Spiritual Drunkeness

spiritually drunk

Mishel McCumber One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the apostolic and prophetic movement is being drunk in the spirit. “Have another drink” they shout, “Come and get some” and “More Lord”. However, do we really want to fill our glass with what these apostates are drinking? The truth is, nowhere in scripture does God equate the Holy Spirit with staggering, loss of … [Read more...]

Duplicity and the Nature of Evil

Pious Duplicity

Throughout my Christian journey, God in His wisdom, has placed me in circumstances in which I have witnessed first hand the duplicitous behavior of seemingly Christian ministers. While this has undoubtedly caused a great deal of turmoil, confusion, and emotional pain, it has also taught me the importance of true discernment, and led me to an understanding of the true nature of … [Read more...]

The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel

The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel

Deception Bytes is pleased to endorse and highly recommend this FREE Mp3 series by Rich Vermillion. These teachings on the Fundamentals of the REAL Gospel are engaging, well researched and biblical and doctrinally sound. "There is NO OTHER SUBJECT more important than the REAL Gospel itself. It is only by that Gospel that men can be saved, and thus, ALL genuine Christian … [Read more...]

Abracadabra – We Love the Lord


The following is an excellent article sent to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.  It makes some very astute observations concerning how ministries such as Jimmy Swaggart Ministries operate and deceive.  I would highly recommend you take the time to read this accurate and timely article. Step on up, grab that microphone, and look right into the camera. There’s an … [Read more...]

Donna Vermillion: How to go to Hell with a Positive Attitude


“Your Best Life Now!” To many people, this catchy title to a famous book seems like good news. But do you (and that means you, too, Joel Osteen) know what that statement really implies? Think about it. If your best life is now, then Hell is in your future…forever.  But, hey, such “preachers” promise that you can have a smooth ride on that Hell-bound highway! And at least the … [Read more...]