Jimmy Swaggart Falls By His Own Sword


The following was sent to me by a former follower of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. I personally think the evidence presented in the following video is too extensive to ignore. In my mind the fact that the ministry would lie about something like this is indicative of their proclivity to lie incessantly without conscience. I have included the video’s introductory text below as I feel it is important.

Note from video’s creator:

To follow an international organization known only through the eye of the TV camera demands such testing, and it is often very difficult. As we are told in I John 4:1, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

Beloved, INSPECTING religious organizations carefully like this is called TESTING, not STALKING. To be sure, a true ministry that is built upon the Rock of Truth will WELCOME this testing, not deride it.

We are called to engage in that testing constantly. Televised “ministries” are difficult to test, and we must take every opportunity to do so. Satan is a Deceiver and never lets up on “his job”. If we are children of the Light then neither should we ever relax from ours. The Apostle Paul warned that we must engage in this constantly.

The primary evidence concerning this matter came by the Holy Spirit (the genuine one). We know that when He deposits Faith in us, then that Faith is its own “evidence” (Heb. 11:1). After receiving that, the Holy Spirit led us to countless other things that all pointed to two things:

1. Frances Swaggart did NOT have both of her knees totally replaced on October 17, 2012, and
2. Her husband Mr. Swaggart lied repeatedly and unrepentantly about it over national television by telling the whole world that she did.

The video includes the many things the Holy Spirit led us to. We apologize for its length, but the evidence was extensive and it was difficult to leave too many things out.

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  1. AJ says

    I’m not a contributor to Swaggart Ministry but this Video does not prove anything. To much assumption offered as facts. The length of her scars, the length of the surgery, her time of recovery, wearing high hill shoes, crossing her legs etc.
    Showing portions of video from the service, and how she walked across the screen as proof that she had no major knee problems again is not proof that she didn’t have bad knees. She could have been in great pain and you could not have seen that on the video.
    If you have facts then you should be able to present the facts. This in my humble opinion only give an assumption that Jimmy Swaggart lied and that Frances helped him cover it up.
    Better luck next time when you want to present your evidence. This would not hold up in any court in the land. Last things you note in the video, several times Jimmy didn’t say she has total knee replacement. One time he said she got two new knees,other times he said she had surgery on her knees,other times he said she had her knees worked on…………

    • Responding to AJ says

      So if someone shows you a video of a person driving a car right after telling you they lost their eyesight, that too would be meaningless and insignificant I suppose.

      You have a lot to learn on this subject, and you really need to go back to the drawing board. Hopefully for you, they’ll still reward you for trying.

      Guys like you are their only way of fighting off the Truth. More knowledge should be a big help to you next time.

    • Denise says

      I am sitting here post knee surgery and I can tell you matter of factly, there is NO WAY she had knee replacement and without scars and she absolutely would not be so easily walking around etc. She also would NOT have had both knees done and walking so fluidly!! I just had my surgery Monday…I know what Im saying!! There is so many lies coming from that ministry along with their affiliates it is sad!! Pray for their souls…

      • says

        I was a medical transcriptionist for 50 years and have transcribed thousands and thousands of operative reports for knee replacement surgery. They NEVER do both knees at the same time. The patient has to be able to walk in order to participate in physical therapy and to ambulate and keep the lungs working. If you still have doubts do this: call your nearest local hospital. Ask for the scheduling desk in the surgery department. When the scheduler answers ask her if she has ever known a patient to have both knees replaced during the same operation. You’ll get your answer. Anyone in any part of the country with doubts – do this.

        As for the face lift there’s a little tell tale sign that gives it away. A little vertical line like this ” l ” at the end of her mouth and lips. And that face has been botoxed totally. She had a great plastic surgeon and looks really good for a 78-year-old woman. Here’s a little tidbit you can impress your friends with: the medical word for face lift is rhytidectomy. Sounds like rye-tee- dec-tomy. Of course she had her eyes done too and they look spectacular. That’s called a blepharoplasty.

        Sorry Darlene. Hate to burst your bubble but it just ain’t so. But be sure and call your local hospital. Don’t take a stranger’s word for it. God help you when you learn the truth. If the surgical scheduler is too busy to talk to you, ask for the director of medical records.

        Yours in Christ,
        Virginia R.

        • says

          My comment was about her recent infection she got from the previous knee replacements. It is very common for knee replacements to become infected down the road. They don’t last forever. She was very sick and almost died. I really don’t care if she had plastic surgery either. I know what they preach and teach is right from the word of God and they don’t teach false doctrine like many churches today preach. How petty to be offended if someone got a face lift or not. You show me one thing that they teach that is not biblical. The church today needs to stand up for God. He is coming soon and we better wake up and stop picking at people who do preach and teach sound doctrine. You are not bursting my bubble Virginia,I know what Gods word says and I know I will not be deceived. Obviously their is no unity among believers today,how sad. Lord help us to know your truth and be ready for your return to take your bride home. We should not be slandering others unless we know the absolute truth. The church is in great apostasy and you can tell when even Christians are slandering other Christians.We all need to repent before God and worry about how our own relationship with Jesus Christ is. Jeremiah 17:9, The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked:who can know it? Only the Lord Jesus Christ can change the heart of man! We should check our own hearts people. Thank you for your shed blood that cleanses us from all unrighteousness! Let’s worry about getting the gospel out to others before His return! Amen? Darlene

        • says

          My comment was about her recent infection she got from the previous knee replacements. It is very common for knee replacements to become infected down the road. They don’t last forever. She was very sick and almost died. I really don’t care if she had plastic surgery either. I know what they preach and teach is right from the word of God and they don’t teach false doctrine like many churches today preach. How petty to be offended if someone got a face lift or not. You show me one thing that they teach that is not biblical. The church today needs to stand up for God. He is coming soon and we better wake up and stop picking at people who do preach and teach sound doctrine. You are not bursting my bubble Virginia,I know what Gods word says and I know I will not be deceived. Obviously their is no unity among believers today,how sad. Lord help us to know your truth and be ready for your return to take your bride home. We should not be slandering others unless we know the absolute truth. The church is in great apostasy and you can tell when even Christians are slandering other Christians.We all need to repent before God and worry about how our own relationship with Jesus Christ is. Jeremiah 17:9, The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked:who can know it? Only the Lord Jesus Christ can change the heart of man! We should check our own hearts people. Thank you for your shed blood that cleanses us from all unrighteousness! Let’s worry about getting the gospel out to others before His return! Amen? In Christ, Darlene

          • T.Heim says


            I’m always surprised when people defend the Swaggart ministry and lecture Christian believers for critically evaluating the Swaggart ministry! I have monitored that ministry for 2 years now, and this ministry is far worse than any I’ve ever seen when it comes to critical judgment of others! Their daily insults of other ministries, pastors and churches is despicable! Their claims about the “modern church” are completely false! The are so clearly ignorant and unaware of what is going on in the true church of Jesus Christ worldwide.

            Just the other day, a caller on Frances & Friends program made a statement and Donnie Swaggart stated “That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You are so ignorant that you don’t even know what you’re ignorant about.” I just about spit out my coffee, as that statement exactly describes Donnie, Frances, Jimmy, Loren Larson, Dave Smith, Mike Muzzerall, Jim Nations, Jim Woolsey, John Rosenstern, Gabriel Swaggart, Carl Brown, and every other associate of that ministry!

            They should be exposed, and people need to STOP giving them money! It’s a waste, and could be used far better to the glory of God!

          • James says

            T Heim. It’s been too long. How are you? I’ve missed our tate-au-tates. Let’s have some in depth discussions. I’ll play nice. I promise.

        • says

          I checked on if two replacement knee surgeries were ever done. It is called Simultaneous Bilateral Knee replacement. You have a higher risk of an infection setting in down the road but they do perform them. We don’t know what the extent of how bad her knees were either. Frances recently almost died with an infection that set in at the end of May.She was out for 6 weeks from it. If they lied about it I guess they have to give an account to God not us. They have tremendous teaching they don’t contradict the bible either. I study myself approved with scripture and found no errors in what they teach. We should not be in disunity in these last days. The devil would love it! I stand for the Word of God! We should be exposing those on television who preach anything other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Joel Osteen,Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer,Kennith Copland,Rick Warren, Bill Johnson and many more that I can’t think of at the top of my head. The word of God says to rebuke, and expose those who don’t preach the Gospel. Lets talk about that instead of slandering those who do preach the Gospel. We do have the right to judge false doctrine. We don’t have the right to judge someones soul to hell. Only God knows the heart.
          In Christ,

        • Billy says

          I knew a Prebyterian minisyers wife ten years ago who opted to have both knees replaced at the same time. I querried this and she said the doctor recommended against it, however agreed to perform the surgery. I only knew these people through a third party and only saw her several years later and only glimpsed her. I didn’t speak to her at the time and haven’t seen her since so can’t update further. Having said that, I believe the Swaggart’s are full of falsehood and are those fornicatory filthy types warned about by Jude. So I’m not sympathetic to their idiocy at all!

