengeance is mine saith The Lord.

    • Mishel says

      Umm Charles, let me respond to this
      1. She did not say someone appeared to her
      2. She did not claim to be a minister or preacher
      3. You do not get to decide who is saved or not
      4. Mary Ann NEVER worked for the ministry but did donate LARGE amounts of cash to them before she realized what they were about. She has nothing to gain by coming out against them and is only coming out against them because she LOVES TRUTH.
      5. She is not trying to get vengeance but exposing evil- here is a great article that explains the difference between hypocritical vrs righteous judgment.

  12. says

    Please, Christians. Understand this is your souls in danger here, God Almighty speaks of a, forever ness in hell. Never can you get out of this pain, and torment of outer darkness, and despair and everything that is an evil, evil place that is beyond where God intended for any of you to end up.
    If you think you can get away with being affiliated with this type of sin, and hope somehow God will spare your soul in eternal heaven. You,, my friend are deceived. God will not tolerate an apostate church member goer into the eternity of his heaven. Especially, when you have heard the evidence, and proof, and witnesses that are yelling out a LOUD “Get out of this Wolves den” Pretty clearly.
    Can I just add, I was in this Ministry for 3 years. It took prayer. NIGHT, AND DAY, Crying out to God because of the spiritual attacks that took place in my life during those 3 years of being a media member…God surely, heard. my cry! And brought me out! I cannot, cannot in my own words explain the freedom and peace that I had. Alas!
    -The spiritually drained attacks, the confusion, the despair and lack of growth, the lawlesnness, and tired some in my soul trying to fight the every day battle of spiritual misunderstanding of having a true, walk with Christ and being lead astray at the same time…. This is an abomination! In the sight of God. God came to die for you, and I to be free. But for you to be deceived and allowing a false prophet to minister to you error, is just simply pathetic and frightening. Woe be unto you! If you remain in this wolves den you want nothing of Christ. nor his Kingdom. Time to wake up, turn off your television screens, and Open up the Words of Jesus Christ. Throw out Jimmy Swaggarts unholy books in the garbage disposal and repent! Do not look back. God will give you strength to get through this. Heed to the words of Jesus Christ and seek truth. There are so few in these last days. So few.

    God have mercy upon the broad walking way Christians.

    May God Bless all of you who have been brought out!!

    Note- “This comment is mainly for those defending the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries’ False prophets.


  13. Mary Runge says

    I have privately written to you Mishel, asking several times, as nicely as I can, to please retract statements I have made on this webiste and the reasons why. To date, you have ignored me. Which leads me to believe you are not a person of integrity. So I am posting publicly. Of course, you will not approve this will you? I have fallen prey to listening to the gossip. And I have learned some things about myself for listening to it. I am sorry I ever said anything at all. It’s just wrong. Please remove my previous comments. I do not want to be party to any of this. Mary

  14. greg hays says

    the word of god tells us in 1 john 4:1 that we should not beleive in every spirit but test the spirits to see that they are of god. i have been watching some of swaggart’s programs on sbn especially the classic crusades but i have a problem with that because those crusade happend before the sex scandals, i don’t beleive that he truly repented of his sin and that he did not step down from the minnistry and as you said it is the pride and the arrogance that is in his heart of spirit that he refuse to acknowlege that fault and he needs to repent of that or get or the pulpit minnistry,

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