Canon Andew White

Cannon Andrew White- Towards a One World Church

It may surprise many of you that in 2001, the United Nations granted the Knights Templar special consultative status on peace talks in the Middle East. You may ask yourself, as I did, why a secretive order such as the Knights Templar would have been given such an exalted status on such a volatile peace […]


The New Breed

The following was taken from a Newsletter by Jewel van der Merwe – Volume 1, Number 2 June 1990 The thought of something “new” is always scintillating to the senses. In a society that from childhood is looking for a new fad, it is not surprising that a preposterous new doctrine would be sweeping the […]

Occult Infiltration of the Church

Age of Aquarius

Latter Rain: The Outpouring of New Age Doctrine

The study of Astrology is a pseudoscience which asserts that there is a direct correlation between planetary bodies and human behavior. Astrologists divide time into units called ages which correspond to the signs of the zodiac. They maintain that each age lasts from 2000 to 2400 years and that it is precisely this progression that […]


Patricia King -Encouraging Ekstasis Trance Dancing

Today’s church is becoming a modern New Age Supermarket where pleasurable and hedonistic “god experiences” are handed out like fresh fruit. We must examine the fruit they say- it is fine as long as the fruit is good. Well, yes I agree the fruit is good. If Sin were not pleasurable it would not tempt […]

Rick Joyner-MorningStar Ministries


Susan Puzio Interview with Mishel

Susan Puzio of Prophetic News Online Radio interviews Mishel McCumber regarding her past involvement with the false doctrine propagated by Rick Joyner’s MorningStar Ministries.

Zao- Don’t Drink the Water

Recently I ran across a website for a new bottled water company called ZAO.It was advertised as a humanitarian organization working to transform third world communities. They claimed to provide safe drinking water, hygiene education, and hope for people in developing nations. The company’s website was professional and had an earthy, humanitarian feel to it. The […]


Lost Notes from MorningStar

About a year ago, while cleaning out some old boxes of books, I happened to stumble upon a notebook I had kept during my sojourn at MorningStar. I had forgotten about it.  I flipped through the pages and a rush of memories flooded back. While the book contained notes taken from various meetings, the ones […]