    • robert thorpe says

      to the people that give the swaggarts money your not giving to the lord swaggarts are living high on the hog on your money ever notice their so called sharthon is when social secerity checks are given to eldery it is ashame they take these people money i know from 1 of my friends gives money she thinks its for the word of the cross i say its for them to keep up a higher lifestyle that we only dream of for those that give plese contac your local church you don have to pay to hear the word of the cross swaggarts need to take the money they bilked people and retire ps god is great god is good

    • Feedup with the Swaggarts says

      I’ve had two knee replacements, 18 months apart. Frances crossing her knees in less than two months after DOUBLE knee replacement as is shown on video would be VERY painful, if not impossible. Also, walking as she did would definitely be impossible and in high heels and doing stairs, no less! Now the cosmetic surgery is completely believable! We can definitely see that she had something done to her face.

      Hey, Swaggarts, the people are not comlete idiots!! Why not just tell the truth for a change!

    • says

      I was a follower of Jimmy Swaggart ministry but after having a personal bad encounter with them I believe that she had a face lift is very clear as she looks so young for her age.

      • Mishel says

        She has had multiple face lifts and an abundance of surgery–so has Jimmy and so has Donny. I really don’t care so much if they want surgery–it is their business and they can do what they want with their own money. My only concern would be if it were coming from donations.

  2. John says

    This is quite convincing. As much as I am saddened by the direction of the Swaggart ministry, I still don’t like to proclaim people guilty until totally proven. However if they indeed did lie to the people concerning something like this then it is quite heartbreaking what they are doing.

  3. John says

    No video? I guess JSM has struck again. I suppose they are the only ones allowed to call everyone else out. However if they are examined they simply want it shut down.

  4. Their Altars of Baal says

    Yeah, but you know what? I remember my mother trying to fight gray hair as it started to converge on her beautiful countenance. She would take tweezers and pluck out any gray hairs she could find, trying to maintain her imagine and stop the tide of age.

    But for every gray hair she plucked out, at least two of them grew back. In time, she gave up trying, because her efforts made the problem worse and she eventually realized that her fighting the gray was making the problem grow worse.

    A few days ago the Lord spoke to me and said that so it is with this evil organization pretending to be spreading Jesus but actually preaching about a “different” Jesus. As they try to pluck out the sources of truth exposing who they are, the Lord is having the Truth about them spread in doubles!!

    Go ahead and pour more water on the altar and around the altar. I serve a God who is greater than efforts such as theirs. I don’t know WHAT the Lord has planned, but I do know that He will defy their feeble weapons and show THEM who is Boss!!

  5. says

    I dont get it..What did francess do or not do?? This is quite a cover up or BIG LIE..Why did He js do this?? Please answer Mishel..How many people involved in the Lie?? IM confused..Did You check with the hospital or doctors? Patient conf I forgot..

  6. Peter Macintosh says

    I really don’t care for the way the JSM does business anymore. After following them for 30 years, the incessant marketing, the extreme hype (which is frequently NOT the “moving of the Holy Spirit” at all) and the general playing on the emotions of the listeners has turned me OFF for the LAST TIME!

    That being said …

    I don’t see how this video, what did load of it (it stopped loading about 5 min in), proves anything other than that Frances had some “illness”, and that Jimbo said it was that she had had her knees replaced. As is with anything that happens in Swaggartland, we simply don’t know what did happen, or why that’s an issue that merits such a long winded video.

    Please state clearly in text what it is you’re trying to expose here, if you indeed have any facts. I’m very sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t have time, and even less patience, with supposition and theories.

      • Amen to the truth says

        Yes, and further, Jimmy (aka “Billy”) in this video gives absolute proof that he is a faker and a liar. He operates under instructions from the devil and not the Lord. LIARS are not true ministers of the Lord!

        While his stage performance calls for him to fake like he’s sold out to God, by his lying tongue he proves that in reality he’s nothing but a child of Hell.

        Revelation 21:8 says that “the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, AND ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

        A. True men of God are NOT LIARS. B. Jimmy Swaggart IS A LIAR, therefore, C. JIMMY SWAGGART is not a true man of God. That is what I get most out of this video.

        For those who walk in Truth (TRUE Christians), this will matter greatly. For those who don’t, it won’t.

        • Set Free says

          THIS! (which is frequently NOT the “moving of the Holy Spirit” at all), Manipulation. Singing the same chorus over and over for 15-20 minutes (or longer), working the crowd and claiming “the spirit fell.”

          • Debra Diebert says

            Jimmy claims his music is “anointed.” That just means he likes it. He’s the only one who instructs what is sung and how often a song is sung. Between music and begging for money there’s little time for anything else.

  7. mike says

    My ex pastor Invited donny Swaggart to our church to do a 3 day preaching and he made my pastor fly him first class and when they went out to dinner he had him buy him steak and shrimp the most costly items on the menu. My pastor was disgusted over his experience with Donny and a few months later Lauren Larson cam to preach and Told my Pastor that Donny “was a Dog” wow! he must know him better than a 3 day experience lol. O ya and the church Donny did this at was only a few feet bigger than my apartment living room….and they say there not about money.

    • John says

      The reason Loren would call his brother in christ and supposed fellow worker in the kingdom a dog is because they all back bite there. Donnie is on the top of the food chain because his name is swaggart and most of the other ministers can’t stand it because of their lust to be in control.

  8. says

    thank you for your presentation about jimmy swaggart falls on his own sword. It is a marvel to me how willing people are to be deceived. Without question jimmy swaggart is a pathological liar and one of the great wolves of the last great falling away. keep up with Ephesians 5:11

      • Sandy Graves says

        I agree Noah looks like most want to find what is wrong with jsm instead of praying for them the problem is that they are exposing false doctrine and because of past failure of Jimmy everyone is a liar or a dog may God help us to see this through the eyes of Jesus and pray for the ministry no one is forced to support them.

        • T. Heim says

          The only false doctrine that they expose is their own! They are intellectually dishonest by either intentionally or ignorantly misrepresenting the words and/or writings of other pastors and ministries! All one has to do is listen to what is being discussed on their programming. They impeach themselves continually!

        • Debra Diebert says

          You don’t have to look far to see what’s wrong with JSM. For one thing Jimmy claims God gave him a new revelation about the cross of Christ. So for the past 2,000 years Jimmy is the first one, since Paul, to learn about the “message of the cross.” The immaturity of Jimmy and his hosts is unbelievable. All they talk about is sin and what you need to do to overcome it. But, they themselves never seem to overcome the same sins they accuse others of. For one thing, according to people who have left that ministry, there’s a lot of fornication, drinking, going to bars etc. going on all the time. I believe it. Jimmy gets on his high horse and says he’s never had a drop of liquor his entire life. I don’t believe it but big deal. He was going out after his crusades picking up hookers. This went on for over 30 years. He admitted that himself. He’s just a wolf in wolves clothing. I see through his lies, deception, fakery and phoniness. Why can’t you?

  9. says

    Mishel, I would like to encourage you to read a book by Watchman Nee, entitled “The Spiritual Man.” He was given the true revelation of what the cross in the life of the beliver really means and how undeniable necessary it is for each of us. My elder pastor who has now gone on to be with the Lord, was given the same revelation and was blessed when he read the messages of Brother Nee. For there is “one faith, one Lord, one baptism,one God, and Father of all”. If we believe this is true then the body of Christ should all be hearing the same thing. Obviously most believers are being deceived and are choosing the broad way that leads to destruction. I was very grateful and blessed to read your testimony and how right on you are about many ministries that claim to be the so called “right one and only way”. Wherever the real truth is being preached there will be a “remnant”. I love how you brought that very descriptive picture of God’s remnant out. The masses will flock to hear another Jesus gospel and have their fleshly appetites appeased but the “few and narrow way” lovers of the Truth are the remnant’s of God’s. To God be the Glory! May we “stand fast” and hold on to the Truth of Almighy God and not be swayed by every wind and doctrine. Thank you Mishel, dear precious sister in the Lord ,for your faithfullness and love for the Truth. God Bless and keep you always. Love in Christ Jesus, a fellow sister and lover of the Truth….Dianna

    • Barry says

      I was saved through the JSM network and spirit-filled. I have followed “The Message of the Cross” for over 2+ years and only been saved for 11/2+ years . I have been struck mightily by Satin in my heart purification process and my growth has been slow. I have had similar feelings about the Swaggarts at times,although I have learned a great deal and have a lot of respect for a lot of things I’ve learned. How ever being thrown to the wolves (from an Athiest family) and being saving coming very late in life….I don’t trust any one or any church…including these posts…it’s rough out there…God Bless

