Patricia King -Encouraging Ekstasis Trance Dancing


Today’s church is becoming a modern New Age Supermarket where pleasurable and hedonistic “god experiences” are handed out like fresh fruit. We must examine the fruit they say- it is fine as long as the fruit is good. Well, yes I agree the fruit is good. If Sin were not pleasurable it would not tempt us. It is good to look at, it isgood to hold, but should you be unfortunate … [Read more...]

The New Mystics


The following was transcribed word for word from a Patricia King Video teaching entitled The New Mystics.See what she has to say about this new anointing,  and who she is promoting, and then decide for yourself if you want this “blessing.” The comments in red are mine. … [Read more...]

Patricia King’s Entrepreneurial Anointing

It just seems to get stranger and stranger with this woman. Patricia King, the same woman who brought us mortuary outreaches and the Holy Ghost transportation system brings us the "entrepreneurial anointing". How does she know this for sure? She has a "witness in her spirit" and "it has whole lotta oil on it". This of course, is so we can possess one of the seven mountans. … [Read more...]