Donna Vermillion: How to go to Hell with a Positive Attitude

“Your Best Life Now!” To many people, this catchy title to a famous book seems like good news. But do you (and that means you, too, Joel Osteen) know what that statement really implies?

Think about it. If your best life is now, then Hell is in your future…forever.  But, hey, such “preachers” promise that you can have a smooth ride on that Hell-bound highway! And at least the ones conducting the positive-mental-attitude “church” meetings can ride in style, because they receive the money that “cometh” from their attendees.

You can find the rest of this excellent article HERE


  1. Joey says

    the ancients used vermillion on there cheeks and face to keep the pigment true and tell the story straight – we all made from the clay ,this earth that Creator make ,but with new creation working with the Holy Spirit in us we take the ancient paths and down deep go leaving in the shadow of our steps light for to be shown … (part 1)

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