      • T.Heim says

        JSM is NOT just preaching “Jesus.” They are preaching a “message” about Jesus which is unbalanced, tunnel visioned, and frankly, incoherent! I have reached out to numerous “message of the cross” followers with the question, what is “the message if the cross(MOTC)?” The only response I get is a repetition of their phraseology and slogans. There are huge holes and inconsistencies in what they teach! I’ve seen them run into some of them when they broadcast their teaching programs, and they deal with them by going back to repeating slogans such as “the cross, the cross,” or “the object of your faith,” or “EVERYTHING you need for life and living is in the cross,” etc. I have written numerous emails containing direct quotes by Swaggart et.al. asking for clarification in light of scriptures other than Romans 5-7, and I have yet to receive a response! I’ve been blocked from all of their Facebook pages, although I can still comment on reviews placed by others (must be one of those Facebook rules). JSM makes it perfectly clear that they want NO thinking followers!! The most revealing program is Frances &Friends! The callers into the program and the emails read make it obvious the intelligence and/or educational levels of their followers! Human beings with limited education, experience and intelligence are typically rigid thinkers, isolate themselves with like-minded people and philosophies, and therefore, are easily manipulated. I don’t say these things to be unkind. It’s my experience! I was one of those uneducated, isolated, rigid thinkers brought up in a whole church full of them. But, as I grew up in my late teens and early 20’s, I moved to a different state, went to several colleges, got a few degrees, and lots of life experience. The reality of knowledge and experiences in my life revealed the obvious pitfalls of narrow thinking and isolated, limited experience. It’s so much easier to recognize truth and deception, and discern the difference when one is exposed to a wide range of material and experience. The Swaggart’s actually DISCOURAGE their followers from reading material other than theirs or what they approve of! And they don’t read anything they disagree with, or anything written by anyone who says or does anything they don’t agree with! The Swaggart’s don’t preach blatantly false doctrine. Like most heresies or false doctrines, there is a lot of truth mixed in! Often, it’s just re-arranged, or there are omissions or additions or, in the case of the Swaggart’s, overemphasis of some truth while underemphasizing other truths! I believe they preach a warped gospel, one that results in unbalanced living, and causes unnecessary and prolonged suffering and struggle for Christians who suffer from addictions, codependency, mental illness, and all other diseases and illness. I think they have a warped view of “sin” and the “sin nature,” and how they view and label “the flesh,” etc. Their view of God’s purpose for creating human beings, and for the human body is skewed! So, basically, they appear to be unaware or have a poorly developed “Christian world view!” When Swaggart sits there in the middle of his “yes men” on the set, it’s a bizarre 70 minutes! They read a few Bible verses, with most of the reading being Swaggart’s words, and then he takes off pontificating with a free-flow of thought! He gives no basis for his “beliefs,” he cites no research, no scholarly work, no other theological perspective (even though a plethora of information exists)! He comes up with some of the most bizarre concepts, while the “ministers”(some of them are professors on their Bible school) sit by and nod their heads or chime in with their tidbits of “genius!” They only way an individual can buy into that is the way described above. As for some of the “yes men,” well, I guess they know where their bread is buttered!

    • Donald says

      Dear Dianna,
      It is with extreme reverence that I caution you concerning the works of Watchman Nee. He was a true
      martyr for the cause of Christ enduring twenty+ years in prison and having his tongue severed for preaching
      to the guards and inmates! I met his close friend and trusted aid Witness Lee in California in 1992 during
      his bible study and received a copy of his book, a biography of the life and ministry of Brother Nee.
      The teachings of J,N.Darby and the Plymouth Brethren are

    • Donald says

      Dear Dianna,
      I will finish my response to the perverted abuse of physic power by the charlatan Benny Hinn
      at another time. He twisted the insight of Watchman Nee to introduce witchcraft and manipulation
      into his meetings for financial gain! This began 25+ years ago!

  10. Dan says

    Let me set the record straight. I am a camera man for the ministry. I helped Mrs. Frances on and off the set after the knee surgery. We still use a stand for her knees every day for her to rest her knees. You are an absolute liar. I was there the day she got sick (i was 1 of 2 camera men) I was also ,like I said, There to help her on and off the stage, I KNOW THE TRUTH, I AM THE ONLY ONE ON YOUR WEBSITE THAT KNOWS THE TRUTH. AGAIN> I WAS THERE AND I STILL AM. YOU SIR, ARE A LIAR. You should apologize immediately. Let me say one more time, I WAS THERE> I know first hand, and you don’t. I would believe an apology would be accepted, and remove this site, as you are spreading lies. Chose who you believe. a man who cuts video, or someone who was actually present for all of this? I will be looking for your apology, as to be a Christian you must ask forgiveness of your lies and accusations. I work with these people every day, they are the hardest working most sincere people i have ever met.

    • Mishel says

      Dan, I did check your IP address and see that you are indeed from Baton Rouge. I am going to assume that you are a sincere, yet misguided Swaggart employee. First of all, the person that runs this website is Mishel McCumber. I was employed by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for three years as webmaster. I am not responsible for the video in question although I did allow it to be placed on my site. It raises valid questions. While I am not arguing that Frances had “something” done to her knees, it most certainly was not a double knee replacement. No one in the history of the world has ever fallen “suddenly ill” with knee pain to the extent that they could not finish their shift and needed immediate double knee replacement. No one in the history of knee replacements have ever recovered as fast as she did.

      Secondly, whatever you think you know about this ministry, I can assure you, your don’t. They lie. After finding out the kind of trash they were printing in their print shop and witnessing their pathetic attempts to cover their hinder parts, I can assure you that they are NOT what they proclaim to be. I have done extensive research into this ministry and have been contacted by literally dozens of former employees. Most are too frightened to speak out about what they witnessed or how they were treated. They literally fear these people. Some were paid off.

      Trust me, if I were speaking lies and could not prove the things I claim on this site, the Swaggarts would haul me into court at lightening speed. If you do even a bit research you will soon find that they are not at all shy about suing people! Indeed, they are well seasoned veterans of the court system.

      So, no apology is offered. I speak the truth. While I did not make the video in question I do agree that it raises some very good questions. I would implore you to do some research into this ministry. Don’t assume that you know them simply because you work there. If you truly love God with all your heart and are following Him, ask Him to show you the truth about this ministry. It can not end well for you there. I wish you all the best.

      Sincerely, Mishel McCumber

    • says

      Dan, sorry but you are falsely accusing Mishel of speaking “lies,” when what she is saying about these wolves is heavily documented right here on her website. If you look at the evidence and are seeking truth, you would have to agree. You see, the thing about wolves in sheep’s clothing is they LOOK like sheep. The thing about Satan coming as an angel of light is that he LOOKS like an angel of light.

      So how do we know the difference between a true minister of the REAL gospel and a wolf? By going to the Scriptures themselves and comparing them to the doctrine the minister is pushing. Jesus said you would know them by their fruit. The “fruit” He’s talking about has nothing to do with how “hard-working” they are. And as far as them being “sincere,” there are a whole lot of people who are “sincerely wrong.” Some abortion doctors are hard-working and very sincere about wanting a “woman to choose.” But who are they serving? God? NO.

      The “fruit” that must be examined is their doctrine and their character, both of which MUST be examined in light of God’s Word, rather than assuming that just because someone is nice to you that they are a “man/woman of God.” The sheep’s clothing is very appealing. You have to dig much deeper than the outer layer of these people if you want to truly know what they are all about.

    • Theodore Weaver says

      Mr. “Dan”, I’d like to clarify a few things for you. First, whatever loyalties you are hoping to win with the Swaggarts, consider your efforts as fleeting and worthless as those of anyone else who has worked there, unless you are one of the following: a Knight, a Mason, a Satanist, or a witch. Your loyalty is as expendable as the rest. If you do have any integrity, at some point you will make a choice between righteousness and Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. If you choose the former, the Lord will bless you (but be prepared to find another job).

      Secondly, severe knee problems do not just happen overnight unless through a bad accident. Hopeless knees don’t just heal completely in just a couple of weeks. The video is right. It shows clearly that Frances should have worked for months if not years previous to her “stunt”. She should have studied the part a whole lot better before taking it.

      If you actually believe that helping Frances put her legs up on a stand negates the fact that she walks fast, wears high heel shoes, climbs stairs quickly, stands for long periods of time, and even crosses her legs like the video shows, then you should go talk with an orthopedic surgeon or a former knee replacement patient. Knee replacement patients don’t fit her scenario whatsoever – not before surgery, not after surgery. You wouldn’t be the first cameraman they lied to.

