Donnie Swaggart- Promoting the Dominionist Agenda

I find it interesting that while the Swaggarts are so aggressively vocal in their disapproval of the Dominionist Agenda, Donnie Swaggart was recently in Australia actively PROMOTING it.

The following was pulled by a post by Watchman1948 entitled Swaggarts – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing posted on June 6, 2011. The article can be found here

Donnie Swaggart was guest speaker at the ‘National Australia Day United Prayer’ on January 26, 2011. This ecumenical gathering led by Daniel Nalliah, President of Catch the Fire Ministries, Australia, had a clear Kingdom Now Dominion Theology mandate as is evident when reading from the ‘Australia Day United Prayer and Revival in Jan. 2011’ leaflet at:

“Rev. Donnie Swaggart (son of Rev Jimmy Swaggart) will minister the uncompromised Word of the Lord and challenge the body of Christ in Australia to rise up and transform the nations for Jesus…”

Continuing on we read, “Pastor Daniel stated, “Do not miss this great opportunity to unite as up to 1000 prayer warriors gather from many denominations and cultures across Australia, to petition heaven for our nation to honor Jesus as Christ. United prayer will bring down God’s glory; it is the key to nationwide governmental breakthrough.”

Listed as supporters and representatives of this ecumenical prayer gathering are: “Anglicans, African Churches, AOG, Apostolic, Arabic, Baptist, Catholic, CCC, Chinese, Church of Christ, COC, Orthodox, CRC, FGA, Filipino, Independent Churches, Indian, Indigenous, Indonesian, Lutheran, Messianic Believers, Methodists, Presbyterian, Reformed, Salvation Army, Samoan, Sri Lankan, Uniting & Many Ethnic Churches, Culture Watch, National Alliance of Christian Leaders, Salt Shakers, Australian Marketplace Connections, Victoria Parliament, Transforming Melbourne, Rise Up Australia and Options Plus Care.”

Further evidence of the ungodly Kingdom-Now Dominion agenda of Catch the Fire Ministries is revealed when Daniel Nalliah, chairman of Rise Up Australia Party stated:

“It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the formation of a new political party, RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY (Keep Australia Australian) a party for all people who embrace Australia as home. This Party is totally committed to protecting the Australian way of life and our Judeo-Christian Heritage upon which Australia was founded…The Rise Up Australia Party Board of Directors comprises of Medical Doctors, Housewives, Businessmen, Businesswomen, Christian Ministers and others with more than 20 years of experience in the Political arena. This great bunch of people who love Australia, have been working behind the scenes for the past several months to set up the Party, ready to start operations in June 2011.

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