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Finally, The View Beneath is Available. It is Available on Amazon in either book or electronic format; What if everything you believed to be true, everything you had built your life upon, was a lie? What if discovering the truth and turning from error cost you everything? The View Beneath is the true story of one woman’s journey into religious deception through the … [Read more...]

Rick Joyner’s Doctorate is Fake

Rick Joyner fake degree

How do you suppose Rick Joyner, with only a Grade 12 equivalency diploma, obtained his Doctorate in such short order? After all, a real, accredited, bona fide Ph.D. takes about 14 years of very rigorous time-consuming study. Now, I am not trying to infer that Joyner lacks intelligence—that is certainly not the case, but he is deceptive. For those of you who may not have an … [Read more...]

Zao- Don’t Drink the Water

Recently I ran across a website for a new bottled water company called ZAO.It was advertised as a humanitarian organization working to transform third world communities. They claimed to provide safe drinking water, hygiene education, and hope for people in developing nations. The company’s website was professional and had an earthy, humanitarian feel to it. The pitch was … [Read more...]

Lost Notes from MorningStar


About a year ago, while cleaning out some old boxes of books, I happened to stumble upon a notebook I had kept during my sojourn at MorningStar. I had forgotten about it.  I flipped through the pages and a rush of memories flooded back. While the book contained notes taken from various meetings, the ones taken on the eve of the new millennium were of particular interest. … [Read more...]