      Third, JSM doesn’t even know what the word “apology” means. The word would have applied to firing people for standing against evil. The word would have applied to harassing innocent, hard working people, as they have since the 80’s. The word would have applied to wicked living with no repentance. Apologies have nothing to do with this evil organization except for the countless ones they have owed people over the past 30 years but have never given.

      The buzz word now is not “apology”, Mr. Dan, but rather “judgment”. To the faking Pharisees, Jesus never spoke of grace, but only warning. So He speaks to the leaders at Jimmy Swaggart Ministires. If I were you, I’d get out of there and take cover.

    • T.Heim says

      Are you still employed at JSM? Just curious to see if you still feel the same way. I have followed JSM for 40 years. I don’t know any of them personally, nor have I been to FWC in Baton Rouge. Until the first prostitution case broke, my feelings about Swaggart were neutral. I knew him to be an excellent musician and fiery preacher who morphed into pride and arrogance as his popularity grew. That was the first indication that he was setting himself up for a fall. Next was his relentless pursuit and condemnation of ministers who Swaggart viewed as direct competitors to his ministry. As goes a line in the Shakespearean play Hamlet, “He doth protest too much, methinks!” Swaggart was unwilling to treat his brethren with compassion, grace and mercy….and all the while, HE was involved in the same sin of sexual immorality (and could have been much worse than Baker and Gorman since Swaggart admitted to Gorman (per Gorman’s statement) that he had a pornography problem since childhood, and the Baton Rouge prostitute revealed some bizarre sexual behaviors with Swaggart). Swaggart had a chance to redeem his public image, if he had cooperated with the AG and the disciplinary process, and showed himself willing to place himself under the authority of Godly ministers/administrators to whom he would be accountable. He failed to do that, rejected the discipline, allowed himself to be defrocked, and did what HE wanted to do…go back into ministry and expect the world to just forget everything! Of course, three years later, the sexual immorality was exposed again, along with his arrogant, unrepentant attitude, evidenced by his infamous statement “It’s none of your business!” This guy clearly has deep problems, and is NOT fit for ministry!

      Since the Swaggarts’ circle the family wagons, refuse to be accountable to anyone (except the “god” in their own minds), they do not deserve the respect and trust of the Body of Christ! Anyone who blindly defends, supports and/or promotes these people are guilty of “perpetuating a fraud” in the Body of Christ. I know people defend them by appealing to the “fruit” of the ministry…the alleged hundreds of thousands of “souls” saved and filled with the Spirit. However, there’s no way to know how many “salvations” are occurring (they teach a confusing salvation doctrine, so people often go up to get “re-saved”) etc. And their packaged instructions for the “baptism….and speaking in tongues” allows for non-authentic “experiences” to occur, as they instruct people to just start speaking whatever jargon comes to mind, and claiming that it’s some official language spoken somewhere on earth!)! That being said, I don’t doubt that there are some authentic salvations that do take place, as the Holy Spirit IS at work in people’s hearts (whether or not anyone preaches to them), and to the extent they preach God’s Word, IT will not return void. What seems apparent in many testimonies, unfortunately, is that they are gaining “Swaggart ministry” converts instead of Jesus Christ converts! These people talk more excitedly about JSM than they do about Jesus Christ.

      After 2 public humiliations, his ministry really dwindled! He was desperate for the “glory days” of his ministry, and saw that Christian TV networks were springing up like weeds and becoming very lucrative! Swaggart’s ego would never allow him to be just one “voice” on a big network! So, of course, HE had to come up with his own TV network. And what do you need to do that? Some “unique” message…..and voila! “The Message of the Cross” was born! God gave HIM the first “revelation” since the apostle Paul concerning the “true meaning” of “Jesus Christ and Him crucified!” It was priceless! “Mr. Pentecost” was back! He re-wrote the entire Bible (so to speak–He believes God has revealed to him the true interpretation of every scripture from Genesis to Revelation)! Of course, God had to IGNORE the works, writings and doctrines written about and developed by brilliant theologians over the 2000 years of the history of the Christian church!!! He needed ‘ol Jimmy to figure it all out for us! And so, the Expositor’s Study Bible was born….and as their ad states, “probably” the “fastest” selling Bible in the world! (Never mind that we beg for donations and GIVE thousands of them away while claiming “over 1 million SOLD”)!

      I don’t know how anyone, who possesses just an average ability to think logically, can listen to the programming on SBN and NOT be able to see the contradictions, false doctrines, confusion petty issues they pick with other ministries, and their overall ignorance of the Bible, of basic Christian (orthodox) doctrines, and of what is going on, not just in the world, but in all of Christendom! Do people not see the complete conformity and deference to Swaggart and any and everything he thinks, say or does? This all seems so OBVIOUS to me! I find it disheartening that so many in the Body of Christ are dullards, non-critical thinkers, don’t expect more from leaders, and are so careless with the resources that God has given them! When I think of what $3million dollars+ per month could do for people for the cause of Christ, I cringe!

      Just this morning on Frances & Friends, Frances was complaining about some other ministers calling out JSM for teaching false doctrine! She was so offended, and of course, they see that as “attacks from Satan” and confirmation that they ARE preaching the truth! I have personally written to them, several times, with specific examples of doctrinal problems, contradictions, outright lies, etc. and have not once gotten a response (other than to be “blocked” from commenting on any of their facebook pages)! So, THEY continually call out other ministries for preaching false doctrine, but they insist that absolutely everything they think, say and do is completely of God, accurate, right, unquestionable, etc. etc. They are so closed off with arrogance, spiritual pride, anger and resentment, (at AG and others for Jimmy’s “exposure” and defrocking), defensiveness, etc. that they are in a very dangerous place. When any Christian is in that mindset, they are at risk for destruction! Being “unteachable” means you consider yourself “arrived”…that “He who began a good work in you HAS COMPLETED IT? right? isn’t that how it goes? NO….He “will perform it UNTIL the day of Jesus Christ!”

      If you remain employed at JSM, I hope you will keep your eyes open….pay attention to what goes on around you! I would not be surprised to see this ministry fail in the future. I think it’s going to “max out” soon…because they’re only a certain number of people (I hope they are the minority) who are as unthinking, close-minded, blind and deaf as most of their current supporters appear to be. Fundamentalism in Christianity is shrinking..so I don’t think they will have any influence beyond the fundamentalists (and fundamentalism is defined as believing one has to adhere to a long list of nit-picky, non-essential beliefs, outside of orthodox Christian beliefs, in order to have authentic SALVATION).

      Take care….

    • michael mcgee says

      I suppose you got a raise for you comment.. How does it feel to work for a gang of racketeers? How many old people have die because they gave their medicine money to the swaggarts? I can only say there much not be a god or how could he allow these outlaws profit so much from the word of god..

    • EM says

      Hey Dan, if you were the camera man, why did you cut out that whole episode of this when replayed in the evening.? I was watching that day. Does a knee problem cause you to keep asking the same question to a guest over and over? More like some malfunction in the brain. She keep repeating the same thing. I also have not seem the guest back on who witnessed the problem first hand. You could see on their faces that something was really wrong. A knee infection doesn’t cause a person to act like that. A stroke might. Tell the truth, you don’t want to be a partner in cover up’s. Why aren’t they just honest?why does Francis slur in speech? Just a question.

  11. alice says

    How do you all know so much “dirt” on jsm? I know about the two hookers he was caught with but not the rest… i watch his program but dont hear him speaking anything wrong… im confused here.. what on earth are you all talking about??? Seriously, i want to know whats going on

    • John says

      The Swaggart’s say a lot of things that sound right. Jesus died for you at the cross.. Yes that’s right, there is victory in the cross, yes that’s right but the mechanics of the Swaggart’s doctrine and theology has many holes. It is a grace that does not require personal responsibility and obedience. It’s a cross that never gets heavy and never demands any denial. It is an erroneous gospel that I would be glad to explain to you in detail if you would like.

    • Personal Witness says

      Alice, “the dirt” is pretty common knowledge behind the “sets” at Baton Rouge. Their stage director (primarily Frances herself) tries to keep that “common knowledge” from getting out to the rest of the world. That is why they have fired people so ruthlessly and randomly over the years. Good, hard working, Christian people, and countless stories circulate in and around Baton Rouge.

      I went there personally for a while. Before going, I thought some stories I had read on the internet were too far-fetched to be true. I went hoping for the best and gave the Swaggarts a “clean slate” in my heart and mind. However, within months I realized that the internet stories I had read were sadly consistent with things I heard there and eventually witnessed personally.

      Until the internet, all of their dirty secrets stayed in Baton Rouge. While I was there I learned from nearly anyone I talked to in Baton Rouge that people there see right through him (except those still going there). However, the Lord has said that now it is time for more of His carefully chosen servants to help boldly present to the world the truth – Jimmy Swaggart is nothing but an actor on a stage.

