Interview with Pastor Ernie Gruen

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May 6, 2008

Jarrod Taylor: Thank you, Pastor Gruen for the opportunity to ask you some questions.

1. Did you ever hear the rumor that you recanted “aberrant practices “? If so what was your reaction?

I was more disappointed, than shocked. I was disappointed that Mike Bickel and/or his I-hop staff would willfully, deliberately spread lies. I receive several e-mails a month asking if I recanted, etc. (See e-mail I received this week in question #7.)

2. What were you going through when you wrote your report?

I really received tremendous support locally, and was not attacked by other ministers, so I was at peace.

3. We know that Kansas City Fellowship taught about a new breed i.e. the omega generation. Would you mind expounding on it a bit? Also do you think they have ceased teaching on this doctrine?

They will not quit teaching any doctrine that makes them “elitist”.


4. Did you truly exonerate Paul Cain from all your previous accusations, if so would you mind telling us what changed your mind?

Mike Bickel himself exposed and discredited him.


5.  Did you really apologize to Mr. Bickel for the accusations you made in your report?

This fabrication that I apologized, spread by Mike Bickel and/or his I-hop staff, is a total lie. I never apologized to him—you do not apologize for exposing false prophets and telling the truth.

6. Do you think that John Wimber’s covering addressed the problems you spoke of in your report?

The elders of Full Faith Church agreed to stop sending out the “Aberrant Document” for two reasons: one, John Wimber said he would “clean up the mess at KCF” and provide oversight, and secondly to restore unity in the city. However, before Wimber died, he phoned me and said “I was right all the time in the ‘Aberrant Document’ and that he regretted getting involved with Mike Bickel.” The proof that this phone call occurred is that at this point KCF quit calling themselves “Metro-Vineyard,” and removed themselves from his covering.

7. Do you think that the international house of prayer is spiritually dangerous, if so what concerns you the most?

Please read an excerpt from an e-mail I received this week, with the name withheld:

“Last year I attended an internship at the I.H.O.P. called “Fire in the Night” . . . We had a class called the “Prophetic History” class where in it we listened to audio tapes of Mike Bickel’s experiences in the super-natural realm and prophecies of Bob Jones, Paul Cain . . . After some meetings with the leadership there I decided to leave the program. I was led to the report you had written about the Kansas City Prophets and Mike Bickel exposing them for their lies. After reading this report I was even more disturbed because of its content. I took what I had read back to the leadership at I.H.O.P. and presented it to them asking them if this, “the report you wrote” was true?

They then told me that it was not true and that you had made a public apology to Mike and others for having written it. The leader I spoke to said he was there to witness these things taking place. I wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth so I wanted to ask you a couple of questions personally.”

I challenge Mike Bickel and/or I-Hop staff to remove this so-called leader for telling a whopper of a lie!

1 Cor 3:11–For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ (NKJV)

Mike Bickel and/or I-Hop staffs have built their entire foundation on two discredited false prophets.

8. If there was any advice you could give to someone who is considering worshipping at I.H.O.P. what would it be?

Thoroughly read and study these two documents and then pray and make your own decision:

a) The original “Documentation of the Aberrant Practices and Teachings of Kansas City Fellowship.

b) Paul Cain discredited by Mike Bickel:

9. Do you feel that the stand you took was worth it?


10. Why did you stop circulating the report?

See answer in question #6.


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    I would like to read the documents mentioned in the article, but none of the links work…where else can the documents be accessed?

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