Jimmy Swaggart Falls By His Own Sword


The following was sent to me by a former follower of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. I personally think the evidence presented in the following video is too extensive to ignore. In my mind the fact that the ministry would lie about something like this is indicative of their proclivity to lie incessantly without conscience. I have included the video's introductory text below as I … [Read more...]

Jimmy Swaggart Printing Scandal


What if I told you that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, a registered registered non-profit organization had used its MINISTRY print shop to print CD covers for Hip-Hop Bands and area night clubs using non-profit equipment and employees? They called this side of the business StarCom, but it still operated under the non-profit umbrella of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. StarCom's … [Read more...]

Jimmy Swaggart’s New Rapture Rules


Good news for those of you who are not living right!  According to Jimmy Swaggart, you will be taken in the rapture as well and won’t miss out on eternal life!  Unfortunately for you, it is a lie.  His stance on the rapture is blatantly anti-biblical and downright apostate. However, this is a very expedient doctrine for a ministry that is more concerned about looking righteous … [Read more...]

Monsanto and Jimmy Swaggart Ministries – An Allegorical Parallel

Monsanto compared to Jimmy Swaggart

The following is a brief article by Eric Rostern formerly of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Media Church. It was originally given to me in a face book conversation and is used here by permission. I don't know how many people know about Monsanto (I learned quite a lot through a particular documentary). They are in the process of "owning" all the basic building-block plants … [Read more...]

Jimmy Swaggart’s “Message Of The Cross” Examined

Message of the Cross Jimmy Swaggart

A summary of what Jimmy Swaggart teaches about the cross of Jesus Christ is found in his article entitled, well, "The Message Of The Cross" on his website. It is this teaching article we will now look into, as well as other sources of his teaching on the subject that I will refer from which he has written. His basic positions on the cross which have become the focal point of … [Read more...]