      Most of his books he has others write for him, and the majority of his expositor’s “Bible” he stole from a man named Dake who was a convicted pedophile. He can sing and he can cry, but he doesn’t cry tears for those that his organization brutalizes. Jimmy, Frances, and their closest staff are just as much actors as anyone else you would watch on television. I challenge you to try to get close to any of them to see for yourself.

      These are the last days. Fakers are all around. Only those that remind you of Jesus in their REAL LIFE are real. Having tested these characters myself, sadly I have to give Jimmy and his staff a thumbs-down. (They ARE pretty good actors though.)

      I’d suggest cozying up with your own Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to be your Teacher. You can trust Him and He doesn’t feed you plagiarized material stolen from a pedophile.

      • says

        well,i have read all of this, let me say, God will decide if this is true or not , no one is perfet and i have learned a lot since i have been watching, nothing has been wronge according to my Bible. i pray you all are wronge and you can be forgivening, too. but if you are right i will be so sad., God bless all of you

  12. Redeemed says

    My husband has had two total knee replacements — 2010 / 2012. His surgeon refuses to perform bilateral total knee. My husband could not cross his legs for three months after surgery. All other statements about knee replacement on this site, pre op and post op, are correct. The onset of his knee degeneration was gradual — over years and other treatment methods were suggested and attempted before radical surgery. The swelling doesn’t completely subside for nearly one year. Patients struggle with stairs for weeks after surgery, much less in high heels!

  13. Redeemed says

    P,S. To close the wound, he had a “zipper” knee comprised of 38 staples; the incision was approximately six inches.

    • Deceivers NEVER Win in the End says

      Here’s the video, Redeemed.

      It looks to be a bit shorter, but everything is there.

      It is literally impossible that Frances had the surgery as Jimmy so sinfully and boldly lied to the world. For those in the medical field and by our legal right to observe a public figure in all that they say and do, it is clear to see and state the following:

      1) Frances Swaggart could not have been a candidate for the surgery described by her husband. Any astute medical observer would tell you that Mrs. Swaggart was not by any stretch of the imagination a candidate for such radical surgery. Her husband lied.

      2) Even if Frances Swaggart did have both of her knees totally replaced (let’s say, just for the “fun of it”) she could never have done the things we see her do in this video. Her husband lied.

      3) Frances had a lot of work during her absence. We can only speculate that Jimmy was too embarrassed to tell the world why she needed her “time away, and so he chose to lie.

      Jimmy Swaggart lies without conscience, as we see him do over and over in this video. Also, check out his John Camp interview, and watch him lie right on camera there too, and we even see him change his story – right on TV! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiqBStjBufU.

      Jimmy Swaggart is not what he wants his donors to think he is. Beware of this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      I pray that the spell be removed from the eyes of those who would rather ignore the man behind the mask.

      • Redeemed says

        Thank you for posting the video; it’s very “revealing.” The way he laughs after stating she had knee surgery is disgusting. His claim that the doctor performed bilateral total knee replacement in 1.5 hours is ridiculous as is his statement that he prayed after they gave him anesthesia; when that hits you’re out!

  14. david says

    So I watched the videos all the way through and have just two things to say. I have had my knees replaced. The drs had me up and walking that night and yes in extreme pain with the help of crutches. The dr then said that I could only use the crutches for 3 days. After that I was walking on my own. I see nothing wrong with her standing for 30 mins as before my surgery I was standing at work 8 hours a day. In pain yes but I was expected to work and I did. I see nothing different with this. Also with her walking on stage later without a walker 16 days later sounds about right because the more you walk without help the faster you heal. The drs gave me a device called a don joy iceman I was suppose to use it before walking and it helped prevented the swelling and pain from walking I used it for 2 months and had no problems walking or standing as long as I used it before and after. I dont know the Swaggerts nor watch them but dont see why anyone would go through the trouble of trying to disprove a surgery that could or couldnt have happened. After going through one of these myself I have no problem saying I could have done the same thing after my surgery. As for her face after the surgery the swelling got bad so to help with the pain I was given steroids to help the swelling and to help me walk. If her dr did the same thing It would explain her face because it gives you what I was told “Moon face.” Meaning you swell up in the face and it becomes rounder and fuller. If you dont believe me look up the side effects yourself because mine did swell up and it did look fuller and rounder. With all this said I dont care one way or another if she did or did not have the surgery; but I have no problem believing she had it done as I did about the same thing. What really gets me is why go through the hassle trying to say she didnt and have no proof that she didnt? Someone has a grudge is all I can come up with and wants revenge. As far as the no scars how do you know? It looks like she has ted hose on which most knee replacement patients are suppose to wear to help with the swelling and blood circulations in your legs and helps you not get blood clots. The ones I wore where white but I know they come in other colors and when I wore then you couldnt see the scars I had either. As far as the people asking why the knees werent bandaged. I only had mine on for 5 days after the surgery and they had to be changed every 4 hours. After the 1st day they were suppose to be off for 2 hours at a time and then put new ones on, but that was only for 5 days.

    • T.Heim says

      Did your surgery take 45 minutes to complete?
      The scars would be clearly visible under panty hose, which they are not.
      The point if the video, even though not everything that the video addresses is relative or important, but the point is why do people like this lie about something like this? I’m an RN with 30 years experience. It’s very obvious that she had a face lift. But, so what?? Why should that be something to lie about? I can only assume they believe it to be bad for donations and for her public image. This is classic behavior from people who have the view of Christianity as they do! They value secrecy over transparency, cover-up rather than confession! It’s a very sick environment!
      So, perhaps she had something other than a knee replacement. Maybe Jimmy doesn’t know what a knee replacement is! Frances claims to have been a runner, and they often develop bad knee joints. So, their whole story doesn’t make sense! The story about being taken ill suddenly is inconsistent with having a knee replacement or a face lift!
      Swaggart has been caught in many lies. If you ate an astute listener, it’s not difficult to catch the lies, confabulations and embellishments! I heard one a few days ago when he claimed to have won the debate with the Muslim named Deet I believe. I saw that “debate” which really wasn’t a real debate (it’s on YouTube and covers the topic “Is the Bible the Word of God”). Neither one if them were great debators, but Deet at least had sources supporting his arguments! Jimmy basically preached a sermon and told Deet that he had a dream about him and how he needed to get saved before it is too late! It was hilarious!

  15. Linda says

    Praise the Lord! Let every man work out His own Salvation with fear and trembling. Praise God that Jesus Christ crucified is being preached. Pray for your enemies…………… Just don’t send them any money. Support the ministry in your area. Trust NO man. Read Jude…


    • John Galyon says

      “Pray for your enemies…………… Just don’t send them any money”.

      I love that line! I’ll have to remember it! 🙂

  16. jon says

    I wish everyone would just stop if they have done something wrong then handle it with them not plaster the internet with accusations or negative discussions, as christians and bc its the right thing to do all matters of discussion on the ministry should be directed to them whether it be through email, mail, or phone calls it shows thd truth behind the article isnt to inform anyone its to attack the person bc u cant find fault in the message of the cross

    • Mishel says

      It I had a dime for every time someone has went to the ministry with their grievance I would be a very rich woman. Indeed, even David Wilkerson warned the ministry. They have never in the history of the ministry received a word of correction from any one. These things WERE brought to their attention. There is EVERY scriptural reason to expose them and indeed we are mandated to do so.

    • Denise says

      Oh contrary to your comment about finding FAULT in the message of the cross you are 100% incorrect…Their message is something that JS “claims” was a supernatural revelation that adds to the Bible….DING DING DING Ecclesiastes 1:9 …Gods WORD is complete…Nothing added, nothing taken away…TMOTC is just another way for a minister aka fleecer of the sheep to line their pockets from the gullible and mis-led people…Perhaps someone WOULD call and bring it up with them but no one ever gets that chance because they are hung up on, ignored, bullied and so on…No, That ministry is nothing short of another prosperity pimp making it rich off the people that are NOT studying their Bibles and taking a MANS word for it…enough said!!!!!

