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Finally, The View Beneath is Available. It is Available on Amazon in either book or electronic format;

What if everything you believed to be true, everything you had built your life upon, was a lie? What if discovering the truth and turning from error cost you everything?

The View Beneath is the true story of one woman’s journey into religious deception through the teachings of Rick Joyner, a spiritually dangerous leader that many in the Prophetic and Apostolic movement consider a true prophet. After moving to North Carolina to attend his ministry school, she began her descent into a dark, deceptive movement that took her away from Biblical Christianity and immersed her in another gospel.

Part testimony, part expose, The View Beneath is an inside look at the growing invasion of dangerous false doctrine. Mishel investigates deep beneath the surface of MorningStar Ministries, and the people and movements associated with them. She candidly shares her journey as she discovers that beneath the double speak, the Christian-sounding terms, beneath the claims of trips to heaven and divine revelation, beneath the prophecy and claims of a Kingdom ruled by men, what is really being taught is the occult.


  1. Grace Brooks says

    I am a friend of Debby who got you contact info for the publisher of Holly Pivec’s book. Mishel, you have a very important story to be told. I cannot tell you how helpful it was to read your book and to have so many loose ends brought together of what we unearthed in our research in our struggle to understand what was taking over our church. It has been such a painful experience to see so many of our friends turn against us when we began to ask questions about the teachings and practices we now recognize are part of the same movement as Morningstar is.

    We are trying to recover and detox from the teachings that we had been fed there. We feel very on guard against emotional manipulation in worship music at any church that we venture in to visit. And we do not want to settle into another church unless the leadership is aware of the NAR and basic theology and tactics. We don’t want to go through this again! It also has been a challenge to help our teenage children to process this whole experience too.

    I would love to learns some of what has been helpful to you in your healing journey.

    We did an exhaustive word study on “drunkeness” in the Scriptures as well! We found God’s word to be so clean, faithful and to the point as we asked God for help in discerning what we were up against. One thing that is clear to me now as never before, people have not changed since the beginning of time. We have the same cravings and tendencies as we have from the beginning. 1 Corinthians 10 was an eye opener about that for me. We studied the backstory which Paul alludes to there and listed the cravings which lead us to design and worship a god of our own making.

    We are wondering what to do with all of our research and Bible studies that have come out of this. It did not change the direction of our church which we ended up tearfully leaving, but we don’t want it to be wasted, since we see that this movement is growing so fast.

  2. Markus says

    Dear Mishel;
    I recently got a recommendation from a German Christian blogger about your book “The view beneath” and I got a copy which I read within a couple of days!
    Congrats, awesome research and info! Chapeau!
    I got shocked about Ricky Skaggs due to the fact he is one of my longtime vintage musical heroes!
    So I have some more questions.
    1) For how long Ricky Skaggs has been involved in Morning Star Ministries?
    I got a CD from 1991 in which booklet he mentions a “Paul Cain” – could this be the “prophet”?
    2) When Skaggs got knighted?
    He has releaed a CD “Soldiers of the Criss” in 1999, where he mentions the Malta Knights positively in the loner notes and also has Maltesian Cross in the CS layout
    3) Would you agree if I’d recommend your book to Ricky Skaggs because it could be eye-opening for him, or do you think he would start to sue you?
    I’d appreciate very much if you’d give me a reply.
    The music of Ricky Skaggs has been precious gift for me – nevertheless: if he keeps staying in this heretical movement I think I’d crash the the CDs.

    Thank you kindly also for your article about Count Zinzendorf!!! Unbelievable!
    Keep up the good work & be blessed richly by th e Father & The Son.

    • Mishel says

      I know Ricky Skaggs was involved in the 1990’s but am not sure if he is still involved. He was Knighted by the Knights of Malta sometime in the 1990’s. The Paul Cain that Skaggs mentioned IS the same Paul Cain that I talk about in my book. I know Skaggs and Joyner were good friends and probably still are unless there has been a falling out. Sorry I do not have more up-to-date information about Skaggs but I have been out of the movement for quite a while. Thank you for your kind remarks.

  3. says

    I am thrilled that you have written about about these false doctrines. I bought his book The Quest and couldn’t find a page that wasn’t filled with false doctrine…. really worse than that! Now here it is 17 years later and I moved to Idaho and everyone I have met is in to some form of this movement. It is truly the road to Babylon ! Thank you again.

  4. NOLR History says

    Got your book. Really a winner, the type you can’t put down. Your candidacy for Masters in English shows bigtime. I’m recommending this to all my friends.

    Very Best,


  5. NOLR History says

    Knights of Malta — Rick Joyner

    A recent interview between TruNews host Rick Wiles and Rick Joyner has Joyner admitting he is a member of another non-catholic Knights of Malta order. This is what an history expert said is a “clandestine order.” Joyner mentions in the interview having secrets from a colonel that interfaced with Rudolph Hess in Spandau prison. Joyner and the host said 2017 this year some long-held secrets will be revealed regarding some families that have been involved with Nazis. This is all the kind of banter that gets tossed around everyday in secret societies like Freemasonry. Joyner denies being a part of any secret society for his supposed Christian beliefs, yet freemason history states that the Order of the Mustard Seed, which includes Zinzendorf and Moravian Falls, the Unitas Fraternitatis, etc, etc. are all secret society in one way or another.
    Joyner is obviously a military buff and the stream of history surrounding the Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, etc. are appealing to Joyner due to the outward objectives of chivalry, helping the poor, public works, etc. It’s all great bait to lure in men looking for order, purpose, fellowship, and networking. This philanthropic veneer is thin and leads to deeper occult activities associated with Christian Kabbalah.

    “Knights of Malta: Exclusive Interview with Rick Joyner”

  6. Grace Brooks says

    I ended up finding the quote mirroring Isaiah 14, in Joyner’s “There Were Two Trees in the Garden”, New Kensington PA;, Whitaker House 1992 on page 54.

    I hope you are doing well.

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