Through the eyes of Abbie Webber- an inside look at JSM


Abbie Webber is a 16-year-old who is passionate about the Lord and is committed to purity and holiness. The Lord has given her eyes to discern compromise and lack of integrity in those who call themselves the Lord's. Her mother worked for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and was fired when she found out about the ungodly things being printed in the ministry print shop. (please … [Read more...]

Spiritual Drunkeness

spiritually drunk

Mishel McCumber One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the apostolic and prophetic movement is being drunk in the spirit. “Have another drink” they shout, “Come and get some” and “More Lord”. However, do we really want to fill our glass with what these apostates are drinking? The truth is, nowhere in scripture does God equate the Holy Spirit with staggering, loss of … [Read more...]

Latter Rain: The Outpouring of New Age Doctrine

Age of Aquarius

The study of Astrology is a pseudoscience which asserts that there is a direct correlation between planetary bodies and human behavior. Astrologists divide time into units called ages which correspond to the signs of the zodiac. They maintain that each age lasts from 2000 to 2400 years and that it is precisely this progression that outlines the evolution of the both the … [Read more...]

Jimmy Swaggart- The Land Baron


This article originally was published by on Tues October 9th, 2007. The article was written by Timothy Boone. The year was 1979. The Rev. Jimmy Swaggart was rapidly running out of room for his church, which had settled in Baton Rouge a little more than 10 years earlier. Ronald Goux, who was serving as vice president and chief executive officer of … [Read more...]