      • jon says

        Ur referring to the expositors bible, nothing is added or taken away its to help u learn better but or free to interpret the word how even u feel lead. As for being hung up on they do hand up on ppl but that only when people get out of hand and are not haveing a conversation they are trying to start a big mess. Either way y’all are free to believe. GOD bless u all

        • Denise says

          He adds HIS words in red to make you BELIEVE his words over the word of God…he changes your perception by making you think this is an all new and improved revelation that God gave him one night in the 90s…He adds that you put your faith in a cross…there is power in the cross???!!! WRONG…there is POWER IN THE BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Terry says

            This is not a new and improved message Denise. It’s what the bible is about from beginning to end. Without the cross, there would have been no blood sacrifice to save mankind. And it’s not A cross, it’s THE cross of Jesus Christ, who gave up His life willingly for us. It’s an old fashioned message that has gotten lost over the years.
            Instead of throwing rocks at people, why don’t you all preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and lead folks to Jesus as the Lord Himself stated in the great commission?
            The man repented, to God, to the congregation and on national television! Expecting someone to follow MAN’s laws (Religion) by following the AG’s expectations and punishments is purely a religious spirit. If God forgives someone, who are we to question that and expect more? As far as the revelation of the cross he received, we don’t all receive the same revelation at the same time. It’s an old biblical principle, and he simply received the revelation of it in the 90’s.
            What I find offensive, is the way you people attack others who even slightly try to speak their minds in opposition to you. You and your followers jump all over someone such as Dan the cameraman for JSM. He is NOT responsible for their behavior.
            To T.Heim and the others who use such statements as, and I quote, “I find it disheartening that so many in the Body of Christ are dullards, non-critical thinkers”…. Let me assure you folks, that by insulting people who do not agree with you, it appears that you have a vendetta and are not providing proof of anything, but guesses and a witch hunt. You fail to prove your case, by calling those of us who DO read our bibles, follow the Holy Spirit, NOT MEN, “dullards and non-critical thinkers”. I exhort you in the name of the Lord to be careful of what you speak about those who do not simply suck down what you are putting out there. That alone proves we are critical thinkers. I do NOT follow MEN nor someone else’s visions and dreams, ONLY what the WORD of GOD says. I follow the Holy Spirit of God’s leading. I, for one, am not deceived, and I exhort you to be careful about throwing your judgments at people you do not know. Now, I exhort you to be careful how you deal with/judge Christians as myself. You do not know me, nor my walk with God. By doing so, you only make your case appear to be one of personal vendetta not fact. You are in danger of judging ME, not my fruit. God bless you

          • Denise says

            Blah blah blah….. Jesus Christ, crucified, buried and RESURRECTED…that is the Word of God, but NOT according to good old jimmy!!!

          • THeim says

            I did not direct any of my comments to you personally, Terry. I am only responding to the things posted here by those who support and defend JSM! I don’t know you or anyone else here personally. Responding to what one writes is fair game. I use the term “dullards” to describe people with illogical comments resulting from irrational thinking. Ignorant statements and inaccurate facts reflect poorly on Christianity. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I expect one to rationally defend one’s beliefs and/or statements when challenged.

            So, I agree with you that the central theme of the Bible is redemption…God’s plan to redeem man. The O.T. foretells the coming of Christ, and the NT reveals God through Christ. The NT describes the life of Christ, his ministry, his death and resurrection, and the development of the NT church. I also agree with you that the “cross”, the atonement, has been “around” (meaning understood) for the last 2000+ years! The foundation of the Church is Jesus Christ and His atoning work on the Cross. The apostle Paul was the most educated, qualified man academically to understand and explain the atonement/new covenant. I believe this is why HE was chosen to write the letters that he did which became part of the Biblical canon! It would have been difficult for a fisherman or tax collector to understand doctrinal concepts. God generally calls people according to the gifts, talents and expertise they possess. But, where I believe the Swaggart’s are off base is in their narrow focus….the over-emphasize the “atonement” and under-emphasize the rest of the body of scripture! We all believe the Bible is God’s Word, but the Bible has to be interpreted by man! Right? Human beings have to interpret the meaning of scripture, and it’s clear that there is not 100% agreement on every scripture in all of Christendom! I’m the first to admit that I don’t have a complete understanding of all of scripture! And brilliant, god-fearing men and woman have studied the scriptures and written about them for 2000+ years, and they don’t all agree! There is no “Pope” or one individual who gets to determine all doctrine over the Body of Christ. And it is illogical to say things like “that is “man’s religion” or a “religious spirit” or “man says instead of what God says” because we ARE men/women and we DO have to determine what God is saying! This is why we MUST have honest, diligent, educated, persistent and prayerful dialogue about doctrine and the scriptures, and we must have a teachable, not a “know-it-all” approach to truth and knowledge of God! There are many excellent resources in the Body of Christ, like the Westminster Confession of Faith, which describes basic Christian “orthodoxy!” Every Christian believer should be familiar with this! I have yet to hear anyone at JSM mention it one time!! There are ESSENTIAL doctrines of the church….ones that make us distinctly “Christian” and then there are NON-ESSENTIAL doctrines….they account for the different denominations and/or various beliefs within denominations/churches. What I see with JSM is that they have NO non-essential doctrines, so to speak! It’s our way or the highway! They leave NO room for the fact that they may be wrong about some things! Anyone who believes they are 100% correct about everything they believe about God is as arrogant, and frankly as blind and stupid and one can be! It’s illogical to believe that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, creator of all things, and believe you have complete knowledge of his revelation to mankind! A person like that can be immediately disregarded, as they are delusional!

            I’m quite surprised that you think Swaggart has “repented” for his behavior! Doesn’t repentance mean to “turn away” from sin? Swaggart refused to confess his sins after being caught. He had to be forced to do it. After he confessed to the denomination, he refused to comply with the discipline/rehabilitation that those in authority over him required of him, so he was stripped of his credentials (which tells you that he cared little for his profession). In rebellion, he was caught 3 years later with another prostitute! Did he confess or apologize? NO! He infamously stated to his congregation, the Body of Christ and the world “It’s none of your business!” Does this sound like a repentant man?? Would you accept that from your mayor or senator or your child’s school teacher? Doesn’t it look extremely naive and foolish to trust the word of a person like that? Our sin has consequences! We can be forgiven, but we are still accountable for the consequences of our sinful behavior! We are accountable not only to God, but to the Body of Christ! So, I forgive him, because the act of forgiveness is to release someone to God, to be dealt with by God. But, I am under no obligation to support him or trust him or have a relationship with him, and certainly not to hold him up as an example to proclaim the gospel! God forbid! It is up to Swaggart to rebuild trust and confidence in him, and the way one does that is by being transparent and accountable! Swaggart is ANYTHING BUT that! In fact, he prides himself and brags that he answers to no one (except God, of course). They have no board of directors or elders, their financial dealings are completely secret! I had to laugh at the audacity of Donnie last Sunday who was promoting the share-a-thon and looked right into the camera and said that they are honest and trustworthy with your money! They really think that if they say it, it is so! The truth is an honest, trust-worthy organization has no problem opening up the books and explaining to their donors how they spend the money! It’s truly remarkable to me how so many Christians are so naive and wasteful with the resources God gives them! It’s really such a shame!

            I would really like “Dan” the cameraman to respond…just to see if he is still there, and still feels the same way. I don’t think anyone was blaming him for anything. He was defensive of them, and he was challenged on that. It’s just as wrong for him to doubt Mishel’s or other’s experiences there as employees, as it would be to doubt his experiences.

            You took the time to rebuke me and warn me to “be careful” about what I say about them, but the Swaggart’s feel no need to do that when criticizing every other ministry that they think is wrong. In fact, they quote scriptures they think support that behavior. So, I can never understand how they could logically conclude that those scriptures wouldn’t apply to THEM? If they feel it Biblical to call out false doctrine or misinterpreted scripture, why get bent out of shape when other believers subject them to the same scrutiny?? Obviously, they believe they could be wrong about anything! Don’t you see how small and insignificant this makes them look? There are 49 other states in this country, and hundreds/thousands of other town and cities where there are churches preaching the gospel, and yet they assume they know what’s going on in “the modern church.” How can you or anyone take anything they say seriously??

    • T.Heim says

      Don’t you think that should apply to the Swaggarts too? I think it’s hilarious that their followers seem to have no problem listening to the Swaggarts bad mouth, criticize and berate other ministries and pastors, but get bent out of shape and want to rebuke anyone who criticizes the Swaggarts and their ministry!! Doesn’t anyone see the irony and hypocrisy in that?

      • Terry says

        T. Heim: You have already pre-judged me as a kool-aid drinker by thinking that I agree with the Swaggarts when they criticize and berate other ministries, I DO NOT! It’s wrong, no matter who does it. I also did not get “bent out of shape” in my previous post. The problem is, instead of discussing the problems, you people name call and attack others. You T.Heim, are quick to use words such as “dullards and non-critical thinkers” and judge us as hypocrites, simply because someone else won’t jump in your ship — and you attack others who you know absolutely nothing about. Please do not lump everyone together who happens to disagree with you. Calling names and putting down other Christians really does not make your case. Blessings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

        • Terry says

          T Heim –
          I agree with your post. I really do. It was very well spoken.
          I have learned over the years to never completely trust one man or ministry. Just wanted you all to know that. I’m a God seeker, not a man follower.
          I think I may have not made myself clear in an earlier post. I was not rebuking you for saying things about the Swaggarts (not my intention) but referring to your words to the people who posted on here, such as Dan the cameraman.
          I apologize for not making myself clear on that point.
          I am leaving this site however, because my previous post to Denise’s “Blah Blah Blah” comment disappeared. I can see now how this site works Mishel.
          T. Heim, it was a pleasure talking with you, however little we were able to do.
          Peace to you friend!

