Jimmy Swaggart- John Camp Investigation

Award winning investigative journalist John Camp’s investigates Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. This originally aired on CNN’s Impact in the early 90’s but is very relevant to today. This is not to be missed and well worth the 20 minutes to watch both parts.

John Camp’s Investigation (CNN) PART ONE

John Camp’s Investigation (CNN) PART TWO


  1. mancheb says

    I wanted to know about Jimmy Swaggarts fund raising to send out bibles to other countries .
    are they in the language that is going to that country ? or are theses bibles not really being sent. I’m very concerned that this may be another scam.

    • Mishel says

      I have no doubt that they DO send Bibles to other countries but what I can be sure of is that they do not lose any money doing this. I also am sure that they do not do this out of the goodness of their hearts. They have incredible mark up on those Bibles as the cost to produce them is only about $15.00 a piece. They then fundraise to “help” them send these Bibles to others. So in essence people purchase these Bibles at full price believing it will go to someone in another country or a prison or what have you. They DO send a Bible to them but they are profiting on it- do you understand? They do not just send free Bibles- EVER. THAT is a fact. If they send a Bible to a prison or a needy person or to another countries it is because one of their donors has PAID FULL PRICE FOR IT. Who is profiting? They are. They send a Bible, then pocket the rest. Quite a racket. They then tell everyone how they are spreading the Gospel and sending Bibles to other countries and prisons so they can raise more money.

      However, I think we are overlooking the main point here. The Bibles themselves. Please investigate- there are others who have written rather well on this topic.

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