          • Terry says

            Mishel – my apologies. The comment did not disappear. I was wrong and I am truly sorry. Please forgive me?

          • THeim says

            I can’t always figure out how the comments are posted. Sometimes, I think I’ve lost my post, and then it appears somewhere else on the thread! It seems to be a bit temperamental! 🙂

          • THeim says

            No problem, Terry! Blog posts are often a difficult place to communicate effectively! I take you at your word, and I wish you well!

      • Renata Richard says

        JSM is cultic in its nature…trust me i came out of a cult that i ess hoodwinked for 10 yrs. Because i had no knowledge of the scriptures.


  17. Jean Anderson says

    Any person with sharp eyes can see that she has had botox or facial uplifts and especially noticeable when the lights highlight her cheekbones. What slays me is her wardrobe of clothes. Have never seen her in the same dress, pants, shoes etc. Her clothing budget has to be $500,000 a year or more. She isn’t wearing JC Penny clothes. Also she could open up a jewelry shop with all the various bracelets, rings, necklaces, pins that she adorns herself with. This is gold people not silver. She isn’t humble with her dress.

    • Denise says

      yea, My mom and I talk about that a lot. My moms friend has known associates that used to hang out with Frances and Jimmy and always the need to SHOP with that woman. If she couldn’t have something she would have a hissy til Jimmy told her ok..They are fleecing the sheep to reward themselves..What ever happened to humble servants?? I believe in paying a pastor but NOT supporting him and his entire entourage of fleecers..Jesus wasn’t a millionaire and I don’t think it bears a good witness to be filthy rich either…Treasures are to be laid up in heaven, not here on earth and they arent any different than the prosperity pimps they call out on a daily basis!!!

  18. Greta says

    Frances said on her show that her doctor said for her to go ahead and get both knees replaced before new health care regulations went into place. She is an active and healthy woman and would heal faster than most her age. Additionally, people are up walking within an hour or so of coming out of anesthesia with knee replacements. She was off work for maybe a week, can’t recall exactly, but remember she was gone from her show and didn’t attend Church for a few services.

    The video isn’t showing up for me, so I’m responding based upon comments. If the video is of her walking in Church, it would have been a week or more after the surgery.

    Are you saying she had a facelift instead of knee replacements? I doubt that. Sure, it’s apparent she’s had work done, but that existed long before the knee replacements. She even mentioned on her show how impressed her doctor was with her progress. I have no reason to not believe her, and have seen many people post knee replacement who are up at at ’em in no time. The faster you are up, the sooner you heal and recover. Plus, the swelling and discoloration from a facelift would still be very apparent a week later, even longer than that. I’ve seen that too.

    Follow GOD, not a Minister, for a Minister is only human. I enjoy Swaggart’s sermons and enjoy Frances’ show, but they are fallible humans, just like the rest of us. I know the writer knows them, and I believe her. Sometimes the Swaggarts (Frances & Donnie especially) come across as rude or blunt, and sometimes they come across as very kind and caring Again, not looking to be their friends, just enjoy their shows and ministries.

    • Truth Lover says

      Sure, and someone else’s doctor told them to go ahead and get their perfectly healthy heart replaced before new regulations went into place. No, the Swaggarts aren’t just fallible, they are outright liars. Liars will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and neither do they pass the test for true Christian leaders today. Here’s the video you’re looking for

      As for the doctrine Frances really lives and preaches, you might want to check this one out –

      (and I would advise not playing it in front of new believers).

      Also, if you really think the Swaggarts are there for Jesus’ sake, you might want to find out why they defend the use of “love signals” to Satan right on their own worship stage and over TV.


      This family has studied its scripts quite well, but their fruits have given them away. Many of us started where you are – we thought they were sincere. Eventually we could not deny the evidence that presented itself to us: they are NOT who they claim to be nor do they care to try to be. They are simply there for the money.

      The Lord bless you as you continue to research this matter.

      • Denise says

        Amen…you are absolutely correct!! We still have to pray for them but seriously, these people by their own mouth have said they dont need prayer!!!

      • Greta says

        Frances had mentioned being advised to have knee replacements several times over the year or so preceeding the surgery. The video doesn’t prove anything to me, as I’ve seen people up and walking shortly after coming out of anesthesia.

        Personally I don’t care if she had Botox or face work done at the same time. It’s obvious that she had had work done years before her knee surgery, and I can’t see a difference in her face from pre-surgery to post-surgery.

        As I said, they are human and fallible. I can’t find where Jimmie’s ministry strays from my KJV Bible. Frances’ show offers good discussion, which I enjoy. I don’t agree with every opinion they give, but I do agree with much they say.

        I really enjoy Rev. Hagee too, and I’m aware that Swaggarts disagree with him a lot. Frances had a woman on her show who was once a cult person, a strange woman, I felt. She went after Rev. William Branham, a man in whose ministry I was healed as an infant. I was offended by Frances agreeing with that former cult with doctor woman.

        God bless you all. And follow GOD, not men. I do believe the Rapture can happen any minute.

        • says

          Hi Steven you are Totally Correct. RAPTURE THEORY came out of the Roman Church.I Hope they have a Huge Tunnel to ‘HIDE FROM THE FACE OF THE ANTICHRIST”. they are going nowhere. They will be here when 2nd THESS Chapter 2 verses 2 Onward where Paul is Warning them of the First One to Come . “THE RAPTURE” brings in a lot of Money for this. Ministry. God help them for taking the” WIDOWS MITE”. Amen. Brother Jerry H

  19. Ann Brooks says

    I can understand Frances having a face lift she in front of I guess millions on TV,But if she used
    money to pay for it with donations from women her age who have little income and do with out
    any kind of luxury them self,Then it is just down right wrong.

    • Denise says

      Every beg a thon they have every month is not to repair the building or to take their false gospel out to the land…it is to finance their high standard of living

  20. Terry says

    In response to my previous post, this was DENISE’s response:
    “Denise says:
    July 22, 2014 at 2:45 pm
    Blah blah blah….. Jesus Christ, crucified, buried and RESURRECTED…that is the Word of God, but NOT according to good old jimmy!!!”

    I know I am not welcome here, nor anyone else who disagrees with you people, whether they listen to Swaggart or not. It’s really sad that that’s your response Denise. “Blah, Blah Blah…….”??? You people hurt more innocent people in the name of the Lord by being mean spirited and hurtful to those you don’t know…. Your actions mimic those you hate —
    I’m wasting my time here. I was hoping to have an honest peaceful discussion about this to hear you all out, but no one seems to want that. I’m leaving now so you can drop your rocks…..
    I’m praying for you all, and pray God’s richest blessings on each of you.
    In HIs Love –
    “Blah Blah Blah”

    • Denise says

      I tire of trying to explain why it is one should not follow this cult and I tire of explaining the facts set forth in the Bible…I tire of the people attempting to defend the cult of swaggarts…I pray for you as well

      • THeim says

        Denise, You and me both!

        Terry, I don’t understand why you are so offended by the dialogue here. And if you feel we are doing something un-Biblical or damaging, the Scriptures instruct you not to say “God Bless You” or wish them “Godspeed.” If you love the Swaggart’s, believe what they teach, don’t care about Jimmy’s character, etc. that’s your prerogative! Many of us are challenging his teaching, beliefs and ministry for good reason. If you disagree, tell us why. I don’t care if you disagree. I find it very interesting to find out what followers of that ministry are thinking!

        • Denise says

          Who said I am offended? I never said God Bless….I pray for them, you and anyone or anything that needs prayer…2 John 1:10 is something I have learned quite well…I warn others is all I am doing and that is what we are to do.

      • Terry says

        Denise, I did not ask you to explain it all again. I am literate and can read. I am not defending any cults, and i want to make that perfectly clear.
        What I don’t understand is why you folks are so vicious towards anyone who tries to offer a different viewpoint. You are as guilty as the people you are attacking for being defenders of the Swaggarts, when they may not even belong to the “cult” as you refer to it, but are automatically judged as such, simply because they state their opinion which differs from yours.
        If you truly want people to listen to what you have to say, you have to treat them as brothers and sisters in the Lord, with love.
        Thank you all for allowing me to state my opinions, whether you agree or not.
        I apologize because I said I was leaving, and I am. Take care, and the Lord bless you all.

  21. Redeemed says

    “The truth is an honest, trust-worthy organization has no problem opening up the books and explaining to their donors how they spend the money!” Well stated and profound truth.

  22. Pansy Brown says

    I watch Frances only when she is there.Donnie is argumentative and will not listen to a question if it suggest that he may have been wrong on something.He is rude to people that disagree with him.In my opinion he thinks he knows it all.He is crawling now and has a long way to go.

  23. Carolyn says

    I have read all these postings and would like to say: Something is right or use to be right because my sister was baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues while she was watching the classic crusades of the Swaggarts. But what bothers me is the fact that they own so much property, (their home is worth $5 million) and they buy fleets of cars, (Mercedes). Their income from tax records is approximately $6 hundred thousand a year. This really bothers me. I have to pray alot because I cannot stand Donnie Swaggart. I know “not hurt God’s anointed”. Please pray for me.

    • Mishel says

      I have no problem at all believing your sister was saved watching the crusades. The Word of God does not return void. However, that does not mean that the vessel it comes through is clean or that God Himself approves of his conduct. The gifts and callings are without repentance. The Bible clearly states that one can raise the dead and heal the sick but STILL not know God.

    • T. Heim says

      Hi Carolyn,
      Ditto to Mishel’s post. The pastor of the church I attended for many years was found to be a promiscuous homosexual and embezzler of church funds. Our church was “on fire” for God, people were being saved, etc. The pastor’s sermons were wonderful…biblical! But, his personal life was a mess. People respond to the truth of God’s Word, and to the Holy Spirit.
      The Swaggart ministry is NOT trustworthy for several reasons, primarily because of Swaggart’s past duplicitous behavior, lack of repentance, lack of transparency and oversight of the ministry and misinterpretation of scripture regarding proper leadership traits, etc. There is NO disclosure of the ministry finances! Donors are expected to accept their word for everything. It’s very foolish of people. I’m always surprised how easy it is to get Christians to part with their money! And I’m firmly convinced that God will hold us all accountable for what we do with the resources He blesses us with. To give foolishly is a double whammy because it keeps people in ministry who should not be in ministry, therefore it’s not available to help others who truly are in need! We need to wise up!

  24. BK says

    It’s amazing too,when someone judges the Swaggarts,we are toold not to judge,yet let the Swaggarts play God and judge any of us because we listen to secular music,or go to a different Church (Catholic,etc),the Swaggarts get a free pass.

    Yes,we are not to judge.That is god’s job,and that bible verse applies to all of us,including the Swaggarts.

    Yet,the Swaggarts say we are not Christian’s (as does his followers) if we are Catholic or of a different faith.They also say we are not Christians if we listen to secular music,go to a sports game,etc.That is judging too,and the Swaggarts are WRONG to do it.It’s god’s job to judge,not the Swaggarts or us.But,it appears the Swaggarts ignore that bible verse,as does many of his followers (you can see that on the Sonlife Broadcasting facebook page),and they will give him a free pass on it! That is WRONG!!!

    P.S.I am a Christian,and while I have forgiven the Swaggart’s,I do not condone or support them judging me because I listen to secular music.God knows my heart,they don’t.I haven given them to God.

    • T. Heim says

      Good for you, BK! The Swaggart’s are misguided about the things they call “sin!” They are constantly claiming the Bible says things that it absolutely doesn’t say. They are obsessed with not only secular music, but any Christian music that isn’t of the style they approve of! Their obsession with abstinence of alcohol is downright comical!

  25. says

    I know that god and jesus is our only judge. if a person takes it on himself to judge anyone, he will be judeged . if anyone stands on the word of god.be careful of what you say.may god bless all of you.

  26. James says

    It is interesting how Jimmy Swaggart has used Country and Western style when he first started and used a Rock n’ Roll tempo during the seventies on a number or his albums. I have nearly all of his LPs. I eventually will destroy them no doubt however I still listen to them from time to time and smile to myself when listening to a rock beat and tempo. Nice one Jimmy!

  27. Connie Neu says

    I had one complete knee replaced..I was in hospital 4 days..I was not speedy walking for a month or so..I did very well but not like frances..I thought she may have had opaque tights on..I also could NOT cross my legs for a long time or do what she did with her legs..]I have a scar 4 inches 2 years later now..Was this all a cover up because she had a huge total Face Lift and eyes done too?? If 4 a face lift she could have used a softer lie- out of the country..I cant believe someone would lie about 2 legs done..No way could she walk like that..ITS a tough surgery 4– 1 leg but 2 would be a nightmare no matter how tough You are..This was all for Plastic Surgery?? The guy on the videos has his voice changed or altered..

  28. Steven M says

    Greetings in Jesus Mishel.

    I use to support JSM back in the early 2000’s and thought I was supporting Gods work but after watching sonlife of how the panel would cut down others that called in completely turned me off and I quit sending them my money. Frances has the attitude of a mule sad to say and Jimmy acts as if he is above the apostles and thinks his message of the Cross is biblical when in fact its idolatry. I believe these people forfeit heaven for heaven on earth and everyone knows Frances is an old woman in a rebuilt body. She will meet her maker one day as her husband Jimmy to give an account for every lie they told and every dollar they stole. Jimmy’s judgment is going to be severe because of his heretical notes he incerted in Gods Holy Book. He will know what God meant in Revelation 22: 18-19 about not adding nor taking away from Gods Holy Book. He constantly attacks Gods Holy Book by criticising the Words should be this or that. Its not Gods Holy Book he’s selling but his heretical dispensational theology that mostly comes from the heretical Dake study bible that came from C.I. Scofield that came from John Nelson Darby that came from Rome’s Jesuit orders counter reformation doctrine with its heretical unbiblical pre-trib rapture doctrine that has deceived over 90% percent of Gods people the Church and has dethroned Christ by putting Him on a coming throne in Jerusalem for an unbiblical 1000 years that came from the heretic of the 1st Century called Cerinthius and was revived as part of romes Jesuit orders counter reformation doctrine deceiving the blind sheep about the real Antichrist which has been the popes down through the centuries. God bless you and God have mercy on the Swaggarts because they will need it on Judgment day. God help us all.

    In Christ Jesus

    Steven M.

    • says

      Hi Steven you are Totally Correct. RAPTURE THEORY came out of the Roman Church.I Hope they have a Huge Tunnel to ‘HIDE FROM THE FACE OF THE ANTICHRIST”. they are going nowhere. They will be here when 2nd THESS Chapter 2 verses 2 Onward where Paul is Warning them of the First One to Come . “THE RAPTURE” brings in a lot of Money for this. Ministry. God help them for taking the” WIDOWS MITE”. Amen. Brother Jerry H

  29. says

    This Lie about the Knee Surgery doesn’t Surprise me. I am sire Jimmy will continually Lie even about the Bible Thon? I believe they have found a way to see these Bible,s from their Giant Warehouses. The people following his Ministry never questions the Monies Monthly they fleece from the Listening Audience Monthly this Ministry ask for over 4 Million Plus Dollar,s. What do they do with all this Money? Any Video,s on this Erroneous Contributions that they declare they need

  30. BK says

    Mishel,I am listening to your interview with Mike Segal on you tube right now.It is very interesting and enlighting.I pray God uses that to show people the truth.

    The thing I can’t understand is: When Jim Bakker does wrong,Christians come down hard.Yet let the Swaggarts do wrong,and Christians won’t do anything.Why the double standard?

    Also,many Christans tell me we should forgive Donnie Swaggart for the divorce.Yet,I don’t see Christians forgiving Tammy Faye for her divorce.

  31. BK says

    Just saw an intresting post on the Sonlife Broadcasting Network’s facebook page.It is under the reviews section.

    This lady posted her mom watches the station since her husband passed.While her mom has every right to watch just the same as myself,and all of us have the right not to watch if she chooses,here’s the bad part.

    This lady’s mom,it would appear by the message of her post,has become judemental of others,even though she rasied her children not to judge,as the bible teaches.The lady further states that she (her mom),just blerts out what she hears the Swaggarts,and callers say on the channel.In other words: This ladys mom is believing any and most,if not all,of what the Swaggarts are saying as truth,whether is is true or not.Or at least it would appear that way,based on what the lady (her name is Cindy) has posted about her mom believing all the things her mom hears the Swaggarts say on SBN.

    We need to keep Cindy’s mom in our prayers,that God will help her mom know the truth,and care,about the wrong things the Swaggarts do.

    Seeing Cindy’s post however reminds me of the former Church I went to (it’s closed now,the pastor is in heavn),and how many of the church members who followed Swaggart would play God and judge me because Swaggart did this.(Our pastors never judged me,only the church members who followed Swaggart did.Our pastors were great to me.)

    It’s amazing,and hard to understand,how many,if not all of Swaggart’s followers hear them judge and play God simply because the Swaggarts do it.

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